The Rockefeller Stank


This afternoon.

Prescient war-gaming?

Or something else?

We may never know.

Operation Lockstep?


Can you smell what the Rockefellers were cooking?

Full document here

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38 thoughts on “The Rockefeller Stank

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Obviously, someone with 3 month old account and that many X’s in their name is a totes legit source. Two hours ago they posted that Coronavirus is classified as a cold!!11!!eleventy!!!

    Don’t worry, a good tinfoil hat will prevent the Rockerfeller Mind Ray from infecting you.

  2. Nigel

    ‘You have to go to Fox News via an anonymous twitter account to hear about this’ is not a claim to credibility. Nor is being featured on Broadsheet, sadly.

    1. Clampers Outside

      Ah now, in fairness, that coming from the lad who believes a Professor who pushed the Satanic Panic nonsense redeemed themselves when they started pushing the idea that pre-verbal infants were capable of rejecting their gender (said Prof, citing that infant was observed pulling out their hairclips repeatedly, as an example of said rejection).

      Redeemed…. Heh, OK…

      You’re a great one to tell who or what is or isn’t credible… Suuuuuure :)

      You could simply ignore either messenger and look to the source material, wouldn’t that make more sense…. But that might be asking too much of you.

  3. E'Matty

    Daisy and Nigel, is it that you don’t believe the Rockefellar Foundation published such a document or what? You both attack the source and completely ignore the documentary evidence. Perhaps you could comment on Operation Lockstep and its prescient forecast.

        1. Nigellol

          lol at more-in-sorrow-than-anger head-shaking that folks aren’t treating the insinuations of anonymous twitter, Fox News and a Bodger post with the gravitas they deserve.

          1. Clampers Outside

            Eh… sorry Nigel to be taxing your brain so hard, but that’s not what either of the above comments say.
            They ask for you to look at the report.
            For a lad who often lambasts others for comprehension, you might do with a few classes your good self.
            Allow me to summarise in two words… ‘source material’.
            The comments were pointing to look at the ‘source material’, not what you’ve written, good lad.

          2. Nigel

            If the source material was all that mattered, then ol’ Bodger could have gone straight for that, rather than including the anonymous account linking to Fox and that Dutch guy he felt obliged to delete. I commented on the first two, as is my right. You’d think I was somehow preventing you and the rest from a fierce and intelligent and wide-ranging analysis of the ‘source material’ instead of urging me to ignore what appear to be the very elements that brought them to Bodger’s attention, along with the oh-so-important notice that mainstream media would never touch this. If the class of meia that touches this is of significance, then it is worthy of comment, just as Bodger’s faux-ironic posturing when he presents consipracy-threory fodder is always worth noting.

    1. Nigel

      How would I know what the Rockefeller Foundation is, or what it publishes, or why I should care? And of course you check sources, in this day and age you don’t understand the importance of sources for news and information?

      1. Clampers Outside

        You could read it. And then comment. But you’ve a history of doing the latter without the former, so consistent, at least.

        1. Nigellol

          I could. So could you. And if I do, maybe I will. But then what would you have to comment on?

          1. Clampers Outside

            I think the report is interesting in that much of the particular scenario in the report highlighted by BS Bodger has been what has occurred.
            I see nothing conspiratorial in any foundation or think tank having made a report in preparation for catastrophic events. And I see no issue with a proposed scenario appearing to mirror the current management of same.
            What I do believe to be conserning, and what I would hope, is that the rest of that particular scenario of ongoing authoritarian govt controls post pandemic do not come to be.
            I think in a nutshell, that is the point of Bodger posting the report in the first place… what has already been done, and what may come to be if that particular scenario continues to be followed.
            That’s the discussion that I’d like to have seen here, rather than an ‘oh look who posted that’.

          2. Nigel

            The idea that this isn’t conspiracy-fodder, as the three, now two, elemets of Bodger’s chain of media endorsement demonstrate, is naive to the point of credulousness. As for the scenario, what’s distressing is how many people have been warning about these things and their potential outcomes and for how long and they continue to be ignored except by people who want to take advantage of them. The same people who will pounce on this as a consipracy rather than a rather safe and pragmatic set of predictions based on clear onging trends are the same people who are now working to undermine and discredit and ignore the sorts of experts who give these sorts of warnings and who deal with these sorts of crises.

  4. K. Cavan

    The problem with this is the assumption that the Economic & Finance systems didn’t collapse, which is wildly optimistic.
    The USA, in the last year, has printed 40% of the US Dollars that have EVER been printed. In one month alone, last Summer, they printed more dollars than they did in the previous two centuries, yes, two hundred years worth, in a single month, a similar situation pertains in the EU.
    Both these currencies will collapse, despite the contrary assertions within Modern Monetary Theory, it’s almost inevitable.
    The results will be cataclysmic, hyper-inflation will be rampant, bubbles will develop in every single resource market, Wall Street, where most of the US dollars end up, will inflate crazily, then head for a total collapse, taking pensions, companies & corporations with it.

    1. Nigel

      It was written in 2010, when it was still somewhat believable that governments would and could uncontroversially respond with pragmatism to on obvious global health emergency, and would also be capable of ‘taking a firm grip on power’ as a response to it and other assorted threats, both of which seem easier to predict than to actually do.

  5. Joe

    Broadsheet Bodger really is scraping the bottom of the barrel again. Pushing the perverse concept of “alternative facts” too far with the likes of its garbage mis-information post about the Rockefeller Foundation. It is easily debunked off course.

    I expect Broadsheet Bodger will soon be linking to sites demanding a pogrom against the Jewish community as being part of the “great reset” nonsense such is the depth that Broadsheet Bodger is now plummeting too.

    1. Clampers Outside

      Broadsheet Bodger presented no “alternative facts” and didn’t link to the Facebook post you link to.

      Both have the same report from Rockefeller, but Broadsheet Bodger has not made any interpretations like those mentioned in the Facebook Post and has actually posted the report for readers to view themselves.

      Broadsheet Bodger could’ve done without linking to the Dutch parliament guy, in fairness.

      But, I think you’ve gone off on one there Joe.

        1. Clampers Outside

          G’man Bodger!

          Thanks for posting the pages of that doc, and the link to the full doc.

          1. M

            Even more thought provoking report..

            Hypothetical’ ‘SPARS 2025-2028’ pandemic ‘scenario’ published in 2017 by Bill Gates funded John Hopkins Centre describes SARS CoV2 (COVID) exactly. Predicts wave of adverse neurological damage 9-12 months after first administration of vaccines.

  6. Bitnboxy

    Another Bodge be Bodging post bringing into sharp relief the decline of Broadsheet Bodge

    Can’t wait for the new “legal coffee drinker” to be unveiled. Tracey O’Mahoney I expect.


  7. Nigel

    (Now that I’m at a screen big enough to read it on)
    It’s… a scenario. Wealthy people pay smart people to create scenarios in an effort to prepare for future events based on current trends or specific potential events, in this case a global pandemic, the likelihood of which has been well flagged by many people for decades. Are we supposed to think it’s a blueprint? It’s omission of climate change as a factor seems massive, and a lot of the other stuff outdated.

    There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of similar scenarios and projections in existence, and what’s troubling about them is they are there to enable private corporations and the mega-rich to squeeze profit out of potential disasters and political malfeasance, rather than to mitigate their effects on the public, or the planet.

    1. K. Cavan

      Yes, Nigel, it’s called Disaster Capitalism & it’s going on all around you, right now, as small businesses are destroyed by Governments on the advice of institutions long ago corrupted by the Billions of the Oligarchs, who want competition eliminated.
      There may be quite a few such scenarios written but not hundreds or thousands, the NGO complex has been funded by the Oligarchs to do such research, as well as feed racist, bigoted, wokist division into the media but none of them are speculative, neutral or in any way beneficial to humanity as a whole. The one currently being realised is closest to the 2019 plan from the WEF, for whom the WHO acts as a front organisation.
      They represent an existential threat to our societies, our lives, our very humanity. Dismissing them as some sort of Oligarchs’ hobby is not a convincing argument, in fact it’s utterly ludicrous, in 2021.
      Must do better than that, Nigel.

      1. Nigel

        You’ve tied yourself in so many knots there is literally nothing that can be done about anything. Think that might be a win for the o’ oligarchs.

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