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    1. Bitnboxy

      ROFL! The sort of chaos disgruntled low born mad auld gummy lads like Giggz dream of in Ireland. Nothing but a far right Lega stunt. Still, Gemma O’Doherty and John Waters have mentioned this chaos in the latest “stream” I note. Go figure.

      1. Micko

        Sorry now. What’s the narrative here Boxy?

        If you’re pro green pass you’re left wing and anti green pass you’re right wing.

        Is that what you’re saying?

        1. SOQ

          Yup that appears to be the zero sum game. Anything THEY are for WE are against- except all the centre left parties in Ireland voted against too.

      2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        low born, you do know no one with class needs to talk about it, rather the same with money

      3. Jam

        Can you spell out what exactly you mean by ‘low born’?
        Are you a 19th century low ranking member of a royal family or something? Bizarre

      1. GiggidyGoo

        It’s a definition. Quite apt don’t you think? The only childish thing I see here is yourself and the other lad attacking posters rather than the subject. Nothing else to say obviously.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Really Cian? Distract, Divert etc. etc. Quite a hypocrite yourself ain’t ya?
            Mushroom Micheal is quite an accurate description, given that the FGers keep him in the dark, and feed him poo.

        1. jungleman

          But it’s not a definition, it’s just name-calling.

          “attacking posters rather than the subject” .. as a sentence this doesn’t even make sense. But I’m not attacking you, just pointing out your incessant childish name-calling.

          The subject in this case is some article thrashing the Taoiseach for being too nice. You’re not really bringing anything to the table by posting the link. It is not an interesting article and commenters are not obliged to comment the way you want them to. They can comment whatever way they want.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Have you even thought about what you’ve written. ‘..the Taoiseach for being too nice’? Yeah, sure – that’s the sign of a true leader. Allowing himself to be walked on day after day, made an idiot of. Ah yeah, but he’s nice!

            It’s obviously an interesting article if you’re taking time out to discuss it, and me.

            And by the way – Mushroom Micheal is exactly what he’s being called by FG TDs. And worse by some of his own party. Like it or lump it.

  1. jungleman

    It doesn’t get said nearly enough: the Tories and their cheerleading pals in the press really are awful.

      1. jungleman

        FG and their supporters in the media are nowhere near the levels of awfulness of the Tories and their supporters in the Telegraph, daily express etc. To say otherwise is ridiculous.

  2. Junkface

    Things will get a lot worse in US hospitals if the southern states don’t get more people vaccinated. This took place in Arkansas (33% vax rate). People in serious trouble with their breathing, after catching covid. The guy in this video is middle aged, not overweight, no other conditions, and he just thought the vaccine wasn’t necessary. The ignorance of it all! Each time this happens, other people with serious illness like cancer or leukemia remain on waiting lists, because they are clogging up the hospitals so unnecessarily. It’s selfish.


      1. Junkface

        If it helps get more people on board and saves lives and hospitals from being overloaded, then go for it! Some people just have no common sense. Its probably worth the money for a country that big to be honest.

          1. Junkface

            Again, it’s getting difficult to believe sources that other people post as facts. You are finding data that supports your already made opinion that vaccines are dangerous. I find it very hard to believe that 11,000 people have died from the vaccine. That’s crazy! The vaccines are safe.

            Here is a critique of the link you put up.


          2. SOQ

            Those hit pieces are about a Facebook video, not the VAERS system.

            Of course it comes with a warning but at this point it is the only system for reporting such. It is worth noting that a lot of the submissions are actually by medical professionals- so there most definitely some truth to it.

            It is also recognised that pre CoVid-19, the amount of vaccine injuries reported on the VAERS system was a fraction of the total. Is there any reason to assume otherwise now?

          3. Cian

            How many vaccination jabs were done in the US in 2018?

            How many vaccination jabs were done in the US in 2021?

          4. Nigel

            ‘It is worth noting that a lot of the submissions are actually by medical professionals- so there most definitely some truth to it.’

            It’s unverified, and anyone can report anything. Saying ‘there’s some truth to it’ is a bit vague when you’ve been confidently asserting that the vaccine has killed thousands. Even medical professionals accurately reporting correlated conditions won’t know whether they’re adverse vaccine effects until they’ve been studied and confirmed.

    1. Micko

      “ guy in this video is middle aged, not overweight, no other conditions”

      Yup. And he lived.

      What’s your point? He took up a bed – is that it?

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for vaccines for the vulnerable or older population, but is it really our job to protect a failing underfunded and mismanaged healthcare system?

      What about improving the system?

      Why is that option NEVER on the table?

      1. Junkface

        Yes he lived, while taking up time or space for a patient who might have needed more life threatening surgery or treatment. The first patient in the video died. When asked why they were not vaccinated, they replied “didn’t think it was necessary”. Ignorance they have picked up online somewhere. Imagine this stupidity on a massive scale? Lockdowns will go on forever, because variants will keep mutating.

        We want normal life to resume as soon as possible don’t we?

        This isn’t about how poor a health system is (we know those problems), if it cannot function at the most basic level due to a clogged up hospital full of unnecessary patients.

        1. SOQ

          If you think vaccines are going to resume normal life then why are the vaccinated still social distancing and still wearing masks?

          1. Cian

            The same reason you were told yesterday, and Wednesday, and Monday, and every other day for the last few months.

          2. Junkface

            People are becoming bombarded with silliness and over complicating the core issues. There are 2 choices in this pandemic:

            1. Get vaccinated, let hospitals take care of other non covid patients.

            2. Keep rejecting vaccinations and mutations increase, lockdowns forever, wrecking everything.

          3. SOQ

            And why do you assume mutations will not arise from the vaccinated? If anything that is more likely and besides, why assume that variants are a bad thing? Usually, coronaviruses become more infectious but less severe- as the hospital data from countries with both low and high vaccination rates is suggesting.

          4. Junkface

            The most dangerous mutations occur in countries with large populations, like India, China, African countries or USA. Without going deeper into semantics about vaccines or recorded deaths, which is what you do SOQ. I’ll just say it seems like you must like lockdowns, and destruction of normal life and freedoms.

            You are a rabid antivaxer and its insane to think this way in a pandemic. I’ve met a few antivaxers in my life way before this pandemic and they were always delusional hypocrites into all sorts of alternative medicine rubbish like Homeopathy, seeing angels and magic crystals that cure cancer For example: one of them refused vaccines until they wanted to travel to India for a whole summer with friends, then they got all of the vaccines. They dropped their beliefs when it suited them most. I’ve a feeling this is a large part of the antivax movement.

          5. SOQ

            Well is I am such a rapid antivaxer then how come I got a tetanus shot recently? To dismiss everyone who has concerns about this injection is lazy and dismissive. The long term side effects cannot be know- it really is that simple.

            EudraVigilance is Europe- they are citing over 12 000 deaths and over 1 million adverse injuries. Or perhaps you don’t believe that either?


          6. jungleman

            “Well is I am such a rapid antivaxer then how come I got a tetanus shot recently?“

            Proving his point that antivaxxers will drop their beliefs as soon as it suits them.

          7. jungleman

            When it comes to contrarians such as yourself, there is zero logic. You are constantly contradicting yourself. For instance I asked you the other day if you had been vaccinated and you said no because you react badly to vaccines. But above you say you had a vaccine recently. You aren’t actually antivaxx, you are just a contrarian. In the case of COVID you don’t fear the virus so it is convenient for you to be a contrarian about the vaccine. But you obviously fear tetanus so you got the tetanus vaccine. COVID is just a big game to you.

          8. SOQ

            You seem to know a lot about me eh?

            I react badly to flu vaccines- I spent two weeks in bed after one about ten years ago- as did roughly another 200 out of a 450 workforce- but you never hear of such occurrences now do you?

            Personal experiences aside, I am not anti vaccine at all- but this drive to vaccinate as many as possible, without knowing the long term side effects, is reckless to the point of criminality.

        2. Micko

          I don’t buy the “taking up space” argument JF

          The same case could be made for those who smoke, drink alcohol or eat McDonalds.

          Should we ban those too, to save the health system?
          Or has the health system grown to accommodate them – why not Covid too?

          Why have we still got lockdowns / restrictions when very few are dying?

          Do you have any data which suggests that viral mutations do not occur in vaccinated people?

          It’s been well over 20 years since I studied it in college, but I seem to remember the opposite also being true. Vaccines can put evolutionary pressure on viruses to mutate.*

          *Of course, I could be misinformed and I would welcome new info.

          1. Micko

            Interesting piece from 2003 on the Sars Cov-1 virus which mentions vaccines and mutations.

            “Should SARS return to haunt us, it will probably not remain as stable as it has been so far, particularly if it is attacked with antiviral drugs. Our immune systems could force changes, too. “Once enough people develop immunity, mutations WILL be favoured, just as you see with flu viruses,” predicts Michael Lai, a molecular virologist at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.”


            Of course you have to set your Google search tools, to search for articles before March 2020, as anything after that completely refutes this thinking and basically calls you stupid for thinking it. ;)

          2. Junkface

            Come off it Micko! We are talking about a contagious virus, why bring up obesity or smoking? That’s the kind of silliness I was talking about earlier. Sure, bad habits are a problem everywhere, but they are not contagious and require countries to lockdown, or shutdown all travel. Tourism is big money for Ireland.

            Ireland is doing pretty well at evading huge numbers of deaths compared to the USA or UK, but on a Macro level. If 30-40% of the world refused vaccinations then we are in trouble across all health systems. Some people will never get back on their feet financially because so many are being selfish.

          3. Micko

            “why bring up obesity or smoking?”

            Because both those thing kill more people every year than Covid. A bed is a bed, is a bed in a hospital.

            Smoking has killed 2.8 million worldwide and alcohol has killed 1.4 million this year ALONE

            Never mind the 4.5 million under 5’s that have died – we have bigger problems! Don’t even start on the people pollutions kills ever single year – that’s pretty contagious if yo ask me. Not a virus – but kills millions more.
            Source – Worldometer.

            And, why are you glossing over my other two questions?

            Why are we still in lockdown / restrictions when vaccines have made Covid on par with the Flu (Currently the 26th biggest killer in England) https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/england-asmr-office-for-national-statistics-b941441.html


            Where is the evidence that coronaviruses don’t mutate in vaccinated individuals? When scientific thinking before this pandemic was that BOTH could occur – as I have shown above with SARS Cov -1

            I do find it humorous that you use the financial argument for vaccines. I thought the same about lockdowns ;P

          4. Nigel

            ‘Don’t even start on the people pollutions kills ever single year ‘

            I am so going to hold you to this.

          5. alickdouglas

            It’s an interesting question regarding vaccines driving mutation, and I don’t think there’s a neat answer. One thing to look at is if other viral vaccines are associated with driving mutation. Broadly-used vaccines include: polio (IPV), rubella, measles, smallpox, HPV, HBV, HAV, rabies and yellow fever. I’m not aware of any of those being associated with mutation. However, one could argue that the reason those vaccines are widely used is because the pathogens are pretty stable, so need to look harder.

            Flu might be another example. An issue there however is that the pathogen is known to be unstable, and so represents the other extreme. Furthermore, flu vaccine isn’t really all that widely used and it’s not fabulously effective, so maybe it’s not applied enough to drive mutation. However, one interesting point is that H1N1v has been round since 2009, and remains in circulation today, despite more than a decade of vaccine use, and natural immunity.

            I cannot think of a really strong example either way (i.e. one that would suggest that COVID19 vaccines would or would not drive evolution in the pathogen). Indeed I’m struggling to think of how oen might design an experiment to test it other than in-life, large numbers (Phase IV).

            Of note, I don’t think your ref from 2003 was incorrect at the time, but I suspect that the emergence of H1N1v has driven a lot of thinking in the field subsequent to that paper.

          6. Micko

            Alex, thanks for the detailed reply, as always.

            Again, I’m not saying that vaccines will or has DEFINITELY drove mutation. Only that there no evidence to the contrary either

            The only issue I’m interested in really, is that for some reason people have become absolutely obsessed with getting absolutely every man woman and child injected for Covid 19 (in the west at least)

            As a way of a) getting rid of Covid and b) stopping mutations.

            There is no stopping Covid. Never was, never will be.

            We seemed to know this truth back in early 2020. When “flatten the curve” was seen as a way to slow it down and allow everyone to have a bed if they needed it. That was the plan!

            Which was completely successful. We flattened it dramatically by summer 2020, but then got too scared / complacent or too used to lockdown.

            And that’s where we’ve stayed.

            Again – if no one is dying here. Why are we still in restrictions?

            If it’s now compatible to flu – what the hell are we doing?

          7. alickdouglas

            No I didn’t think that you were saying that vaccines drove mutation: personally I don’t think they do, but I think it’s a fair question and I don’t think there’s a straight answer. For what it’s worth, I also don’t get the obsession with vaccinating everyone (and heaven forbid boosting everyone), but it’s just one of those things I put on my list of ‘reminders why I don’t live in Ireland’.

          8. Cian

            The thing that drives mutation is spread. A mutation happens on replication – the more it replicates the more likely a mutation. (I am only talking about mutations that make it ‘worse’ – more deadly, more spreadable.)

            If it spreads to 10 million people there is a whatever% chance of a mutation. If it spreads to 100 million people the likelihood has increased tenfold. A billion: one hundred fold.

            Vaccination reduces the number of available hosts – so there are fewer chances for a mutation to happen.

          9. f_lawless

            Micko, think of it this way – getting the Covid vaccine is a lot like making love to a woman..in a car..with your seat belts on :p

      1. Johnny

        ..yeah just two local Dublin teenagers getting assaulted by bouncers from Temple Bar,one getting dragged inside the bar away from CTV,few hundred skater heads showed up last nite for an apology.
        what P you want old man dogging me daily.

        1. goldenbrown

          my eldest lad works bar up the road from there and can verify this happened more or less as stated…

          couple of overconfident but soft as plop skater kids got into a handbags…staff lost the plot …one of them actually gets dragged off the street and into the kip..

          tell ya if that was one of mine I would bide my time and go Law Abiding Citizen

          I’m actually really surprised this hasn’t had more coverage, Bodger?

          cam footage here, can’t see why not:

          tis funny how lots of bad things seem to involve “The Temple Bar” innit?

  3. Charlie

    So apparently Ireland has now overtaken the U.K. in terms of fully vaccinating it’s population. In fairness.

  4. Charlie

    Twas fun alright but nothing like the total ecstasy in seeing Engerland poo themselves yet again. Not to mention their army of scrotes spitting their dummies for all the world to see. Marvellous! Roll on Qatar for more failure. Bwahahaaaaa..

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