Probing Questioner


This afternoon.

‘We don’t meet for coffee beforehand for chats.’

They’re all down the pub calling you a monumental misery pants.



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5 thoughts on “Probing Questioner

  1. GiggidyGoo

    La La Land. Fergal wants us to believe that?
    Best probing questions? as in ‘What way would you like me to spin this?’
    Competing with each other? As in one reporter asking the other what the story is? (RTE Newscaster interviewing Fergal Bowers regularly)

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      maybe the problem is they believe their own propaganda

      1. goldenbrown


        Bob Woodward there already convinced himself

        time for an oul ring shaped meeting, lol

  2. Smith

    A lot of journalists, including Fergal, experience delusions of grandeur. Totally caught up thinking they’re the arbiters of truth. Most are merely reporting the news. Of course they are egged on by having a huge captive audience on RTE and Virgin Media & massive twitter following. Inane comments garner thousands of ‘likes’ and reweets. Massive egos and very little substance.

  3. freewheeling

    Says the man who has to write down everything NPHET tells him in case he can’t remember it and read it back from his notebook live on air. Very professional.

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