Take Two Antigen And Call Me In The Morning


Dr. Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health, in the Department of Health at a NPHET press briefing this evening

This evening.

Tense, nervous Headache?

If somebody is able to show me evidence that my advice is wrong, I’m happy to look at it.

Dr Tony Holohan, Cheif Medical Officer, Department of Health.

Over to you, ratlickers.

Be the fuzzy-tongued tin-foilers we know you can be.


Sam Boal/RollingNews

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31 thoughts on “Take Two Antigen And Call Me In The Morning

  1. Hyper real

    Fupping A
    Over to you folks who have no problem taking cocktails of illicit drugs from random strangers at raves

    1. SOQ

      Seriously? Do you even understand the injuries and fatalities these injections are causing?

      Overall nursing home deaths in January and February this year dwarf last.

      1. Hyper real

        : no evidence
        : no concept of personal responsibility
        : nor of public service or interest in general

        Didn’t think so.

        Keep taking the MDMA

          1. Hyper real

            I can’t believe I just interrupted listening to Bob Marley to turn that off after 15 seconds approx

  2. SOQ

    Holohoop talked himself around in so many circles he was at risk of disappearing up his own backside.

    The symptoms of this weaker stain are the same as a summer cold, or hay fever.

    Let’s see the model- and I don’t mean Naomi Campbell

  3. Bobby

    I sometimes wonder how many people who queued up to purchase 4-MMC/Mephedrone (made in dodgy labs in China, distributed fairly wrecklessly) et al back ten years ago are now anti-vaccination/vaccine hesitant.

    I don’t know anything about either of these things really but I got a jab the other day and I’m still fine.

    1. MoRhustyDilis

      Think mid to long term Bobby, and side effects that you then may not associate with this jab, early onset of dementia, various cancers, infertility etc.

  4. Des

    Covid was predicted to become more contagious and less dangwrous. Its happened.

    As for holohan, what an arrogant self serving person the man is.

    Misogynistic so called cmo.

    1. Yer Ma

      Perhaps we should’ve just ignored it all and simply carried on…
      – just so as you can get yer hole or whatever…

      Who needs Grandparents anyway?

      Most of them are idiots, innit?
      They stop sending you Birthday cards as soon as you turn 21. (And presents)

      Listen to her ma

  5. General Public

    Credit to you Bodger.

    Your headlines and stance are to be admired.

    Don’t let the malignant multi username troll farm get at you. Your work is greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards,

    An ardent fan

  6. U N M U T U A L

    Tony has a tell… When he’s chiming off his stats it’s not so noticeable, then the stress of spoofing kicks in around 3 mins 27 seconds.

  7. freewheeling

    From deriding the “let it rip” merchants last year, to saying we can’t stop it this year, that it will “tear through” the younger population.
    The difference this year? – jabs for the boys, and girls.

    Roll up, roll up, take yer medicine .. it’sa gonna rip!

    Tony actually seems pretty shellshocked and exhausted himself. I don’t think he’s able for this pressure for much longer.

    1. Steph Pinker

      You’re being very kind towards a man who had such influence – and still does – as the CMO before, during, and after the cervical check *ahem* misdiagnoses?

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