They Shouted Stop


This afternoon.

Kildare Street, Dublin 2.

Dublin Bus workers gather outside Leinster House to protest against proposed work practice changes under the National Transport Authority’s (NTA) Bus Connects plan.

The NTA propose drivers receive a 6.5pc pay rise over the next three years, as well as a further 1pc retrospective payment. In return, drivers will need to sign up to roster and shift changes and give up their premium payments for Sundays and bank holidays.

Sam Boal/RollingNews

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15 thoughts on “They Shouted Stop

  1. Mr T

    Hard to support this to be honest – union work practices have been holding back public transport in this country for years

  2. Diddy

    If it wasn’t for the unions these guys would take home €500 a week at most. Look at the rest of the private sector “ low to medium skilled “ jobs, nobody’s paying a living wage

    1. curmudgeon

      Its almost as if public sector unions live in a bubble, nicely insulated from the harsh realities of life that their customers and tax payers are fleeced to pay for.

      In short if they strike they could be fired and the public could enjoy better service, at lower cost from new drivers who would be overjoyed to get a job for life in a company that is not allowed to go bust. Of course that wont happen, why rock the boat and potentially lose votes, when you can just throw someone else’s money at the problem.

  3. MacGafraidh

    Let’s call a spade a spade.. They drive busses around the city.

    The average wage as a DB driver is 38k.. For a role that requires nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing.

    They’re receiving a 6.5% increase over 3 years, higher than inflation. Pick your battles lads.

    1. Cian

      It’s not that simple.
      They get a 6.5% increase over 3 year (in , I assume, their base pay). But they will “give up their premium payments for Sundays and bank holidays”.

      If Sunday is time-and-a-half and they work each other Sunday (1-in-10) then that increase drops to 1.43% over the 3 years; If they do more Sundays than that they will be taking a cut,

      1. one username please

        Time this practice was scrapped
        You work 5 days over seven full stop and the other two days are your weekend
        The week end after your working week started of five days work

        If they do not like it just leave the job

      2. MacGafraidh

        To be getting any increase from your employer post pandemic where they have increased costs and reduced income due to same.. is a tootling luxury.

        It’s that simple.

  4. Gavin

    Well if the current government has taught us anything, it’s look after yourself and your mates, so I guess they’re just following their lead.

  5. one username please

    As far as I know thatcher was not our prime minister
    You have the wrong country

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