Soulless Asylum


The Director Of Provision Shites On As The Tractor Runs

there’s no place like home
says I, the Director of provision
the heat that beats down along the equator is cruel
but the rain in Ireland can be crueller, you say I’m some fool
that I do believe in God but I’m afraid of rainbows well weather
is natural or unnatural depending on whether it makes good Turf

there is nothing and I mean nothing, that can bate the Turf
you won’t find the likes when ye get home
lads, and it’s all because whether
or not ye have the means of provision
the likelihood of becoming the fool
who goes back through Judges decision is cruel

t’is close it’s highly likely your cruel
entitlement to my country and my Turf
would make me take it out on you don’t fool
yourself I’ll give you a scaldin’ you can carry all the way back home
be that bus, plane or shipwreck, feck provision
I’ll give you breakneck, hightide, Godspeed weather

whatever you decide will weather
your face to leather and the cruel
-ty of the direct provision
of neglect will burn a hole the Turf
couldn’t even dream of. Go home.
that golden neon turning in the hearth is making a fool

of you, seducing you, using your fool
-hardy head to lead you to expect a fair-weather
friend in court, but us, we who are Home
we have known an eight hundred year occupation of Cruel
we turned bitterness to shame from those who ruled, Turf
was the only thing that was our own Our only provision

was kept at anything worthless, so provision
in our ears sounds like ‘’shirtless’’ or fool
maggot, blight, dirt. Yurt a Mhac, the Turf
is what has turned us into monsters, the weather
is the only God who answers us now, so hear cruel
exactly as it’s meant the only emotion still in us, not on us, home.

let me turn my Turf to the God of leaving cert weather
and the other provision, petrol or diesel fool?
You have asylum sucked at the wrong teat and entered into a land called Cruelty, go home.


beam is a 26 year old woman from Galway. A new poet and a recent MA graduate, beam is working on her first collection after being published on Spilling Hot Cocoa Over Martin Amis. Recent work includes: ‘surviving the pandemic and several disappointing sourdough loaves’. You can find more of her poetry @personalbeam on instagram.

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