9 thoughts on “Go To The Mattresses

    1. Paulus

      Well spotted; that was trickier than usual. I didn’t know the Lancer became a Proton. Proton dealers were a rariety.

  1. spud

    The Darts Centre..

    I used to go drinking with the owner.
    Mad for the drink.
    Would always finish on a double.

    (car on far right is a VW Jetta… that’s all I know!)

    1. Paulus

      That’s gas; I sat into one once in a dealer’s. I remember the funny steering wheel; like two hands holding a mobile phone.

  2. ian-oG

    Ha ha, nearly about to argue it still is so fantastic until I copped the sign!


    (I love Capel St.)

  3. Scundered

    Reminds me of the advert for American furniture company called Sofa King, and the advert read “our prices are sofaking low”

    It’s all in the delivery

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