The Rainbow Flick


The Aviva Stadium lit up in the Pride colours in 2019

This evening.

Via The Irish Sun:

Dublin’s Aviva Stadium will be lit up in the colours of Pride tonight to show support for members of the LGBTI+ community in Ireland.

The move comes in the wake of UEFA blocking Germany’s proposal to do likewise for their EURO 2020 fixture against Hungary.


Aviva Stadium to be lit up in rainbow colours of Pride tonight in solidarity with LGBTI+ community in Ireland (The Irish Sun)

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6 thoughts on “The Rainbow Flick

  1. eoin

    Anyone ever wonder why the authorities and corporations are all backing the LGBTQetc movements? Corporations only care about making money yet the gay (etc) community make up only a small percentage of potential consumers. Best theory I’ve heard so far is that they are particularly interested in backing the gender non binary group, because this allows them to set up a vast bureaucracy that ignores gender. This means that when robots and AI become standard employees, there’s already a system set up for genderless robot workers to be categorized.

    1. Spud

      Can confirm this is the exact brief that came in from HQ and led to us to change our logo for the month…

      1. Todd Unction

        A ‘friend’ of mine ran out of Cyan ink for her Epsom 350+ last week.
        She wasn’t able to print A4 posters for nearly 5 hours.
        All the shops said ”No, we haven’t got any.”
        Talk about coincidences….

  2. Sara

    So UEFA let the English wear their imperialistic poppy, but the rainbow flag’s unacceptable?

    1. Todd Unction

      What we really need is to have TWO teams wearing rainbow colours.
      That way they wouldn’t know which team they were on and it might stop all that fighting in the terraces and the players could just hug each other and it would be brilliant.

      Like OMG.
      Why did nobody think of this already?

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