Needles And Choons


This morning.


Think we can be bought off that easily?

Paul Van Dyk and Judge Jules are playing.

*Rolls up sleeve, taps vein*

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14 thoughts on “Needles And Choons

  1. Andy Pipkin

    The youth who say ‘ I don’t want the jab, I don’t know what’s in it’, get the vax for tickets and then take a load of ,

  2. SOQ

    Well at least they are not demanding stupid passports or shoving people into cattle pens.

    Didn’t know Judge Jules was still going mind- definitely a blast from the past.

    1. eamonn

      Surprised to see his name too – would he be classed as an originator I wonder ?
      A DJ from a time when house music was being called “mind bending”. and could only be heard on Pirate Radio or at clandestine events.
      A time before it was being played in lifts, and by telephone systems whilst callers were kept on hold.
      Oh how things change

      1. SOQ

        Yes he definitely was. I remember him from the early KISS FM days in London, that was the first station dedicated to dance music- never seen him live mind. This was at a time when the British government tried to ban raves.

      1. SOQ

        Pretty sure they will NEVER NEVER NEVER have vaccine passports in west Belfast. Everywhere else is advertising vegan plant based food of course.

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