‘Suck It Up’


Begley’s Bar, Killoe county Longford


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Pic: Begley’s

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34 thoughts on “‘Suck It Up’

  1. SOQ

    It’s like it is a deliberate attempt by government to pitch people against each other.

    Meanwhile up north, where pubs and restaurants have been open for months without ‘papers please’- shops are now removing the plastic counter barriers and people are regularly seen wandering around without muzzles.

    1. Micko

      I had a lovely break up north this week.

      Very chilled out.

      We indoor dined our little bottys off ;)

      From what I could see in the hotel, the majority who were doing the whole ritual masking thing were young people in their 20’s. People my age and older were not.

      Stand up – put mask on
      Sit down – take it off
      Stand up – put mask on.
      Sit down – take it off

      Rinse repeat…

        1. Micko


          Where’s the sex, drugs and rock and roll gone eh?

          These kids would rather have an ice tea lemon Frappuccino or whatever, then actually do something dangerous. ;p

      1. SOQ

        Hotels are full in Belfast now, prices back up to peak summer season – and it is near all southerners.

        It’s actually a great opportunity for Belfast to showcase- everyone is doing a SF staycation this year.

        1. Micko

          Sooooo many southern reg’d cars.

          Like every third or fourth car. And we stayed Sun – Wed.

          The weekends must be jammers with people from the south.

          Was nice to have a bit of normality.

          1. Slave to the Rhythm

            Just when you think the saddo quotient in Norn Iron couldn’t get any higher…

        2. Daisy Chainsaw

          Staycation is your back yard,

          Paying a few hundred to go to Belfast or Galway, Kerry, Wexford, Donegal etc for a few days away is called a holiday.

    2. Nigel

      Since you can attribute sinister motives to people without proof or reason, you might as well.

        1. Nigel

          It may be the outcome because of a bizarre suicide-cult rejection of life-saving medicines, magnified online, I suspect, but you attributed intentionalty to them, and now you’re fudging it.

  2. J9

    Muzzles – LOL … Meanwhile cases are going up. Also, Maybe the younger folk were masking because they are unvaccinated?

    1. MR.Bezos

      Masking doesnt protect you – it protects others from you (allegedly)

      If us old fogies are vaccinated why should younger sorts wear masks?

      1. Junkface

        What are the rules in Ireland for wearing masks indoors? Like in the supermarket, do they state which type of mask to use? In Germany, all people entering places like supermarkets are required to wear an FFP2 mask, which protects the wearer and everyone else around them. This is the way they have controlled the new infection numbers.

        If you want to go to a restaurant or bar indoors, you have to get a covid test or antigen test, and have the result ready on your phone to be checked.

          1. Junkface

            Well that’s just silly. They need to make FFP2 masks a rule and provide them in every shop, pharmacy or supermarket. They usually cost under 1.00 EURO.

          2. John Smith

            Goverment definition of face-covering, as enacted in S.I. No. 651/2020 – Health Act 1947 (Section 31A – Temporary Restrictions) (Covid-19) (Amendment of Definition of Face Covering) Regulations 2020

            “ ‘face covering’ means a covering of any type which when worn by a person covers, without leaving a visible gap, the person’s nose and mouth”

            Net curtains may leave a visible gap, perhaps, depending on the interpretation of the observer, but there’s a great range of other possiblities based on this definition!

  3. one username please

    “Most vaccinated people don’t want you near them either if you’re not I’d imagine.”

    Why not? They’re vaccinated….

  4. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    this really brings out the best in people either way .. not

  5. SB

    It’s so predictable that most people complaining about her response (to adhere to the law) have “patriot” somewhere in their bio, or an Irish flag

  6. f_lawless

    I’m reminded again of a recent lecture delivered by ex-British supreme court judge, Jonathan Sumption. In this quote he’s of course talking about the UK government but it’s equally applicable to the Irish situation:

    “It is very difficult to respect the way in which this government’s decisions have been made. It marks a move to a more authoritarian model of politics which will outlast the present crisis..

    The next few years will see a radical transformation in the relationship between the state and its citizens and with it will come an equally fundamental change in our relations with each other. A change characterised by distrust, resentment and mutual hostility. In the nature of things, authoritarian governments fracture the societies which they govern.

    The use of political power as an instrument of mass coercion is corrosive. It divides and it embitters. In this case, it’s aggravated by a sustained assault on social interaction which will sooner or later loosen the glue which has helped us to deal with earlier crises. The unequal impact of the government’s measures erodes any sense of national solidarity…”

    1. Nigel

      He’s not wrong, I suppose; all that just sounds like typical Tory government policy, to be honest. I wouldn’t put them in charge of a tea-party, let alone a public health emergency.

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