Behold: the 1971 Lamborghini Miura P400S – fully restored after a minor accident and stripped back to bare aluminium by its current owner.

Currently accepting bids in the region of €1.8 million and presenting a dilemma to its future owner: whether to restore the car to its original grey-white factory colour or leave it as it is.


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2 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. Django O'Reilly

    “… aaaand we’ll just round-off a day of disinformation trolling with a spot of combustion engine onanism … and our work here is done!” Well done, Broadsheet, it’s a great formul … zzzzzz

    CHOMPSKY SEZ: I apologise if I’ve trolled or disinformed anyone today Django. I hope you won’t think unkindly of the car.

  2. rabjet

    For the record, I LOVE seeing these posts. Yes, it’s car porn, but it’s the real stuff, for actual enthusiasts. Unusual, one-off, concepts. Not your regular Punto with an exhaust-box nonsense…thanks Chompsky – keep ’em coming!

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