It’s Not Me, It’s You


A message for Pope Francis in Dublin City Centre during the Pontiff’s visit to Ireland in August 2018

Dear, Oh Dear, Roman Catholic Church

Unrelenting cherisher of my baptismal cert.
You site historical reasons
but I know it’s more than that for you
maybe because I’m young,
historically you’ve liked that too

Unfortunately I have to go,
though it brings a tear to Gods eye
I am retracting my membership
from this book club gone awry

I have googled how to leave and conceded,
it’s way too long to read.
So I came across a site I understand
‘How to be excommunicated for dummies’
(and millennials, the two go hand in hand)

I don’t really want to physically attack the Pope
but if it has to be done
I can rally some antifa communists,
when you need help to decentralise
and redistribute a patriarchal power
– they’re the one

I could reject the authority of the Pope
or celebrate the eucharist for show
confer sacraments to myself,
or give schism or apostasy a go

I could interpret a foreign confession
and tell somebody else
if I’d ever properly learned another language
(yeah, this one may not be of help)

I suppose I could have an abortion,
if I wasn’t a lesbian
even Jesus Christ himself
couldn’t bring me that close to men

I could violate the confessional seal
but my vegan friends would not be impressed.
Heresy I can definitely do,
‘It’s a mortal sin to be underdressed’.

I’m sad as I write this,
I enabled you so long
to hurt already vulnerable people
and then tell them they are wrong

If God exists, he’s gonna be pissed,
especially at you big P
there are things that you’ll have to change
but it will not be with me.


beam is a 26 year old woman from Galway, a new poet and a recent MA graduate. beam is working on her first collection after being published on Spilling Hot Cocoa Over Martin Amis. Recent work includes: ‘surviving the pandemic and several disappointing sourdough loaves’. You can find more of her poetry @personalbeam on instagram.


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