Adam And Aoife


This morning.

Half-eaten apple, Tree of Knowledge (out of picture), serpent (top right).


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34 thoughts on “Adam And Aoife

    1. freewheeling

      ADE, variant mutation, and viral immune escape, all from these vaccines will make things far from simple.
      And you can add all the vaccine side effects and long term complications on top of that.

      1. jungleman

        lol anytime I see one of you conspiracy theorists refer to “cytokine storms” I have a little chuckle to myself. So, thank you for that!

  1. frank

    There was a particularly strange section on the RTE 9 o’clock news last night with a professor from NIAC talking about a ‘focus group’ they had with children expressing their concerns about spreading the virus and feeling like pariahs.
    A flipping focus group with children!!!!!
    Holy flipping jaysus! You don’t win anything with kids!

    The children also noted in the ‘focus groupthink’ they should be allowed to stay up all night playing video games and eating bowls of sugar followed by bowls of salt. They concluded by adding that all old people were crappypoopheads and if you didn’t hold the conch you could not speak. ‘THE VIRUS IS REAL’ they chanted, and set about hunting and summarily executing Piggy.

  2. the bottler

    Stephen must be working with Richard on a best Abs workout. Perhaps a photo of a dip at Greystones?

  3. AssPants

    how patronising…..

    I have not yet met or heard any parent who has not had anxiety about vaccinating their children; including fully vaccinated parents. What happened to children since the start of the pandemic.

    At the start of the pandemic anybody with a microphone and a camera in front of them was telling the world children don’t seem to be affected by the virus. There has been few if any reports of outbreaks in schools and now it seems that children should be vaccinated….

    1. millie bobby brownie

      As I mentioned the other day, my kid will be getting the vaccine when it’s made available to her age group, because she is in a high risk category. However were this not the case I don’t believe I’d be keen on her having the vaccine – because all evidence, as you say, points to it not being an urgent necessity for young children.

      Let’s get all the adults across all countries, especially ones with high rates of infection first, then focus on whether kids need them or not. Mutations and international travel seem to be some of the greatest obstacles in getting things back on track, and prioritising vaccine rollout for vulnerable cohorts and the adult populations in nations where covid is particularly virulent/rollout is slow seems a better use of vaccine resources than vaccinating kids who may or may not need it.

        1. one username please

          Problem is pharma controls the vaccine
          And of course the richest group grab it all

          As for the radio ads from the likes of liam neeson asking people to donate a vaccine ie the cost of one to unicef

          Fact is is they collected enough to vaccinate 300 billion people
          These souls will be waiting years and what happens to the money?

          The only solution is a WHO type organisation is the only one allowed to develop these vaccines and hire the scientists to do so

          They then give the formula to each government to manufacture it themselves

          Just think of the job creation
          As long as pharmaceuticals are involved big bucks are made

          1. Lolly

            Was there not a motion put forward in the EU that we should share the intelligence with poorer countries so that they could produce these vaccines themselves. India & South Africa came to the EU in January and asked them to waive the rights to the intelligence so that they could produce the vaccines themselves as they couldnt compete on the open market with wealthier nations and our MEPs voted not too…

    2. Hurd you gurdy

      Seems to me when all the levies return after their holidays abroad we will have plenty of delta and a mew one the lambada

      I am waiting for the booster shots that I assume will be delayed because they will not be able to secure the supply as the youngest are being rushed in to get the jab and there are possibly well over a million left that need the vaccine

      And still no move to remove these vaccines from the pharma companies and place it in a WHO type control that develops researches these vaccines
      And where factories in each country manufacture the vaccine for their own people

      If we are to endure COVID viruses in the future we cannot allow the same farce that is now the case

    1. Jason

      Made many many terrible mistakes.
      Products you trust like airplanes and cars aren’t made by “science”, they’re made by engineers who make mistakes along the way and fix them.
      If you want to lump engineering into the science deity like umbrella, then be mindful that science is about making mistakes. Not blind trust

      1. Man On Fire

        @ Jason

        Cars or planes aren’t mandated or coerced onto people, they sign a contract by purchasing either a ticket or a vehicle. They have recourse. Do the vaccine makers provide recourse should anything adverse occur?

  4. newsjustin

    I’ll take all the vaccines from those parents in the video who “do not consent.”

    I want to vaccinate my children at least twice over. And then a few extra for myself.

    More not-dying-of-covid for me.

    1. missred

      I feel sorry for any minors who would like to get their shots and their parents who make embarrassing videos like these won’t let them

      1. SOQ

        We really have entered the twilight world when a parent who (rightly) thinks that the risk of injury from these vaccines is higher than actually developing serious CoVid-19, is considered irresponsible.

    1. Micko


      19 bills Mickey D had to go over in the month of July alone? 19!!!

      That’s a hell of a lot for an octogenarian.

      Government pushing trough policy all it wants for themselves and their pals.

  5. Jusiph

    Does Broadsheet have an “opinion” on vaccination? I have sensed a fair bit of (relatively tongue-in-cheek) digs hinted in the taglines of any posts relating to the vaccination drive.

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