“A Grubby Little Episode”


From top: Róisín Shortall.; Leo Varadkar and Katherine Zappone


This afternoon.

Further to Merriongate

…Social Democrats co leader Róisín Shortall writes:

“The government spent weeks in negotiations with the hospitality industry, about the rules that should apply to their businesses, but we now learn that everybody was working from a misplaced understanding of the law. Instead of the numbers for outdoor social gatherings being strictly curtailed, it is actually possible to host an event with up to 200 people. Curiously, this revelation was only made public after the Tánaiste himself attended a private function in a five-star hotel with 50 guests. It is hard to avoid the conclusion that the government has sacrificed its own public health guidelines to save the Tánaiste’s political skin.

This grubby little episode suggests there is a prevalent attitude, among an elite in Irish society, that there is one rule for the little people and another for them. It is possible to host an event for scores of political insiders at a swanky hotel, but communions and confirmations are deemed too dangerous to proceed while wedding parties cannot exceed 100 guests – even if they are held outside.

“Questions also need to be asked about the public health implications of any revised guidelines. Chief Medical Officer Tony Holohan has previously said that large groups of people, in close proximity outdoors, can facilitate the transmission of covid-19. If we now have a scenario in which events of up to 200 people can be held outdoors, what does this mean about the spread of the Delta variant through communities? Has Nphet been consulted about these new guidelines?

Ms Shortall added:

“…Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney has yet to give an explanation as to how this role came about, the nature of the job, the precise details of the recruitment process and whether the position is now vacant or not.

“Mr Coveney has said “mistakes were made in how this appointment was brought about”, but he has yet to tell us what those mistakes were and how he plans to address them. The Minister must now answer these questions. There is no reason he cannot give that clarity today.”

Earlier: Merrion Haste, Repent At Leisure




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35 thoughts on ““A Grubby Little Episode”

  1. John

    I had to severely limit the attendance at my husband’s funeral.
    Looks like that wasn’t necessary now.

    1. spud

      I can’t imagine the anger and disbelief you have to endure on top of your grief of losing your husband.

      Why can’t we have decent humans leading this country and serving their fellow countrymen and woman?

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      So sorry for your loss and the additional grief of not being allowed to be surrounded by your loved ones.

    3. John

      I didnt post the above to illicit sympathies but they are appreciated.
      The clumsy point I was trying to make is that families have to make decisions for things like funerals on who does and doesnt get to attend based on covid restrictions. This adds huge stress onto an already stressful situation. My siblings partners volunteered to make way so others could attend. And then we hear that rules get changed on the fly and we can now have 200 at a garden party or whatever.
      It is unbelievable stuff.

      1. (a different) andrew

        That’s awful, John. So sorry to hear of anyone going through at such a difficult time. Sending positive energy and love your way.

    1. goldenbrown

      +1 everytime it seems millie

      for me the SD’s have so many great things going for them and have shone many’s the torch into dark corners but yet don’t seem to have the traction…even PBP seem to have better growth prospects

      frustrating, I just don’t get it

      1. Rob_G

        I imagine that the fact that they almost split over one half of party claiming that it was fine for one of its election candidates to lie about the circumstances of her having entered the country turned a few people off them.

        1. millie bobby brownie

          Amazing that all the damage FF and FG have done between them and people aren’t turned off them yet.

          For a fun little experiment, let’s count up how many lies and scandals the two establishment parties have embroiled themselves in over the years.

          1. Rob_G

            Well I presume a lot more, if only because they have a lot more members and elected reps – go knock yourself, report back to me when you have finished.

          2. Steph Pinker

            @Rob underscore: that’s exactly the point; for you to ‘presume’ is an insight particularly regarding a lot more members (members has has many meanings), and, insofar as ‘report back to me when you have finished’ – writes like a FFG orgasm.

            Do yourself a favour before you swap political parties – get yourself tested to see how immune you are to non-*civil servants* and the Gunnelley variant of Covid-19+

            The snow is very good in Belgium at this time of year, apparently.

          3. goldenbrown

            ah Rob
            your subtle but tired arrogance :)
            will get it’s just reward soon enough
            just like Varadker and the rest of the crew over at champagne hq
            I’m looking forward to seeing how FG will attempt to fudge their way to power next time
            you’ll hope the emigration capitals are post-covid and back to normal by then..not lookin good on that score tho

            just don’t leave your REIT basket too late now ;)

  2. ce

    Have I missed something – but what the hell was this event actually for, what was on the invites?

    Condolences to you John

  3. Madam x

    Sorry to hear that John. It looks like Roisin is right. Changing rules to suit their own weenyups. What a useless lying shower. But of course no one ever blames the Greens for fascilitaing such a government. Political pumpkin pants of stellar proportions and whoever voted Green needs their memory refreshed on 2010 shenanigans

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      and what about yourself ? Did the strawberries give you hives ?

    2. goldenbrown

      in what sense exactly?

      when has Róisín or Catherine ever done bad by the citizens they represent? demonstrated elitism? from what I can see she’s very vocational and for example showed her balls when she resigned over that slug Fr. Fintan Stack’s activities

      please expand with an example or two so I can understand what you mean

      1. Cian

        How can she call a group of TDs, ex-TDs, secretaries to TDs and Civil Servants (senior or otherwise) and exclude herself. As a TD she is part of the elite.

  4. Slightly Bemused

    My condolences John. And I do understand – we had the same issue for my Dad’s funeral in May, Indeed, although entitled to it, he could not be given the standard military honours for an ex-member of the Defense Forces due to the restrictions.

    The sad part is that I am not disillusioned now, I am quite simply not surprised any more.

  5. Lilly

    Zappone’s gathering took place on July 21. My understanding is that groups of 50 people were allowed in a church, for example, at that time. So were they actually in breach of any rule?

    Condolences John on your husband’s death.

  6. axelf

    my sympathies and condolences john.

    there is a small shimmer of light at the end of the tunnel: by pulling this stunt, the coalition have shown, again, that they have scant regard for the regulations they pass and for others.

    this whole fiasco has brought leo, michael, simons and now the AG into very sharp focus. there is a very genuine anger about all of the recent events and the longer they hold the harsher the punishment will be at the ballot box.

    this will continue to be the story for silly season

  7. des

    What are the 7 symptoms of a psychopath?
    Common signs of psychopathy
    socially irresponsible behavior.
    disregarding or violating the rights of others.
    inability to distinguish between right and wrong.
    difficulty with showing remorse or empathy.
    tendency to lie often.
    manipulating and hurting others.
    recurring problems with the law.

    Leo Vradkar in a nutshell

    1. goldenbrown

      I have him more as a Grade A Sociopath though I’ll grant you there’s crossover

      but at least with him you know what you are looking at…..MM on the other hand is a completely bizarre one
      I honestly dunno what’s going on there or where he’s coming from (and I take into account his personal background) it’s like he’s faking it and has worked out that staying quiet, vacant and hiding in the background is more likely to get him through than trying to lead….I honestly don’t think he’d pass an interview for a middle management position in many of the gaffs I’ve had to work in over the years

      neither of them make the grade as someone you’d want to follow let alone be confident in

    1. Cian

      When contacted by the PA News Agency, Mr Healy-Rae said: “I’m not saying anything about anything.”

        1. Bitnboxy

          Ah Jeez. The Healy Raes were at it too. Sure, isn’t Danny Healy Rae, he who doth shun modern dentistry, one of auld GiggidyGums’ pin-up politicians!


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