Put Your Feet Up


“Toes” by Marta Barcikowska

This afternoon/evening.

Mark at Jam Art Factory writes:

We’ve a new “Toes” A2 limited edition giclée print in by Galway based  designer, Marta Barcikowska.

For a chance to win this beauty, tell us your favourite place to swim in Ireland and why. Best answer wins.

Lines MUST close at 2am.

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21 thoughts on “Put Your Feet Up

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Curracloe, Co Wexford. A golden, sandy beach that stretches for miles, rivalling any on the continent. Beautiful in the height of summer as well as the depths of winter when you don’t want to swim, but feel like wandering through the forests of the nearby Raven.

  2. Rosette of Sirius

    It’s where I’ve been swimming all week. Dog’s Bay, Roundstone, Connemara. The water is crystal clear and nice and warm right now. It has a lovely sandy beach and is very safe. On a warm and sunny day, and with the white sand, one could almost mistake it for somewhere more tropical. I’ve been coming here since I was a child and of all the beaches in Connemara, sa spectacular as many of them are, Dog’s Bay is the nicest for swimming. I spent two hours in the water today!

    1. Rosette of Sirius

      My parents well my Dad, had the foresight to buy land between Furbo and Spiddal years in the 70s when you quite simply could not give it away. A few family houses were subsequently built and and we’ve been coming to this neck of the woods ever since. I wanted something further afield, hence I get to play
      /swim closer to Roundstone. The biking and hiking at the pins is a lot better too. Glorious. Even the winter is special. It’s hard, and it makes your work for it but Jesus it’s makes you feel… Irish.

  3. Ei456

    North Bull Wall. getting changed at the nearly 100 year old shelters, looking over at the Poolbeg chimneys when in the water. sometimes it’s choppy, sometimes still as glass. occasional rumble of ships passing. perfection!

      1. Ei456

        ha! it’s actually one of the few spots that rarely gets a no swim notice, hard to believe I know!

  4. Paulus

    Isn’t that one of those long second toes that was discussed here recently. Only those bearing such an appendage should be allowed enter?

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        except I can’t lie,
        my favorite place to swim is off a little island called Mustique, warm warm water, catch a bonite and sushi for dinner

  5. millie bobby brownie

    My favourite place to swim is White Rock Beach just outside Killiney.

    Many years ago I went to camping on that beach with some friends. We had a bbq and a few drinks and a bit of a singsong, and it was a fantastic night. The next morning we were woken by the sounds of people on the beach and, upon sticking our heads out of our tents, we were greeted by the sight of a group of sea swimmers venturing bravely forth – completely in the nip. While I have nothing against nudity or sea swimmers, I will admit to being a bit shocked. Perhaps it was the lack of coffee and the early hour that led to my girlish shriek as I fell backwards into the tent.

    I don’t get to swim there much anymore, but it’s a lovely beach and I will always have a fondness for it because of that memory and will forever associate it with ‘those mad nudey feckers’, as I called them on that day.

    1. SOQ

      That is all very nice but- would you care to explain why you have been so critical of Dr Marcus De Brun’s General Practice surgery?

  6. Lisa Walsh

    Such a familiar view. Well done, Marta. I love lying back in the sea with my toes out like that in my favourite swimming spot, Ardnahinch in Shanagarry looking out at Ballycotton lighthouse. Have been swimming in the sea more in the past 10 months than in the past 10 years. Should have started back yonks ago.

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