Emptying The Chamber


Last night.

The Dail at the Convention Centre, Dublin.

Sinn Féin TDs walked out of the Dáil chamber before a vote to extend the Special Criminal Court for another year. Sinn Féin has previously said its TDs would abstain from the vote pending a review of the Court.

Sinn Féin TDs walk out of Dáil before Special Criminal Court vote (Independent.ie)


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19 thoughts on “Emptying The Chamber

  1. Ah sure jaysus you know yourself

    …… and as they walked out of the chamber they were heard shouting “Free Houses for Everyone”

  2. GiggidyGoo

    By not voting, they allowed the legislation through. They didn’t vote for, nor against it.

    Shall we look back at the votes where FF abstained, FG abstained, Labour abstained in order to allow legislation through?

    Pot, kettle, black.

    In the meantime, no word on Varadkar gifting confidential documents to his mate?

  3. Ah sure jaysus you know yourself

    In the meantime, no word on Varadkar gifting confidential documents to his mate?

    Ah relax. It’s not like anyone died or anything!

  4. Mr. T

    A non jury criminal court is against EU and UNCHR guidelines though.

    yet another irish solution to an irish problem – could we better protect or anonymize jurors?
    No, lets just get rid of the jury altogether

    1. Rob_G

      “A non jury criminal court is against EU and UNCHR guidelines though.”

      – no it isn’t; loads of civil code countries don’t have juries for most courts.

  5. Toodles

    There’s a strong quasi-fascist streak running through Irish society.. just look at how quickly exposure of the abuses of the authoritarian Catholic Church mutated into our own indigenous form of liberal authoritarianism. They may wear different hats, but the song remains the same – do it our way, or else. We really need our civil liberties and human rights in this jurisdiction – and people to enforce them rather than just virtue-signal.

    1. E'Matty

      True, the Irish people are child-like in that they always need a parental figure to tell them what to think and what to do. The English played the role for centuries before we swapped our total subservience to the RCC. Once that illusion was annihilated, we suddenly adopted a rather nice form of liberalism which has since degenerated into an extremely authoritarian form of “liberalism” (a total contradiction). It’s the same people today crying “ah sure, are you an expert, you can’t have an opinion on anything unless you’re considered an “expert”, who 40-50 years ago would have cried “Ah, so you think you know more about morality than a man of God like the Archbishop?” Same subservience to authority, same herd mentality, same vitriol against those who dare deviate from the imposed “consensus”. It’s the innocence of average Irish perosn that leads many to behave like such cattle unfortunately. Such followers of authority actually see their blind obedience as a virtue. Sure, don’t we all know, only conspiracy theorists would ever question authority.

  6. eoin

    What to do? Rotten politicians and rotten courts. Make sure you leave the proles with, at least, the illusion of still having an entity defending their rights FFS. When people are forced into a position where they feel every aspect of authority is working against them they generally revolt. Though the majority of people are that dozy in this country that, I suppose, may not apply.

  7. D-troll

    i was thinking of voting SF in the next election. Then i remembered they are against the special criminal court. some things never change. social democrats or paul murphy getting my vote now.

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