Going To The Pod?


This Saturday.

Pods of six.

Enough to mosh?

Only you can demonstrate.


They’ve changed the date.

Must be something going around.


Kill the Foo with FIRE.

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10 thoughts on “Going To The Pod?

  1. K. Cavan

    Oh, I’m going to miss being able to see some of my favourite artists, that guy, the woman with the squeezebox, the other one, I have all their albums. I hope no Non-Aryans, sorry, Non-Vaccinated people are allowed to go or is it just a dolphin-only gig?

  2. Tony

    Madison Square Garden on Sunday.
    The band, Dave Chapelle and 15000 fans inside.
    A few dozen antivaxxers outside.

    That’s all from the newsroom. Here’s Tom with sports…

    1. Micko

      Ah it’s America.

      Let them do what they want.

      Sure Springsteen’s show didn’t want to let in those jabbed with AstraZeneca ffs. Then they had to change their stance after the backlash.

      Shows how committed they are to this – flip flop on a dime.
      A Total PR exercise.

      Muppets the lot of them.

      The EU has already stated that there will be no segregation via vaccine status in any EU member state.

      We’ll be grand here.

  3. eoin

    Seeing that 2.5 hour Foo Fighters gig does kinda make me want to rush out and get the jab, so that I too could enjoy such events. But then I remember that I’m more scared of immediate jab side effects, needing booster shots for life and the possibility of being dead within three years due to cytokine storm reactions or spongiform encephalitis. Then I also remember it’s improper for celebrities or the state or anyone to compel me to have an experimental medical procedure. And then I remember that the Foo Fighters have one good song and are mostly garbage and having to listen to them for over two hours surrounded by their screaming muppet fans in a massive venue would be tantamount to torture. Tootle U Dave Grohl, you are no Chris Novoselic.

  4. kerryview

    At least Mr. Brown knows his stuff when it comes to drugs. Fair play to him for clarifying the situation.

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