Skin In The Game



An anti fur farming protest in Dublin in 2005

This morning.

Further to reports Ireland will finally ban fur farming in 2022…

“Animal rights campaigners welcome this long-awaited decision which was hard fought by compassionate people for years who rolled up their sleeves, exposed the suffering on fur farms and brought the country around to why it’s never fair nor right to kill animals for their skins.

“Ireland has truly become a more progressive nation for animals’ rights and we now urge authorities to work towards banning fur sales nationwide whilst considering moves to end the trade in leather and wool too.”

Animal rights activist John Carmody, who helped to lead the national campaign by the Animal Rights Action Network to ban fur farming dating back to the mid-1990s.

Memo on prohibition of fur farming set to go before Cabinet (RTÉ)


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    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Or the absolute bullplop that is “vegan leather” (ie plastic made with a bateload of chemicals)

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