Control The Means Of Delectation


This morning.

Dun Laoghaire, county Dublin

Lorraine Heskin, founder of Gourmet Food Parlour, at the 15-year celebration of the restaurant group, with haute cuisine-loving People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett.

GFP employs over 200 people and now has 6 restaurants with a catering division that serves the Olympic Federation of Ireland and the Dublin GAA County Board.

Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

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11 thoughts on “Control The Means Of Delectation

  1. Micko

    They do have nice food and coffee there, although they are taking the whole Covid pass thing SUPER seriously.

    While my wife was getting a take away coffee there the other day, two young lads who were coming from the gym beside it, were getting the third degree off an GFP employee, as one of the lads didn’t have ID with him to prove his cert was valid. “I was just at the Gym, I don’t have any photo ID on me” he explained.

    The GFP employee said she’d “accept a bank card” as proof. But the lad had nothing on him at all.

    They were promptly refused entry and could only buy take away food. Which they did like good little citizens.

    I’m sure all the little Hitlers will love it there… we won’t be back ever again though.

    In other good news though, I dined and drank indoors last night at my favourite restaurant sans Covid pass.

    When we inquired about the whole Covid pass thing during the meal, eyes were rolled to heaven by the owner.

    Legend ;)

    1. J9

      Legend – for an eye roll? … you’re easily impressed.
      “Good little citizens” – How patronising can you get? Wow Micko – You’re such a rebel for dining & drinking indoors “sans covid pass” LOL.
      I’m sure the other place will really miss your custom.

      1. SOQ

        Why is this nonsense not necessary in the north, yet it is in the south?

        What is so different?

      2. Micko

        Ha ha!

        I’m just back from dinner in Swords, in a different establishment.

        Again, no pass required. Not even asked.

        Suck it J9. This unscientific covid pass rubbish is already falling on its botty and I’m delighted. :p

        1. SOQ

          Apparently rural venues, meaning outside the urban zones, have already broken ranks.

          Can you blame them?

          Go to the wall because of a bunch of mainly pharma funded unelected academics or, let everyone make their own individual risk assessment?

          1. j9

            To be honest, I can’t say I blame them. Whatever your stance on vaccinations etc. I think it’s totally unfair to expect venues to implement these rules. I can understand why a lot of places are waiting until their staff have been offered a vaccination before opening up their indoor dining, but a lot of places don’t have an indoor dining option. It’s a disaster. Having said that , I think the language out of the Dee Wall’s of the world is utterly vile – as is encouraging her minions to leave bad reviews and calling for the boycott of businesses who are just trying to do their best.

          2. SOQ

            I was talking to a publican yesterday- he said if he asked people he would have no business, as they would all go else where. This is a medium sized town and none of the pubs are checking.

            And that’s all it takes, one pub to say no and the rest will follow- because it is very unpopular with the general public.

            I think everyone is in agreement on Dee Wall- the woman is a complete pain- why she is even allowed near such protests is a mystery.

        2. j9

          Suck it!??
          Jaysus, that’s lovely language, so it is. You’re usually so polite! Did you have a few wines with dinner?
          All the best to you.

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