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From top: Dublin Dublin District Coroners Court, Store Street; Section 40 of the Births, Deaths Registration Act

Peter Keating, a Dublin-born writer now living in Munster, writes:

In June 2021, the Coroner’s Society of Ireland rightly called for a “wide-ranging inquiry” into all covid-related nursing home deaths.

This call was backed by Mayo County Coroner, Mr. Patrick O’Connor, who had previously also publicly questioned the recording of covid deaths in Ireland.

This issue seems to have been shelved by the Irish media, but it should not be allowed to go quietly into the night. It is not merely an issue of public confidence in the government, the health service, and the medical profession; it may also be a criminal matter.

On 3rd July 2020 the Tánaiste made a statement to the following effect on social media:

“…In Ireland we counted all deaths, in all settings, suspected cases even when no lab test was done, and included people with underlying terminal illnesses who died with Covid but not of it.”

It beggars belief that such recording practices could be a matter of policy. Was there a direction to adopt such recording practices, and from whom did it originate? It would surely have to originate at government level, and then be transmitted via the HSE for implementation by hospital staff at local level.

This is a serious matter for the State, and warrants investigation to determine whether offences have been committed, and by whom, under Section 40 of the Births and Deaths Registration Act, 1874, which still provides for a penalty of up to seven years penal servitude upon conviction on indictment for any person who wilfully gives to a registrar any false information concerning the cause of any death.

How did it happen that death certificates were falsified on such a scale?  Where is the investigation and the outrage?


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6 thoughts on “Quietly Into The Night

  1. Cian

    They have clearly differentiated those that were confirmed, probable and possible) as of May 2021 the numbers were
    confirmed 4,652
    probable 95
    possible 174

    The ‘probable’ and ‘possible’ numbers are very low (<5% of total); And these were deaths that happened in March/April 2020 when people died without a test (but had the Covid symptoms)

    On a slightly different note, the numbers that the HPSC are those notified to iit. There are the "with Covid" numbers; separately the doctors are filling in death certs, and not all of the "notified deaths" are being deemed Covid deaths.

    For 2020 there were 2237 notified deaths, There were 1,672 registered deaths where COVID-19 was assigned as the underlying cause of death in 2020. There were a further 167 mortality records where there was a mention of COVID-19 in the narrative of the death certificate and where the underlying cause of death was not COVID-19.

    75% of the notified deaths were confirmed as registered Covid deaths.

    Read the CSO's rational here: (https://www.cso.ie/en/releasesandpublications/in/vs/informationnote-assignmentofcovid-19asunderlyingcauseofdeathucod/)

    1. Ghost of Yep

      How many of the registered dead from Covid come from people with symptoms being shipped in to nursing homes? <Roughly.

        1. Ghost of Yep

          Impressive the amount of digging you are willing to do for some answers and the seaside shovel you use for others.

          EDIT: Fair enough. Just thought it was funny.

    2. GiggidyGoo

      I didn’t see a mention of the CSO in the article above. The CSO compiles figures. They haven’t a rationale as to why deaths were classified the way they were by coroners. Their rationale is the method they use to classify for their own use. That link you gave is full of waffle. The CSO are still ‘exploring’ experimental ways of obtaining up-to-date mortality data

      And, from your link. ‘Persons with COVID-19 may die of other diseases or accidents, such cases are not deaths due to COVID-19 and the WHO has recommended they should not be certified as such.’ That doesn’t mean the recommendations were followed. Validated by Varadkars tweet below.

      Varadkar stated ‘Interesting but not a surprise. In Ireland we counted all deaths, in all settings, suspected cases even when no lab test was done , and included people with underlying terminal illnesses who died with Covid but not of it.’ https://twitter.com/leovaradkar/status/1278995351169613824?lang=en

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