To The Manor Born


Labour candidate Ivana Bacik

This morning.

Ahead of Thursday’s by-election in Dublin Bay South…


Fine Gael has angrily complained to RTÉ after the Labour Party’s Ivana Bacik appeared on a prime time TV show just three days out from the by-election in Dublin Bay South.

Ms Bacik is in a battle with Fine Gael for the seat and the Senator featured prominently on a programme called ‘National Treasures’.

RTÉ has strict rules about fair coverage of candidates during campaigns.

The incident is reminiscent of a row between RTÉ and Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael during a by-election won by current foreign affairs minister Simon Coveney.

Fine Gael complains to RTÉ after Ivana Bacik’s TV appearance three days before Dublin Bay South by-election (


Fine Gael Councillor and election candidate, James Geoghegan canvassing in Ranelagh, Dublin 6

This morning.

Via Una Mullally in the Irish Times:

He comes from an intensely privileged background, with two Supreme Court judges as parents, and two more as grandparents. He looks the part, he’s got the clichéd south Dublin accent (something I sympathise with, having one myself), and he has run a superficial campaign based on the brand of bland nothingness his constituency predecessor, Eoghan Murphy, espoused to cruise into a housing ministry, and we all know how that went.

But condemning Geoghegan based on his beginnings is unfair. It’s not his fault he had a remarkable head-start in life. Privilege isn’t some kind of original sin. But what is relevant is how you use that privilege. Geoghegan worked for Fine Gael’s John Bruton in Washington DC, and then got a job with a lobbying firm run by another Bruton adviser, Kevin Gilna. It’s a small world . Now I’m not saying working for a lobbying firm that represents for Big Tobacco is among one of the worst things one can do with one’s privilege, but it is up there.

Back in Ireland, Geoghegan drifted from Fine Gael and backed Renua, a right-wing, anti-abortion entity that looked for a millisecond as though it might make an impact, given how disproportionate its founder Lucinda Creighton’s profile in the political media was. Renua flopped, closing off that career path.

Fine Gael is asking people to vote for Geoghegan because he is in Fine Gael. But if we extrapolate “merit” from meritocracy, and compare Geoghegan’s record to those he’s leading in the polls – Ivana Bacik, Lynn Boylan, Claire Byrne, and Sarah Durcan – he’s not at the races. There is no comparison.


Fine Gael’s By-Election Candidate? You Couldn’t Make Him Up (Una Mullally, Irish Times)




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18 thoughts on “To The Manor Born

  1. Paulus

    The pic reminds me of a favourite saying of my father’s:

    “If you send a goose to Hannover, a goose she’ll come over”

    1. Tony

      As the fella says “you can ferry a blind baker across the Danube but two Dutch shepherds never threw out a loaf”

  2. missred

    I saw that programme, it was made a few years ago about people’s treasured antiques and she featured for about two minutes. Not her fault they decided to show it

  3. Johnny

    Una,Una say the quite part out loud,moving into UCD housing,sorry Clonskeagh is just so tacky,unforgivable.

  4. Bitnboxy

    Bacik is the only credible candidate in the DBS by-election. Geoghegan is just so poor (trust fund excepted), leaving aside the nonsense about his residence and appears to be more or less on the ballot paper because the old boys club can’t stand Kate O’Connell (not that Kate did herself any favours). Added to this Barry Walsh (of “yiz are all beeatches” fame), has has a few letters in the IT and elsewhere very much bigging up Geoghegan.

    In any event, the only way to beat Geoghegan in what is a perfect FG constituency, is a No. 1 vote for Bacik. No.1s matter more in a by-election. If Geoghegan is ahead by a certain number of percentage points on 1st preferences, it will be nigh impossible for anyone else to overtake him.

    FG do appear to be getting nervous. Interesting to note Boylan of the Shinners is a bit lack lustre and her heart isn’t in it. There aren’t two Shinner seats in DBS and Chris Andrews, who is quite rough and ready, guards his seat quite dramatically so he won’t be too sad to have Boylan move onto another constituency next election.

        1. goldenbrown

          that’s natural selection anyway Bitnboxy
          you and I both know it’s his seat
          his uncle could be Pol Pot and it’s his seat

          I do find it amazing though that anyone believes that Labour is deserving of a chance, like some rehabilitated prisoner. The Irish Labour Party are dead (to me anyway) their betrayal was spectacular and will never be forgotten, whatever the if’s and and’s Gilmore, Rabitte, Burton and their courtiers rode the wave for their own self-centered reasons, talked the talk that convinced a nation….but they were lying to us and ensured the ILP ran away from its destiny when it called, black hearted, cheap. There’s a reason they only have 6 seats on a 4.4% first pref and as long as there’s enough of us around to remember what they did they’ll stay there. fupp them.

        2. Lilly

          I don’t care if Dolly the donkey gets elected. Labour is never getting my vote again.

  5. RuilleBuille

    Pravda has thrown its weight behind the luvvie Ivana. She’s good at glossing over the vicious attacks by Labour ministers on the sick and pensioners the last time Labour was in government – she never dissented once!

    1. Bitnboxy

      Barring some major upset though (highly unlikely), Bacik is the only one capable of ousting Geoghegan from taking the seat.

  6. newsjustin

    According to her Wikipedia (for what that’s worth) as a TCD SU representative, she had to resign because she went against the mandate she had from her electorate to vote for a particular national delegate, and voted for her personal favourite instead.

    Small beans. But seems she has a record of not actually representing those who elected her and doing what pleases herself.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Could well explain why she’s so unsuccessful in actual elections where the public vote.

    2. Andrew

      Indeed, she is leading the Labour party campaign to ignore 2004 citizenship referendum which had an almost 80% Yes vote.
      Ivana knows better than you proles

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