A Path Made Of Thorns


Aoife Cunningham

Aoife writes:

‘A new poem about anorexia and the inner conflict and turmoil of the illness.’

So Much Depends On Beliefs

I never believed I’d end up as a guinea pig,

Tied to a hospital bed.

I never believed

my world would reveal

this path made of thorns,

A path.

That I’d be forced to walk along…

It felt like I was a piece of IKEA furniture.

I’m humpty dumpty.

and the ‘A team,’

Nurse Ailish and Nurse Amy,

Put on their cloaks and

save the day.

So much depends on beliefs

And I’m starting to question?

Can the A team

piece me back together,


I never believed

I’d be so conflicted.

In mind, body and soul.

As if there’s a battle against

head, body and heart…

Who knew?

My cocktail my is ying and yang…

with progress there’s weight.

That’s when my brain manipulates.

My Actions and. Repercussions.

With progress

there’s fear,

Because I was getting near…

To be free

from this Brain Fog concussion.

So much depends on beliefs.

Aoife Cunningham

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17 thoughts on “A Path Made Of Thorns

  1. Naomi

    You are one of the strongest people I know , you have been though so much and you still always show up with a smile . I am so proud of you

  2. Mags

    This is my Niece Aoife she humbles me with her words and way of using them… Just over 8 weeks ago we were discussing her impending death since then her poetry has been published more than 4 or 5 times I thank with all my heart the friends who prayed with for her she is our miracle…. Love you Aoife Cunningham

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Mags, It’s great to see Aoife doing so well. If her poetry is helping her with her recovery then I hope she writes reams and reams and I hope the support she gets from The ‘Sheet encourages her with her mental health and her creativity.

    2. Catherine Stringer

      PLEASE tell your niece she renewed my belief today, her poetry as beautiful as she.
      ‘So much depends on belief’!!!! SO true.
      I hope to hear more from her so get writing that book ✌️

  3. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    sending you wishes of courage and strength against this illness Aoife, although your poetry shows you have it in spades already

  4. Harry

    Aoife, your beautiful poetry brings your feelings and thoughts together; self and others; self and yourself. Please have hope. Please be gentle with yourself. You deserve good health and a well-nourished body. You deserve to feed your mind, your soul and your spirt with new knowledge and in time you will reconnect all of these things. Please keep writing your beautiful poems. In time you will find so many things to write about and we all would love to read them.

  5. Slave to the Rhythm

    All the Kings horses Aoife, carry on and persevere, love you work, affecting and evocative, thank you

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