We’ve Only Just Begun


George Soros (left) and Bill Gates

Last night/this morning.

Together at last.

In a joint statement they told reporters:


George Soros And Bill Gates’ Backed Consortium To Buy U.K. Maker Of Covid Tests For $41 Million (Forbes Science)

Why Are Soros And Gates Buying UK COVID Testing Company? (Zero Hedge)


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12 thoughts on “We’ve Only Just Begun

  1. Verbatim

    “The difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth? 6 months” Somebody else said that.
    So, these “up the nose jobbies” are going to last and last, a great investment for the future. Philanthropic, right, hands up who believe this?
    That photo is uncanny, it looks like an amalgamation of Soros and Gates.

    1. Nigel

      What’s the difference betrween a conspiracy theory and the truth? The sheer volume of confirmation bias.

      1. Micko

        Ah Millie don’t be one of those…

        Half the gobdaws here don’t even use capitals ffs

  2. Haroo

    Don’t say things about Bill. Bill has done great things for us. Bill loves us and we love Bill. Bill is trying to keep us safe. Bill cares about our future and the future of the planet.

    *Target acquired, transgressors and defamers will be silenced… Vaccine attaching to red blood cells, transformation into ninja death assassin in progress… Prepare covid swab nose missiles for deployment*

    Mission: destruction of the Irish pub and to track and trace all humans through vaccine identification and switch them to crypto wallets to control their money and ensure the new global order can… eh… can destroy… things… and… control… stuff because we… because they need blockchain to… vaccine certs are discrimination.

    1. Micko

      “ Bill has done great things for us.”

      I’m gonna guess your a die hard Mac user.

      Coz no one who’s ever used Windows Vista would say that :p

      Actually Russel Brand’s take on Bill Gates and his involvement in vaccine production is both humours and informative.


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