Citywest vaccination centre in May

This morning.





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7 thoughts on “Allocation

  1. dav

    oh great, another vaccine “rumour”
    “The spread of false health information casts a shadow over required vaccine coverage. Melinda Mills says that we must, reluctantly, consider criminalising people who deliberately spread false information—but Jonas Sivelä argues that the definitions are too murky and that criminalisation may do more harm than good”

    1. GiggidyGoo

      “Melinda Mills says that we must, reluctantly, consider criminalising people who deliberately spread false information…”
      If that was here, then there’d be a fair lot of politicians, ministers, and health ‘professionals’ criminalized.

  2. K. Cavan

    With all this misinformation going around, people might become misinformed & avoid the Clinical Trials for these modern, non-binary alternatives to old, sexist, white supremacy vaccines. While it’s nice to have choice, it’s not so nice if you make the Wrong Choice & that’s the problem with our outdated, homophobic system of Free Will. There are 41 people currently in hospital in every corner of the country where they have hospitals, suffering from the Covid & if that number increases, well, anyway, need I say more?
    Obviously, there’s been a tiny number of fatalities, spontaneous abortions, irregular menses in trans women & so on & all the rest of it & the Far Right have tried to blame these great new injections but a death or two is perfectly normal in Clinical Trials. There’s a risk with every medicine, if a big enough box of Lemsip fell on you, you could easily be killed & every day of the week people drink pints, outdoors, that they didn’t see being brewed, so, come on man, roll up your sleeve.
    The Earth needs to rid itself of the plague that Humanity represents & these injections will help reduce the population to manageable levels, actually could you just ignore that last sentence, I cut & pasted it from a document containing false allegations about a Garda sergeant? Thanks.
    Anyway, if you die from these injections, you won’t catch Covid & end up in a hospital run by the HSE & believe me, you don’t want to wind up in one of those kips.
    Look, even if you do die, at least you’ll have played your part in delivering a healthy bottom line for Big Pharma, which was reeling under the huge fines. Unjustified fines, I might add.

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