‘Don’t Get Confused, Don’t Get Frustrated’


Paul Reid, CEO HSE, at Dr Steevens’ Hospital this afternoon

*punches screen*

This afternoon.

Dr Steevens’ Hospital, Dublin.

Referring to the Katherine Zappone story, HSE CEO Paul Reid told the weekly HSE covid briefing:

“The only concern we have is people just drop their guard over the next few weeks, whether it’s over frustration or confusion.

“People drop their guard. So the message from the HSE people stick with us, in a few weeks time we will be on a much better side of this pandemic.

“My call is to the public: don’t get confused, don’t get frustrated, just stick with what we’re doing, it’s working and allow us to get on with the vaccination programme.”

All better.

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11 thoughts on “‘Don’t Get Confused, Don’t Get Frustrated’

  1. (a different) andrew

    I’d guess the ones sitting over pints and toasties as we speak are buying it.

  2. Frank

    “we will be on a much better side of this pandemic”.

    huumm. How many ‘sides’ does the ‘pandemic’ have?

    I thought we were on it’s ‘good side’ when we flattened the curve… relied on credible news sources… kept apart to stay together…. war is peace… stay home… save lives …. freedom is slavery etc.

    Seems like a multifaceted approach to this ever shifting many sided hydra is needed.


        1. SOQ

          As opposed to some cowboy from the HSE?

          Interesting how it is Reid who is front of house serving up the BS these days.

          1. Steph Pinker

            Well, in the absence of MM, Varadkar, Holohan, Donelley, Gallagher, Coveney et al., at least he’s not afraid to show his face (behind the mask) and is enjoying his salaries, expenses and the control trip he’s been on for the past 18 months.

  3. Blob

    well holy god .. gaslighting the public. “ah you’re just confused and frustrated. calm yourself, ignore everything and just listen to us” .. could he not just say “yea, that party broke restrictions and it’s a bad example being set from the top. please don’t be as flagrantly stupid as they were.”

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