Last night.

No one noticed.

It’d make anyone a little chippy.

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7 thoughts on “Button It

  1. JEH

    They may be “surgeon cuffs”, in which case people often show that they are surgeon cuffs by unbuttoning some of them. We’ll need a higher resolution photo to determine if this is a wardrobe malfunction or a sartorial choice.

  2. eamonn

    was watching this last night, this is the second time that he has worn that jacket with the missing button.
    Liam Brady football legend – a sartorial slip up, glad someone else noticed, was trying to work out if they were opening cuffs , one button left open or if indeed one went missing.
    Someone in the wardrobe dept. asleep at the wheel.

    It is the small things………….

    Thanks David, I am not alone in noticing such things.

    1. Fergalito

      Oh Paulus !

      Let me know if you ever need someone to follow you around with a high-hat or cymbal :)

  3. Rosette of Sirius

    The surgeon’s cuff is very much a sartorial choice and for many years was one that indicated a bespoke tailor-made suit. And it’s especially important that the button holes are hand sewn, and not done by machine. A real skill in itself to have them done correctly. However, in recent years more and more off-the-rail suits and jackets are made with surgeon’s cuffs and machine sewn button holes. It’s hard to tell from that pic what’s what mind you but it looks to me like he’s simply missing a button on a regular cuff – as in it does not even look like there’s even a button hole.

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