Emergency Board Meeting



Temple Bar, Dublin 8.



Sam Boal/RollingNews

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10 thoughts on “Emergency Board Meeting

    1. goldenbrown

      baldy lad at the kicking and dragging
      is a well known “personality” in the pub trade
      his future is not very bright

  1. Blob

    no one is right in all of this. first of, the bouncers were slagging the teens for having skateboards. they shouldn’t be interacting with people on the street at all, let alone taunting them. second of all, the guy in the yellow shirt was absolutely wired, jumping around and pushing into them. bad move, and probably deserved a box for that. but it shouldn’t have gotten to that point at all. last of all, the bouncers doing a “99” call and blitzing the teens is a terrible and dumb reaction. all in all, its a full display of idiots from start to finish.

    1. Bort

      Well no, as even the sister stated the youths approached the door staff and demanded a cigarette. They approached the door staff. The youths were the aggressors, were making threats and spitting apparently.

      Now I hate to say it but what were they doing in Templebar well after 10pm on a weekday? There, I said it!

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