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Ciaran Brennan tweetz:

Some of the 2.5 million in state funding given to various radio stations provided they provide government approved content on covid.

*stares at empty wallet*

Thanks Gerry Bridget

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32 thoughts on “Spin The Dial

    1. George

      The government didn’t approve the content. The BAI funded projects based on proposals explaining the idea.

      The purpose of the awards was to fund projects to promote “public awareness and understanding of COVID-19. The special COVID-19 funding initiative was operated by the BAI under the BAI’s Sound & Vision 4 Scheme, following a request from the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Richard Bruton, TD. Funding recommendations range from €40,000 to €95,000”

      “The projects vary in approach, and focus on a range of themes, including the everyday impact of COVID-19, the celebration of frontline workers and special on-air concerts. Formats include factual; educational; health; human interest; community / social outreach; business; arts and culture; religious, and agriculture. The content will also serve a range of audiences, including adults, the 15–34-year age group, and parents and children, at a local, regional and national level.”

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Good to know my tax isn’t paying for ratlicker antivaxx conspiraloon nonsense on the airwaves.

      1. jungleman

        How does paying money to a media outlet so that that outlet will provide specific output equate to state control? Did they threaten to shut down the radio station if they wouldn’t take the money?

  2. Tony

    Perhaps there’ll also be funding for radio stations to publicise disinformation, YouTube woo-woo and tweets from narcissists

    That way it’ll be all fairsies!

  3. John F

    Although it will not be explicitly mentioned, it stands to reason that if a news outlet/radio station is particularly critical of government policy and asks some hard questions. It will probably be made more difficult for them to apply for and get this grant than say a more government friendly outlet.

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    Shame to see The ‘Sheet Bodger using right wing rags like The Burkean and Grifter “Media” fanbois as sources these days. It’s a press release from the BAI. Maybe if BS Bodger gets on their mailing list, they he won’t have to rely on second hand spin from bigoted fash outlets.

    1. E'Matty

      Ah, the auld classic, attack the man, not the ball. Let’s ignore the evidence that all major radio media in the country have accepted significant sums in State funding to promote the State narrative on the most important issue of our time. Hardly the behaviour of a truly liberal and free democracy? Where’s the counterviews and opinions, or are we now saying such things are no longer part of our society? One voice to rule them all. Ignorance is strength. Freedom is slavery.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        I’m attacking the dubious sources, Youth Defence and the Burkean, both right wing, bigoted outlets and the spin they’ve put on a press release.

        If you’re angry that your local radio station doesn’t feature enough ratlicker conspiraloon woo, then ask to be featured on one of their shows.

  5. Nigel

    So… an awareness campaign? Related to a public health emergency?

    ‘*stares at empty wallet*’

    Broadsheet… isn’t a radio station?

    Just to be clear, if your idea of government-approved content is radio stations not giving wall-to-wall coverage of how Bob Odenkirk’s collapse from vaccine side-effects is being hidden and supressed, then I don’t think your case is particularly strong.

  6. Gringo

    Taxpayers money to promote the government line? No wonder Dinny fecked off, he ain’t needed any more. The Chinese would be proud.

  7. Haroo

    Government approved content. That sounds marvellously machiavellian and insidious.

    “The purpose of this special round is to provide support to the independent commercial radio sector to produce programming which will strengthen public awareness and understanding of COVID-19” -from the BAI website.

    So it is only for commercial radio stations, they can apply or not – no big deal. To encourage public awareness of a virus and I assume safety measures.

    Yes, this sounds like China to me. Optional grants to commercial radio stations for public awareness campaigns. Yes, definitely China.

    1. Johnny

      ….do you ever pause and read what you actually write-its govt speak/babble/nonsense dressed up to sound important.

      ..support to the independent commercial radio sector…

      (hint-key word independent not govt supported)

      i can go slower if you like….

      1. Nilbert

        why are the most silly people on here always the most condescending?

        ‘I can go slower if you like’, he wrote after posting more inane, naïve, edgelord nonsense.

      2. George

        The scheme literally provided money (that’s support) to commercial radio stations. Please go slower.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        A link to nothing to do with the BAI information. At least it wasn’t from The Guardian I suppose.

  8. Johnny

    s l o w e r

    “Sound & Vision 4 is a funding scheme for television and radio programmes, funded through the television licence fee.”


    To achieve these objectives, the Scheme offers grant funding to new television and radio programmes which deal with the themes of:

    “Irish culture, heritage and experience;
    Improving adult or media literacy;
    Raising public awareness and understanding of global issues impacting on the State and countries other than the State; and/or
    Any of the above in the Irish language.”

    can not find covid propaganda can you help?


    ps-2,500,000 FREE money from the state for this is actually a BIG deal.


    1. Haroo

      Yes. I got that. Do go slow in general for me though.

      Sorry, I was just working on the assumption that a relatively small grant for a public health campaign would not jeopardise independence. I forgot that c. €20k-€60k enslaves them for all future reference and gives the state the right to control all their output hereafter. I can imagine the state or its agencies would be reminding them constantly about the relatively small public grant they received for a health awareness campaign would enable to the state to push their message through them forever more.

      Ok, since I am clearly completely stupid please tell me what the outcome of an independent radio station taking a small grant for a public health message will be? What do you consider will be the long-term impacts specifically?

      1. Haroo

        Sorry I made a balls of the grant payments. It is €40k – €100k.

        You seem to have provided the wrong link.

        It details that it is available for covid awareness in this one.

        The 2.5m is overall. Not to one single broadcaster. Can’t see anywhere where it specifies that it comes with conditions about future state/govt messages. Is this couched in secret language i.e. “covid awareness” is Orwellian double speak for something else?

        Are you a little bit paranoid? Maybe I am a naive sheep and you see the boogeyman in your cornflakes. Maybe we are both wrong and the truth lies somewhere in the middle?

        Still better to be tricked once or twice in life than to be eternally paranoid.

      1. bertie blenkinsop

        He’s off to prepare for the new RTE podcast, all giddy about telling them how much he’s looking forward to his first ride.

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