The Price Of Entry


Dublin city centre last May

This afternoon.

All customers will be required to give their name and phone number for contact tracing purposes. This is a change from previous rules, where just one person per table had to provide such details.

This means that restaurant and bar operators will have to keep two information sheets at the door: One for contact tracing and a second anonymised list where they will tick a box to show that all customers at each table have been checked for their vaccination or recovery status.

Businesses will use a digital scanner to check a person’s status. This scanner can be downloaded to a staff member’s phone, or device, from this evening.

It will show green or red to prove that a certificate is not forged. It will show a person’s name, but not their date of birth or any other details, and the information will not be stored.

The official Digital Covid Certificates are the only documents that will be accepted. Cards from GPs or vaccination centres, showing a person is vaccinated, will not be accepted.

Indoor dining guidelines to be published this evening (RTÉ)


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60 thoughts on “The Price Of Entry

        1. E'Matty

          To crush small and medium businesses that allow people create wealth outside of corporate controlled structures. Kill these business and watch the vultures swoop in and sweep them up. Didn’t you learn how this works in the years after the 2008 crash?

        1. SOQ

          By allowing them to reopen indoors with rules which are impossible to implement. How exactly are they going to separate people when the outsiders have to go inside to use the toilets?

          Security staff are a VERY limited skill set because the must be trained and licensed. There is nowhere near enough to even cover all the doors of pubs and restaurants, let alone police what goes on within.

          Remember that if someone who is not licensed acts as as security, then they are breaking the law.

          1. George

            You don’t need to be security guard to tell someone they can’t come in. And if they enter without permission they can be refused service so it is really pointless for them to try.

            The gardai can be called if there are people who for some reason decide to enter
            and refuse to leave a premises where they aren’t able to purchase food or drinks.

            People without a cert can enter while wearing a mask to use the toilet and only for that purpose. It is simple enough.

          2. SOQ

            No- you MUST be licensed to act as security. If you perform such a role and you are not licensed then you can and will be prosecuted, especially if a member of the public makes a complaint to the Guards.

            And, once inside, who is to say that person one is vaxed and person two is not? Are they going to be going around checking every 15 minutes? Hardly.

          3. realPolithicks

            You have a habit of applying the worst possible case scenario to everything, I’m sure there will be some cases like the ones you’ve cited but the vast majority of people will be willing to deal with these inconveniences if the want to eat or drink indoors. How about you stop be such a doom and gloom merchant about everything related to covid.

          4. SOQ

            A nice restaurant where everyone is seated and neatly spaced will be fine but that is a minority out for a night.

            What about a large pub with a beer garden where you have more toilet traffic than Connelly Station? And that traffic will be two ways because vaxed smokers will want out too.

            Do you honestly think bouncers are going to be bothered with all that extra hassle? They will maybe check coming in the door and separate people into two streams, and that will be it.

            An hour later, they’ll all be mixed up anyways. It would be like hoarding mice at a cross roads.

          5. realPolithicks

            How about people taking some personal responsibility and actually doing what they need to do to keep themselves and others safe?

          6. SOQ

            You are assuming most people agree with this stupid passport thing- IMO they do not. Besides, as I said, it is unworkable.

          7. realPolithicks

            Unreasonable people like you will make a fuss, fortunately most people are not like that.

  1. Bruncvik

    So, does it mean indoor dining places now must comply with GDPR rules, including having a designated privacy officer, procedures to store private data, and all the other paperwork that comes with it? I wouldn’t be surprised many more places would simply keep closed indoors, rather then going through the additional expense for additional door staff and GDPR compliance.

    1. MR.Bezos

      Pubs (maybe cafes also) will need door staff to check all covid certs, and also to ensure that people who come inside just to use the toilet (eating/drinking outside) dont mix with the vaccinated or try and sneak in that way.

      Its a huge extra burden on staff – many will find it unworkable

      1. Zaccone

        Its not going to be workable in any way. You’d need a massive number of security staff to police venues when someone can just “go in to the bathroom” and meet friends inside and join them.

        Thats even assuming every pub and restaurant in the country will now hire security staff to work the door and check every person’s cert on entry. Which just isn’t going to happen outside of the major cities.

        1. George

          Or you just record the number at each table and refuse to serve anyone at that table if the number is incorrect.

          1. Zaccone

            Have you ever been to an Irish pub? Tables mix, people leave, other people arrive. Its very very rarely a single group of 4 people who sit at a table and then stay there all evening. Good look to the staff member who has to keep a constant headcount at every table in a pub with hundreds of people in it, constantly moving around…

          2. K. Cavan

            Clearly said by someone who’s never waited tables, Gerorge, am I right? You’re now asking waiting staff to act as Security, which they can’t do, because it’s illegal. There are too many people here just blandly stating that it’s “just this” & “just that”, crudely displaying their utter ignorance of what they’re commenting on & that’s without even mentioning the societal implications of apartheid being imposed upon previously universal rights..
            Find me a restauranteur or pub manager who thinks this will work & I’ll stop laughing at your ignorant nonsense.

      2. Daisy Chainsaw

        Not if those without vaccine certs don’t act like entitled little children, breaking rules and lying and…

        Oh wait… of course they will because they’re trashbags.

        1. Micko

          Yes Daisy, everyone who has a different opinion to you is a trashbag,

          or a racist,
          or far-right,
          o a Qanon,
          or a ratlicker,
          or a conspiraloon,
          or a toxic male
          or a TERF

          etc etc etc ad nauseam

          Ya seeing a pattern yet?

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            Better than a webel without a clue like you Dicko.

            What would you call people who turn up at a pub or restaurant, demanding to be seated inside without entitlement to do so?

          2. Micko

            Heh heh “ a webel without a clue like you Dicko”

            Bit touchy today yeah?

            “ What would you call people who turn up at a pub or restaurant”

            I try* not to label people and to see them as individuals who I may or may not agree with on one or two things.

            Everyone is more alike than different.


            *Im not always successful in this. ;)

          3. Daisy Chainsaw

            You’ll be one of the entitled trashbags throwing a tantrum when you get escorted to the outdoor drinking & dining area, screeching like Deeeeee about your rights. I hope you record it cos it will be hilarious.

          4. Micko

            Actually Daisy, as with most things in life, my natural immunity is better that something that comes out of a man made bottle.

            So, you could say I’m MORE entitled to indoor dining than you. ;p

            Natural is best Ho ho ho!

          5. realPolithicks

            “Actually Daisy, as with most things in life, my natural immunity is better that something that comes out of a man made bottle.”

            There are lots of dead people who thought the same thing.

        2. Tony

          “Schmo schmuz Schmicko schmim schmairness”

          That’s you doing your best posh voice


    2. Cian

      Mountain out of a mole-hill. No GDPR changes.

      I went for lunch with a friend (sitting outdoors) last week;
      1. Arrived at pub (sign said “wait here for service”)
      2. waited
      3. Waiter appeared, took 1name + 1phone number (for contact tracing; as they have been doing for 15+ months)
      4. was shown to seat; order taken etc.

      All that needs to be added to this process is on step 3, the waiter checks covid cert + ID.

      1. SOQ

        From RTE above

        “ALL customers will be required to give their name and phone number for contact tracing purposes. This is a change from previous rules, where just one person per table had to provide such details.”

    3. George

      Every business must apply by GDPR rules at all times. The is no “privacy officer” in the GDPR there is such a thing as a Data Protection Officer required in some circumstances but not in the case of restaurants taking names and phone numbers which is something they have always done when taking booking.

      They are already required to take contact tracing info. They are not recording or storing any new info under the new rules.

      1. E'Matty

        Your personal data (name and phone number) will now be accompanied by medical data i.e. your vaccination status. So, there is quite a difference in terms of personal data, medical data being one of the most sensitive of all.

    1. Cui Bono?

      Exactly, biggest Psyop of all time just to make a lot of money and implement a Digital ID system to control the herds.

    2. ian-oG

      Considering Gillian ‘fake doctor’ Mckeith tweeted that the other day, I’d say the truth is hiding in plain shyte. Lord knows she spent enough time checking it with a fork.


  2. frank

    If you had suggested this exact scenario 12 months ago you would be labeled a screeching lunatic.
    But here we are.
    Does that not give anyone pause for thought.

    1. Cui Bono?

      Haha yes, where are you now Cian??

      A few days ago you said it’s not digital and here it states “Businesses will use a digital scanner to check a person’s status.” and “The official Digital Covid Certificates are the only documents that will be accepted.”

      1. MR.Bezos

        Sssh, you’re all supposed to just forget about his many many mistakes and not use them against him!

      2. Cian

        I said it wasn’t digital because it is an A4 piece of paper.

        Yes, there is a digital element (they were created from digital records after all). And yes the paper can be scanned to check it is not forged. But there is no digital tracking (as was being suggested by certain posters here).

      3. George

        If you are vaccinated that information is already recorded digitally as this is 2021 not 1971. The only real difference here is you are being asked to allow someone to verify that you are vaccinated and it is entirely avoidable.

      1. E'Matty

        Yeah, the people you deride as conspiracy theorists specifically warned about this over a year ago, digital pass access to sectors of society and an attempt to coerce all to be vaccinated. Received dogs abuse from the likes of yourself for suggesting that was where we were headed. Us conspiraloons have gotten it right from day one on this. You guys have been consistently wrong yet act as if you were the ones predicting digital covid passes. You lads believed “just two weeks to flatten the curve” for Christ’s sake!

        1. Nigel

          You ‘warned’ that if you refused to get vaccinated then you might be inconvenienced by a partial reopening? Cassandras, the lot of you.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Keystone Kops strike again.

    Online portal for issuing covid certificates launched with big hoo haw. Or should I say, big boo boo? Good job the mistake was spotted by two students, who registered the domain with the proper spelling – thus making sure no scammers could use it.

    Let’s hope they get properly rewarded for saving the blushes of the keystone kops.

  4. Praetorian

    I live in a small village in Westmeath with 3 pubs…none of which will implement any of this horsepoo.
    They know everyone coming into their premises.
    All that aside…if a pub never opened again i couldn’t give a fupp….don’t miss them…i love my few bottles at home now…meself and Patsy now at an age where we enjoy each others company without the need for anyone else….childer grown up and gone,part time jobs….happy out.
    saving a fortune too…!!

  5. Scundered

    This seems fair enough, whatever your views on vaccines, the staff have a right to be as safe as possible when working, it’s not that much effort to just show your ID etc, much ado over nothing. And it’s temporary anyway

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