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  1. The Dude

    “Freedom by September”


    Isn’t that splendid? The suppression of our basic human rights continues unabated. Great that the government are now going to consider antigen testing, 8 months on from Donnelly telling the Dáil these were to going to be used in the following weeks. Yet media headlines do not state such; instead, expectations of citizens are to be carefully managed, stories curated rather than broken. A bought lot.

    Separately, when the government meets the restaurants’ representatives today, NPHET will not be present. So it seems likely the government will “listen carefully to the restaurants’ concerns”, before going back to NPHET to “see what can be done”… Do you see the way the power dynamic operates? Who is in charge? Where’s the accountability? Where is democracy? What a rotten state of affairs.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Add to that, Donnelly buying out of date vaccines from Romania. (No doubt to finish off the over 60s who are waiting and waiting and waiting for the second shot)

  2. Lilly

    Has The Irish Times abandoned its subediting function? Every single piece lately…. Una Mullally today: ‘I’m not saying working for a lobbying firm that represents for Big Tobacco is amongst one of the worst things one can do with one’s privilege, but it is up there.’ Could do better.

    1. Nigel

      Pandmeic measures announced by amateur videos ov men in balaclvas and white coats and plastic gloves at a borrowed kitchen table in front of a huge flag of hand-washing intructions delivered to random police stations.

      NPHET members inerviewed by BBC dubbed by the same teenage intern.

      Tony Holohan dragging people into alleys to check their vaccination cards, Martin and Varadkar hold them down while ‘The Holy Terror’ kneecaps the unvaccinated.

      ‘In the name of the Armed Struggle against the Imperialist Covid Virus we are dispensing medical justice with extreme prejudice and you have been found guilty of being a gobdaw. Would you like to say a quick prayer before sentence is carried out?’

      Masked NPHET members go through pubs waving sawn-off double-barreled syringes as displays of strength.

      Splits volently into Provisional and Continuity NPHET.

    1. f_lawless

      are you genuinely looking to start a discussion on climate change or trying to ‘get one up’ on someone?

        1. Johnny

          Declan Kelly was and Teneo is,who just happened to be handling black op’s,sorry PR for Donnelly and the Dept of Health,but the contract/fees/terms/what exactly they are doing are top secret,Donnely’s dirty little secret,cause he’s scared and that’s what Kelly feeds on.

  3. f_lawless

    This is surely an extremely rare event:

    Article dated July 3rd: during an international cricket match, 2 West Indies players collapse within 10 minutes of each other and are hospitalised


    And from three days earlier, June 30th:

    “West Indies women’s team now fully vaccinated”


    ..and cue the self-appointed Broadsheet content police in 3,2,1… (because we all need to know that even to consider a potential link, is to breach the narrow boundaries of acceptable public discourse which have been set out for us on such matters)

    1. Nigel

      ‘CWI said both players are stable and conscious after being taken to a hospital’

      I was too tired to move for three days after my first shot, let alone play a game of cricket, so this doesn’t seem out of line with well-flagged warnings of possible side-effects.

      1. f_lawless

        Let me get this straight – you suffered a severe side-effect of being unable to move for 3 days due to tiredness after your first shot and yet that hasn’t given you any pause for thought about the safety of the experimental vaccine?. Did you get any diagnosis as to why your body had such a reaction?

        Hard to believe that you would just shrug at the notion of the Covid vaccines potentially causing top athletes to collapse during a match and be hospitalised. This is not in line with well-flagged potential Covid vaccine side-effects, let alone two happening in the same match. Nor is being unable to move for 3 days The long-term health implications of such reactions are unknown.

        1. Nigel

          I was warned such a reaction was possible, if I had thought it was more serious than that or it had gone on much longer I’d have sought medical help. Here I was agreeing with you that it’s not unreasonable to speculate about a connection, and I thought you’d be happy the terrible comment police didn’t crack down on you.

  4. Johnny

    -just a placeholder to refer to,this was the complaint,later (when i find it) will link to decision.



    in this link below,the labours pension fund,outlines its allegation of black op’s/dirty tricks/barely legal actions by Declan Kelly and his filthy little spin shop Teneo,that is now advising the irish govt on its Covid message.

    hopefully,if i put down the pipe long enough,i will outline some these black op’s and dirty tricks,but im totally completely confident that there is no way they are doing this in Ireland,no way…..are you ?

    “The pension fund also claims Cordani hired public relations firm Teneo, which it names as a defendant and says is “skilled in the darker arts of influencing the media,” to foil the merger while making it look like Cigna was trying to make it work.”


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