You’re Paying For The View

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one-bedroom apartment in the Capital Dock residence, Grand Canal, Dublin 2

Dublin skyline.

Manhattan prices.


Capital Docks (Daft)

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25 thoughts on “You’re Paying For The View

  1. scottser

    those apartments are corporate tax right offs. they’re not for actual living in, they’re for the ceo to knock his bit on the side a couple of times a week.

          1. Haroo

            Could be a partner of someone who is a CEO and secretly suspects they have a bit on the side and this post is exacerbating underlying anxieties.

    1. goldenbrown

      they are nothing except REIT investment widgets
      one of the usual FG scoopmonkeys will be along shortly to explain to us all why this is actually a great idea and look at us all whingeing about lack of housing and it’s all [insert other political party] fault objecting and blocking when quality aportments like this are being built for a conveyor belt of young focussed professionals, lol

      (no ceo business though ‘cos they wouldn’t be seen dead in Dublin)

  2. Baz

    Away with your Marxist poop talk
    Why not highlight the A Rated home adjacent to a Luas stop that was given for free to one of the M7 BBQ 3 ?

    Or how all 3 vermin were housed by the state?

    Nah, throw the bile at those that pay their way.
    That politics watch twit feed is just shinner anger unleashed

    1. Haroo

      Marxist? In what way? Free market theory actually supports govt action/intervention when a free market does not function properly. Unless you think the housing/rental market functions properly? In that case I would ask on what metric do you think it works properly? % of disposable income spent on housing? Wage increases vs rental/housing inflation?

      Genuinely interested if you think it is functioning properly.

      What about, what about, what about… A problem is highlighted and you decide to reference a separate issue. People being allocated housing is interesting and we can discuss that if you wish but how about sticking on point and tell us how the current housing market is tip top, functions properly and at peak efficiency (does supply = demand? Do you we have allocation efficiency in terms of greatest number of units provided/sold for willing buyers? Is societal benfit i.e. marginal cost = marginal benefit maximised)… All elements that free market efficiency would call for?

      1. D

        The time for well thought out serious responses is over.

        We need more responses like scottsers insightful humour in the comments section

  3. Tony

    De state of de public transport system – poor people trying to get to work and a Range River costs near €70,000. When oh when will dis gubbermint learn?

  4. Steph Pinker

    For anyone who’s interested; 14 houses in an estate in Graiguenamanagh, Co. Kilkenny, (Cois Na Bearu) were sold for E3.4 million this year in February when the rest of us were hiding under our duvets – then we wonder why we have a housing crisis.

    Where are the smaller birds going to live once the the vultures and cuckoos have taken over?


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