10 thoughts on “Big Tongue Twister

  1. goldenbrown

    usually my knowledge of this subject is decent….but what’s the confection to the right of the twister supposed to be?

      1. goldenbrown

        no don’t think so
        a www is a horizontal split – half banana and half pink – on the bottom end

          1. goldenbrown

            ooh a great poster….Chunky Choc! remember them

            www I think must have been thru a couple of versions so

            apparently they’re known as “jiggly pops” in some other jurisdictions which just sounds silly to me

          2. goldenbrown

            ugh (much as I like Aldi for certain things)
            I betcha the chocolate is brutal
            and there’s no way they have the unnatural wobbly matter working properly
            but I’m going to have to seek them out now to prove that

          3. goldenbrown

            Tutti Fruiti ice cream
            made with love
            and leftover ingredients from the cupboard after last year’s christmas cake effort
            the one you always got when they’d ran out of the other flavours, an 80’s horror classic
            didn’t know they ever made cornettos with it tho

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