“We’re Simply Getting Too Close”


Professor Philip Nolan, chair of the Irish Epidemiological Modelling Advisory Group

This morning.

Morning Ireland on RTÉ Radio One.

Professor Philip Nolan said he believes people have forgotten how easily the virus spreads, adding “we’re simply getting too close”.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, he said “we cannot let the disease run riot” and people will need “to be careful around this virus for some time”.

There has been a four-fold increase in cases, he said, and “where they go next really depends on what we do over the next few weeks”.

He said, however, that if the levels of infection are allowed to build up to very high levels, “we’re going to be in real trouble”, and warned against “the vaccinated feeling inappropriately bulletproof“.

‘People are simply getting too close’, says Nolan amid warning over infection levels (RTÉ)




Citywest, Dublin



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23 thoughts on ““We’re Simply Getting Too Close”

  1. Herzog

    From the guy who didn’t understand how the Covid vaccines worked statistically. Maybe he still doesn’t.

  2. freewheeling

    Warning against the vaccinated feeling inappropriately bulletproof, eh? Could it be he’s seeing the data out of Isreal and the UK?
    Setting us up for the next stage when people realize these non-sterilizing vaccines were worthless at ever achieving “herd immunity”, only driving viral immune escape and mutation.

    Leave the kids alone.

  3. MR.Bezos

    Hospital admission due to covid are at very low levels despite high prevalence of the virus – proof that vaccines work to protect the vulnerable.

    They can quite literally let it rip through and it wouldnt make the slightest difference – most people dont even realise they have it!

    1. SOQ

      This decline in cases to hospital ratio is reflected in countries with a low vaccination rate too, so what is much more likely is that it has followed a typical coronavirus mutation pattern, and manifests as a less severe CoVid-19 disease.

      But sure that wouldn’t suit the fear narrative now would it?

      1. MR.Bezos

        Ah now SOQ, the vaccines do work to protect the elderly and vulnerable.
        Most countries are still seeing higher rates of mortality in the elderly.

        The young never had high risk of severe outcomes in the first place and dont need to be vaccinated for personal risk – as we are seeing right now, given 70& of cases are under 30s, yet hospital admissions are still largely 40+

        1. SOQ

          It’s a mixture of both, plus a certain level of herd immunity. One point people conveniently ignore is that vaccines cannot work without immune systems. And the more robust the immune system is, the better impact the vaccine may have but, it is the immune system which is the really clever bit.

          1. Nigel

            ‘One point people conveniently ignore is that vaccines cannot work without immune systems.’

            Literally nobody ‘ignores’ this.

          2. Cian

            Promoting vaccines as the only means of achieving herd immunity is doing exactly that.

            The vaccine depends on the immune system so that sentence it totally meaningless.

          3. SOQ

            The media is repeatedly stating that the only way herd immunity can be reached is through vaccines- which is complete BS.

    2. freewheeling

      Also, while they appear to be protecting the vulnerable, that will be short-lived. In Israel – the earliest and most widely vaccinated population – the “vaccine” efficacy is now down to 50% in the vulnerable over 60s group.

    3. Junkface

      Well it seems that middle aged unvaccinated people in the USA sure do know that they had covid. They ended up in Hospital in need of treatment. Imagine if vaccination rates were very low and the Delta variant ran rampant though cities? Hospitals would be overloaded again, people with other illnesses would go without treatment, sometimes leading to death.

      Look at this clip. The lack of basic logic from this man is hard to believe. He still won’t get vaccinated!


  4. Kdoc

    Some say seeing is believing, but Gemma believes they are all actors in a show for the cameras.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Meanwhile Beaumont is a “death camp”. Ratlickers and their batplop woo woo crazy leaders, eh?

  5. Des

    It was always the case that covid would become more prevalent and less dangerous, that was stated by experts a long time ago.

    Its happened and nolan and his buddies are now irrelevant, hence the trip to rte to keep up the scaremongering.

  6. f_lawless

    Those guys must keep a notebook of cliched phrases to delve into for each media appearance. “Next few/couple of weeks are crucial to control Covid” is a perennial favourite. I did a google search of “next few weeks” statements from Irish authorities over the past year+. eg:

    “The situation is quite precarious for the next couple of weeks on how the disease will track..The opportunity is here now to bring the disease back under control.”

    “Just right now, things are very finely balanced in terms of public health … I would say the next three weeks is incredibly important.”

    “Household gatherings, Communion parties, Christenings, other family events where people are coming together from multiple different households. If at all possible, those need to be stopped for the next few weeks if we are going to get this back under control”

    “The next few weeks need to see us maintain compliance with all of the measures that are in place so that we can get to levels of the disease that are as low as possible.”

    “it is essential over the next few weeks that we stay home”

    “”We’re not out of the woods yet. I am hopeful about the summer but the next few weeks are worrying.”

    “NPHET has warned the government against any significant easing of Covid restrictions over the next few weeks amid fears of a fourth wave before the summer. ”

    “Can I get some snake oil with that? It makes for a great salad dressing with a pinch of salt and something acerbic. Stay safe when socialising outdoors over the next few weeks. Small numbers, distance, masks. These antigen tests will not keep you safe”

    “we just need to be careful now over the next few weeks”

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