Coining Another Mint



Activists from socialist republican party Éirígí unveil a banner outside of the Central Bank high-security currency centre facility in Sandyford calling for the site to be used for the construction of Universal Public Housing.

Last April, in a move that indicated a forthcoming sale of the 37-acre site,  the Central Bank asked Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown council to maintain residential zoning on the site.

In 2018, the site was taken off the land hoarder’s list in 2018 because of the high cost of securing the currency facility.

Éirígí’s representative for the Rathdown area, Brian Leeson, said,

“The Central Bank recently wrote to DLR to request that the residential zoning of their Sandyford facility be maintained. As part of that request the Central Bank outlined that it is actively considering selling off some or all of this 37 acre site. We are here today to highlight the fact that this land is potentially going to be sold off to a private developer or vulture landlord and to demand that it is instead retained in permanent public ownership.

To put the size of the full site in context, it is ten acres bigger than the Central Mental Hospital site in Dundrum and unlike that site, there are no historically important buildings which must be preserved. It could easily accommodate over 1,000 new homes as well as new community facilities and new recreational areas – 1,000 permanently affordable homes for local people from all income backgrounds who are currently being denied access to secure, affordable housing.”

Previously: Central Bank asks council to maintain residential zoning at Sandyford currency centre (Irish Times, April 29)

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7 thoughts on “Coining Another Mint

  1. Johnny

    ..stop by this unbelievable waste of a state asset,25 prime urban acres owned by NAMA/ State currently tied up by Ronan,who’s money partner just got outta jail,no Tom….no….your the wife…..

    “Mr Ronan’s Ronan Group Real Estate (RGRE) and another US investment company, Colony, were selected by Nama in late July as preferred bidders for a controlling stake in the land and given 30 days to complete.
    However, The Irish Times reported in October, long after the initial completion deadline had passed, that RGRE had changed partners to join forces with Oaktree.”

    -ireland based,outstanding us focused NatSec blog Empty Wheel has the inside story,its a National Security issue not foreign infuence/peddling one,large amounts dodgy saudi money moving into Colony,distressed irish loans,noonan FG,middle eastern money,mckillen,all that is missing is sponsoring TERRORISM,not a great look for your main money partner,not at all…..

      1. Johnny

        McKillen is US – LA-based-to retain that you have spend certain number days in states…here is what happens.
        a-they let you take your seat settle in(marshalls escort you off)the plane,or away from the gate
        b-they blow your F door in,hog tie you,while SCREAMING US MARSHALS DONT MOVE….he’s reaching…..

        indeed it does FG.

        “-It also raised new questions about how foreign governments may have taken advantage of Trump’s preference for conducting foreign policy through opaque back channels-”

        ..everything,everything was run-through Colony,they arrested his assistant there,while he was buying Irish state assets(NAMA/Anglo).. for beads and whiskey off Noonan and FG/with his partners Ronan and McKillen.

        -Prosecutors allege that starting in April 2016, Barrack and Matthew Grimes, a junior employee at Colony Capital, conspired with Emirati national Rashid Sultan Rashid Al Malik Alshahhi to leverage Barrack’s access to Trump in order to carry out directives they received from top Emirati government officials.-

  2. Johnny

    great deep dive on NAMA/IRBC fav client by FT who have/had 25 prime ready develop dublin acres tied up-glass bottle site.

    -Requests from Abu Dhabi began arriving three days after Trump’s inauguration-

    my head hurts,where is NWL,namawinelake come in,your country needs you:)

    “Only last week, Ronan Fox, a former senior asset manager at Nama, took up a new position as a real estate adviser with the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA). Prior to his departure from Nama, Mr Fox had been responsible for borrower repayment plans, asset strategy and managing the selling down of a distressed loan portfolio of some €6bn, according to his LinkedIn profile.

    Mr Fox’s new employers, the ADIA, has shown a renewed interest in UK real estate, reportedly closing in on a deal to buy a portfolio of 42 Marriott hotels currently in administration.”

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