Nothing Goin’ On But The Rent


This morning.

Yes, but you’re paying for the magic and the craic.



Cost of living in Europe: Are we paying over the odds to live in Ireland? (Irish Times)


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19 thoughts on “Nothing Goin’ On But The Rent

  1. MR.Bezos

    Not that I dont disagree – however comparisons to Berlin are disingenuous. Berlin has some of the strictest rent controls in the western world.

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      Paris is cheaper ffs and you have everything on your doorstep, amazing specialist food shops, markets, transport , cafe, parks,etc,

    2. William Campbell

      It’s worth noting that Berlin also has a far worse housing shortage than Ireland because almost nothing is being built, because of those restrictions. The officially reported rent (on which stats are based) is often drastically wrong, because the legal, rent-controlled contract can be sub-let by someone lucky enough to have it (and may have moved away) to someone else at a huge profit.

      1. curmudgeon

        Hey William “Pause Pause Pause” Campbell, you’ve been really banging out the podcasts lately, well done M8

      2. Junkface

        There’s loads of new apartments being built all over east Berlin, the area I’m familiar with. Like blocks and blocks of them going up. You can see huge new apartment blocks all along Treptower Park railway bridge as you go by on the train. It looks to me like there’s a few thousand being built, cranes everywhere.

    3. Rob_G

      Berlin is also full of abandoned buildings, and has an unemployment one-and-half times higher than the national average – it isn’t really a typical capital city.

      1. Junkface

        There are very few abandoned buildings in residential areas. They are usually areas that were former industrial estates during the GDR days, or former government/ military buildings that have been long abandoned and falling apart.

    4. Junkface

      Berlin only has very strict rent controls on older apartment buildings. the ‘Altbau”. You would be lucky to find any of these to rent, they are in high demand. The new apartments or ones that are less than 20 years old also have some rent control but the starting rental price is much higher, in some cases 200% more. The average rent in an Altbau apartment on the east side is between 400 – 500 EUR per month for a 1 bed apartment. The average rent on a newish 1 bed apartment is btween 750 – 900 EUR per month.
      The reason for the difference is that Berliner families from the east side (pre 1990) are not allowed to have their rents explode by 1200% increase over 20 years, which is what happened since reunification. So you can talk to old men or old women who pay 120 EURO per month right now, but they’ve had the same place since the 1970’s.

  2. Skeptik

    London being outside the EU now pushes us up the rankings.
    Don’t worry, losing our 12.5% corporate tax rate will cause the high-paying employers to flee and the rents will plummet.
    Of course the country will be screwed, but let’s focus on the positives.

  3. carlosfandango

    Was looking at a short term let in Antibes from Oct – Dec coming. Between €1,800 & €2,000 for the three months excluding bills (approx €60 per month). Yup, south of France, by the fuppin’ sea for less than one months rent in our fair city..

    1. Qwerty123

      You could rent a place in India for a year with that. Pointless comparisons are pointless.

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        well not really, one is Europe the other is not, sure you could rent a family in India for that but that’s not really the point where life is cheap

  4. des

    Meanwhile, the tax take from rents is the highest in the EU and our mortgage Interest rates are among the highest in the EU.
    Incentivise landlords to reduce rents by reducing the tax bill.

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