A Limerick A Day


A lab test  failed to identify any tuna DNA in a series of Subway tuna sandwiches.

In New York there’s boffins who say
They saw no tuna DNA
In a roll. If you wish
To dine on that fish
Perhaps don’t buy it in Subway

John Moynes


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14 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

    1. ian-oG

      Never a fan of them and mainly because of the bread. Gives me terrible heartburn and generally I am able to eat most things without getting it.

      I also remember them taking on ‘sandwich artists’ during the recession via Job Bridge. A fupping sandwich artist? If at working age you are not able to construct a roll with pre prepared ingredients its not a slave labour job you need, its at the very least a crash course in home economics.

      Anyway, I boycotted them over that, easiest boycott ever as I was already not eating their food but it was the thought that counted.

  1. Junkface

    Ugh! Miscellaneous sea creatures roll.

    I wonder whats in their meatball subs? Whose balls are they?

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