This morning.

Women’s Aid, the national domestic violence organisation, released its Annual Impact Report for 2020 detailing the 29,717 contacts made with Women’s Aid frontline services.

During these contacts, 24,893 disclosures of domestic abuse against women including coercive control were made. Support workers also heard 5,948 disclosures of abuse against children (30,841 disclosures in total).

Sarah Benson, CEO of Women’s Aid, says:

“These statistics are shocking. The 43% increase in the numbers of women reaching out to Women’s Aid for support during the most difficult of years, is staggering. However, these figures are only the tip of the iceberg of the numbers of people who are suffering at the hands of those closest to them and who need protection and support.

“One in four women in Ireland are targeted during their lifetime by current or former partners, a shocking one in five will have been abused by the time they are just 25 years old – many for the first time as teenagers in their earliest intimate relationships.”

A live webinar on the report  is currently taking place can be viewed here until 1pm.

Women’s Aid

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12 thoughts on “Impact

  1. Micko

    What’s the problem here?

    Sure as many argued in the Trans athletes thread yesterday (and many times previously), there’s no difference in strength between men and women, so why don’t these women stop moaning and fight back against these brutish men.


    Seriously though, these figures are depressing.

    1. Clampers Outside

      Aye, they are depressing, as are Men’s Aid figures showing similar increases.

      It’s not a gendered issue, it’s a wider issue than that.

      And lockdowns… eh… :/

      This is just one issue showing the negative effects of bleedin’ lockdowns.

      1. gallantman

        I notice the usual ‘lockdowns work’ merchants never get called to account when statistics like this come out. You won’t hear from Tomas Ryan today .People who objected to lock Downs didn’t do it because they wanted people to die they did it because they live in the real world where there were always going to be ancillary human costs of Blithely locking people in their homes.

      2. Micko

        Absolutely, It was a really crappy situation for a lot of people.

        I know one guy who lives in a small apartment in Dublin, with his wife and three kids – one of whom was only born before lockdown. Two kids and a baby and no one can leave the gaff?- Christ!

        I was blessed to have a house with a back garden that we could use during lockdown.

        I can imagine anyone living in cramped conditions would crack up.

    2. Can a Da?

      “Many” didn’t argue that at all – I’m hereby calling you out as a bluffer and liar as that is a deliberate slur on our positions. Also – not relevant to this at all. But don’t worry you’ve just raised Clampers red flag again, he’ll be along in a second now to bore you into submission with multiple posts.

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