The Land Of Nod And Wink [Updated]


Above from left: Katherine Zappone, Leo Varadkar and Simon Coveney

This afternoon.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney has said that Katherine Zappone did not directly put herself forward for the role of UN special envoy for freedom of expression.


Speaking on RTÉ’s News at One programme, Mr Coveney said: “I contacted Katherine and asked her whether she would be willing to do this role, which is perfectly normal in terms of how special envoys are appointed”.

The role comes with a €13,000-€15,000 income before tax, plus expenses for travel and accommodation, and will reportedly involve 50-60 days work a year.

Mr Coveney said that no one else was considered as the minister thought Ms Zappone would be very good “as we had someone who was a former government minister, who lives in New York and has campaigned all her life on issues of freedom of expression, on human rights issues and LGBT issues, all of her life, and we now have her available to us if she was willing to do it”.

Seems legit.

Zappone did not put herself forward for UN envoy role – Coveney (RTÉ)


From left: Katherine Zappone, Leo Varadkar and Paschal Donohoe

This morning.


Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe spoke with Katherine Zappone 10 days before she was appointed as a special envoy for freedom of expression.

Mr Donohoe met Ms Zappone near Government Buildings for around 30 minutes less than two weeks before the appointment.

The minister’s spokesperson said the meeting was not related to Ms Zappone’s new taxpayer-funded position.

“They have a good relation and he met her for 30 minutes for coffee,” she said.

The spokesperson could not say whether Mr Donohoe and Ms Zappone discussed her eventual appointment as a special envoy.

Donohoe met Zappone 10 days before she was given taxpayer-funded position (Independent,ie)

Zappone’s home on market for €750k (The Ditch)


Katherine Zappone, former Minister for Children and Youth Affairs and new Irish envoy on free speech to the United Nations

Good times.

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20 thoughts on “The Land Of Nod And Wink [Updated]

  1. eamonn

    Just another let them eat cake moment form our betters.
    Once upon a time there might have been a reaction
    how many straws can the camel tolerate

  2. fakenews

    Shes living in NYC now?

    She wants to fly back and forth to ireland and wants the taxpayer to pay for it.

  3. Bebe

    This is the straw Eamonn the sneaky shenanigans as Dáil
    Closes its doors until 15 Sept – walking confidently into a cabinet meeting this week – Varadkar and Coveney nod – wink brigade ‘blindside’ An Taoiseach to approve a plum role for a former Minister who chooses to sever ties with us. Residing out of Ireland and with the home she shared with her former partner now for sale ( it’s pretty nice, designed on Room to Improve with Dermot Bannon) I guess the pertinent questions are what is the role actually about. Katherine spoke on RTÉ at the launch of her book last week. Sadly she neglected to mention her lobbying possibly firing that same trip

    There is a special rapporteur for freedom of expression in UN already so is this an Irish-only role – like is she adviser to Govt which wouldn’t surprise me l. We need clarity on full remuneration package compared with salary and clarity around the manner of lobbying and appointing which would automatically disqualify the applicant regardless of qualification, expertise etc. This ain’t going away. I’m gonna make fkn sure of it!

    1. eamonn

      like new your so good they named it twice,
      don’t know how I did that without seeing it.
      back to work now.

  4. Otis Blue

    Coveney crashing and burning on the issue on the News at 1.

    Any chance that the Special Envoy on Freedom of Expression might, eh, actually ‘express’ herself on the matter?

    1. Bebe

      Not a hope Otis. Ms Zappone has expressed surprise apparently at the growing controversy. They picked their time; they saw the opportunity and if the Greens or FF had any liathroidi between them they would have rejected such proposal.
      They say we get the administration we deserve … in that we voted in those seated at cabinet table where decisions affecting all of us are made. Have a look around the cabinet table while glancing at their performance in last election (I’ll do a wee wee spreadsheet when I have time) – Coveney came in at final (EIGHTH) count Cork sth central with 9327 first preferences only making it over the line with transfers from running mate Buttimer ‘s + 2,323 votes. Taoiseach Micheal Martin made it on the 6th (SIXTH) count pulling in 11,023 first preferences. Leo Varadkar was elected on the 5th (FIFTH) count on 8,763 votes.

      I rest my case!

      1. Otis Blue

        Glad to see Coveney feeling some heat on this. Despite his carefully- cultivated, Patrician, old school
        FG dacency, he’s as craven and beholden to the trough as the rest of them. Doubt he’ll be sticking around when the Shinners take the wheel.

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