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Last week, with a €50 Golden Discs voucher redeemable in any Golden Discs store on offer , I asked for your favourite song about Summer or whose lyrics refer to Summer.

You answered in your dozens – providing a Factor 50-resistant playlist of sun-soaked gems.

But there could be only one winner.

Third Place

That Summer Feeling by Jonathan Richman

Stephen Moran writes:

“From the pen of the eccentric incurable romantic that is Jonathan Richman (minus the Modern Lovers here) comes an infectiously sunny ditty “That Summer Feeling”. It’s a sort of American Graffiti like pathos infused homage in song to memories of summers past filled with a mix of nostalgia & regret

“I recall seeing him in Whelan’s about a quarter century ago when a chap requested this classic cut & Richman started strumming the intro. The guy then shouted out could he wait until he got back from the jacks & Jonathan duly obliged & played ” I Was Dancin’ in a Lesbian Bar” while we awaited our hero’s return from his call of nature. “That summer feeling’s gonna haunt you the rest of your life…”


Summer Wine by Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood

Sten writes:

“Summer Wine by Nancy & Lee is the perfect song. It’s got the boy/girl duet, a story that keeps you hanging till the end, the double meaning to the lyrics and all wrapped in a crackin tune with duelling Spanish guitars.”


The Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy

Scottser writes:

“When I was 12 I went camping with my big brother and his mates on the dunes in Portmarnock. There were illicit cigarettes, my first sip from a warm can of Harp and observations on ladyparts that made no sense.

“There was a mission that morning to steal milk, juice and yoghurt from local doorsteps at 5am. There was unlicensed craic. the stereo played The Who, The Stones, The Ramones, AC/DC and, in particular, Thin Lizzy’s ‘Live And Dangerous’. And from that album the one song that captured the freedom, camaraderie and invincibility I felt that night was ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’. Since then, it’s not summer until that album gets played in full, outdoors in the evening with beer in hand.”

Nick says: Well done, Scottser and thanks all.

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3 thoughts on “Sun Records

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Well done scottser! Great song, great choice. And many entries I had never heard before, so thanks to all.

    I am glad to see that version of Summer Wine there. I always preferred it to the admittedly good version of the Corrs with Bono. Cher’s vocals are just sublime.

    And while I never got to hear Jonathan live, I had to laugh at the story about Whelans. It has always been a place for the audience, and I have heard many international superstars who say that it is amongst their favourite venues to play. Someone elsewhere asked the question which star that has passed away affected you most. Reading about the recent fire threatening Whelans, the venue would have been my answer!

  2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    nice work and thanks for my voucher, new pair of cans in post for me :)

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