Firm But Fair



Or not hardcore enough?

Only you can decide.

Philippines locks down 13 million in Manila (The Guardian)


Oy vey.

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20 thoughts on “Firm But Fair

      1. seanydelight

        If you mean the reintro of the vaccine pass / 3rd dose, don’t be so sure – the public here love being told what to do, and doing quickly so people think they’re the best.

        1. goldenbrown

          – bonus points available for having your small children jabbed without reasonable cause

          1. Haroo

            Bet it won’t happen here. You will not be forced to take a vaccine. The state will not catch you and force it into your body.

            You may face restrictions and exclusions as a result of your choice to not take it. You may not be allowed to eat or drink inside or some people will unforrunately be excluded from some positions/jobs as you may pose a threat to others but you will not be forced to take a vaccine.

            This would not be the primary reason why this will not happen but from a very cold and realist perspective it is not necessary. The vaccination rate is so high that it is not required. But as I said that is not the primary reason it would not happen.

          2. Micko

            “ You may face restrictions and exclusions as a result of your choice to not take it.”

            But why Haroo?

            No one is dying. All the old and vulnerable have been injected.

            How many have died from Covid in Ireland in the past 4 months?

        2. Kim Cardassian

          Of course there’s that small percentage of whiny people who don’t do what they’re told because the science isn’t good enough for them and they read a thing on Facebook that got deleted so it must be a cover up and Mike Yeadon said so and he must have credibility because he once worked for Pfizer ans covid is just like the flu even though I don’t have a medical degree

          It’ll be grand though. Croker be busy and we can all watch that in our houses.

  1. E'Matty

    It was always about getting the world’s population to accept vaccination. The virus is nothing but an exaggerated pretext. Technocratic ruled Digital Age here we come!

  2. George

    Can you still not see what? That the Philippines is an undemocratic police state run buy a murderous tyrant? We knew that already.

  3. D-troll

    we put in place all these civil liberties and protections etc. when it comes down to it, he is just right. cop yourself on and get vaccinated

    1. K. Cavan

      I admire your optimism, SOQ but I’m afraid I can’t share it. If the basic human right to bodily integrity is sneeringly dismissed for children, even infants, who will all be subjected to the most toxic substance ever to be injected into human beings, despite there being no possibility of them giving informed consent, I don’t think the Vegetarian, Vegan or Religious Cards will be worth the paper they’re printed on.
      If just saying “No” is not enough, “No, because…” will hardly deflect these Totalitarians from their genocidal path.

  4. K. Cavan

    The entire Pandemic narrative, including the removal of rights, for “the greater good” has been global in scale. If the people of the Phillipines don’t oppose their fascist dictator & they won’t, exactly the same measures will be rolled out in the former Democracies of the West.
    Behold the semi-coherent babble from “D-troll”, the Fascists among us have been emboldened by the ease with which human rights, constitutions & the rule of law have been swept away, along with compassion, love, respect, all that is good & noble in humanity & are just blandly, openly approving overt Totalitarianism, declaring their support for that neo-Nazi, Duerte, on the basis of a “Pandemic” that, according to the facts, simply did not happen.
    Anyone who can’t see what’s going on, by now, can only be extremely stupid, entirely complicit or a combination of both. Anyone who approves is undeniably a neo-Nazi, their lack of intelligence does not alter this.
    Come on, Nazis, let’s hear you roar….

    1. Haroo

      Such confidence! Ok, I will make a deal with you. If “the former democracies of the West” crumble and become police states with undeniable facist leaders and authoritarian hard men at the helm who can unequivocally be seen to rescind rights and dismantle democratic norms and institutions, I will hold my hands up and apologise for my myopia and seriously consider why I am so gullible.

      However, if they don’t, if civil liberties, constitutional rights and the democratic process remain intact (not including the understandable reasonable restrictions already in place – not being able to go for a pint indoors is not the same as the establishment of concentration camps), you have to admit you are wrong and seriously look into why you think this way.

      Of course we have 4 problems. 1). you will claim civil liberties are no longer intact because of the public health measure in place at present. 2). I genuinely have no idea what your mindset is and how you interpret reality (nor do you with me). For all I know you could consider Nazi detention camps and race profiling the same as covid passes to protect the health system and vulnerable in our society. What you see as an absolute abrogation of your fundamental rights, I see as a temporary restriction with a good and understandable intent. Maybe sometimes OTT but I cam only say so in hindsight and good luck to any govt finding the right balance. 3). You have not specifically defined who the “former democracies of the West” are. Are you including Hungary because we might agree on that having crumbled or being undermined. 4). We need a reasonable and balanced person to adjudicate and this is Broadsheet, does such a person exist here? I would be happy with Millie.

      So what about it? A years time will we say? Since you are so confident about the outcome I am assuming you know the timeframe or have a good idea.

      I am not a big fan of FFG but Mr Burns or Varadkar or Rutte or De Croo or Macron or Merkel being on a par with Duterte. Can you seriously not see a difference? Do you have no concept of context or scale or relativism? Is it all or nothing? Either absolute freedom (whatever that is) or a nazi dictatorship – nothing in the middle or on a continuum? No regard for context or intent behind actions – I can’t go to the pub ergo I live in North Korea?

      1. DaithiG

        “not being able to go for a pint indoors is not the same as the establishment of concentration camps”

        Despite being an ardent indoor pint drinker myself, I wholly endorse this message.

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