Vaccines For Young Teens


This afternoon.

Vial times.

Earlier: One Degree Of Kevin Bacon

Registration for Covid-19 for 12-15 age group to open next week (RTÉ)

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66 thoughts on “Vaccines For Young Teens

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Given the huge take up at the walk in centres over the weekend, and the increasing desperation at ratlicker rallies, we can see that the vast majority of Irish people get their info from reliable sources and aren’t swayed by the ever diminishing crowds bleating about muzzles and the great reset.

      1. Micko

        Yes. Well done. The vast majority of Irish people are vaccinated either by choice or coercion.

        You’re getting what you and the government collectively want Daisy.

        You’re now able to visit any pub or restaurant, safe in the knowledge that you’re protected and those dirty rats (as you call them) are kept away from you.

        You truly are “ homo superior”. Us poor old sapiens eh?

        So… why are you here going on about it here?

        You need to have a little think about your real motivations I think :)

        I’ve asked the same of the rest of the zealots here. But still no answers…

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          I’m absolutely getting what I want! I want people to stay healthy and I also want to eat in and travel without too much hassle.

          Stay angry.

          1. Micko

            Yes Daisy your concern for your fellow humans is outstanding.

            Once they agree with your political leanings of course.

          2. (a different) andrew


            “Once they agree with your political leanings of course.”

            Did you not only yesterday lambast someone for conflating Covid/vaccine opinions with political standpoints? I’ve only known you – virtually – for 24 hours, Micko, but can already see you’re a extraordinarily mixed up and confused fellow who really doesn’t understand what he’s talking about let alone what others are talking about. It must be tough.

          3. Daisy Chainsaw

            Nothing to do with politics as this is being led by people whose politics I disagree with and some aspects I utterly despise. This is about protecting the vulnerable and keeping the healthy healthy.

          4. Micko

            “ you’re a extraordinarily mixed up and confused fellow who really doesn’t understand what he’s talking about let alone what others are talking about”

            Andrew. Dude, you’ve just described a good 90% of the feckin human population. NO ONE HAS A CLUE!

            It’s the people like you that are “100% sure” what they are doing is “correct” and the “right thing for everyone else” that we need to worry about.

            I try to stay the fupp away from people like you.

            I do realise that coz you work in vaccines or whatever that you think it makes you an authority on everything.

            I guess you’ve had people falling over you the last few months as they think you’re some kinda “medi-celeb” rock star. I’m sure your ego is massive, you might have even gotten laid.

            It shows in the way you’ve come on here telling everyone that disagrees with you that they are wrong, stupid and ignorant.

            It’s not impressive, completely transparent and you have a lot of growing up to do pal.

            So, go ahead and try again to insult me again.

            I see right through you.

            You’re as unsure as the rest of us. :-)

          5. Papi

            Micko, in fairness, you’ve called people insane, mad, stupid, evil, dangerous and on and on.
            Don’t dish out out if you can’t take it, and also, grow up, floundering like a child in the bath is doing you no favours.

          6. Micko

            You may be correct Papi. I can be a little obnoxious at times.

            But if actually read my post you’re replying to, my entire point is that we are all flawed and unsure and wrong and mistaken.

            And that it’s people who are 100% sure of any path or ideal we go down that are of real concern.

            But don’t feel to bad about being wrong – you’re only human too my man ;)

          7. Oro

            You called me a fascist yday because I disagreed with you. Talk about intolerance of others’ opinions haha. The projection!

          8. Micko

            No. I called you fascist, coz you agree with people being coerced into getting a medical treatment they may not want for them or their kids and wanting them to essentially think the same as you

            You think it’s fine and I think that a fascist position to take.

            Hence – me calling you a fascist. A first for me here I’d like to point out. But you are quite provoking I find.

            I probably should have been more specific and said “that is a fascist opinion to have”

            Which it is…

            Ok? We good now? I will endeavour to address you correctly in the future.

          9. Oro

            I think anyone calling anyone that disagrees with them a fascist on an online forum is totally hysterical. I think your wheels are coming off. You contradict yourself on almost every single post you make. Gas.

          10. Micko

            “ an online forum is totally hysterical”

            Delighted I gave ya a chuckle my dear.

            Papi, will you be pointing out my flaws all evening?

            Only, I was thinking of taking a bath.

        2. Rob_G

          Do you ever want to go back to work?

          What exactly is your issue with people who want to get vaccinated and get on with their normal lives once again?

          1. Micko

            Ok Andrew.

            Whatever you like man. I love that trick of trying to discredit me by associating me with muppets like that.”Oooh.. you’re a Freeman or whatever”

            It’s very transparent

            You’ve already repeatedly tried to call me out today. Just see below. Twice in one thread.

            Stop trying to make it happen. It’s not gonna happen dude.

          2. (a different) andrew


            Jeez, you sound like you do with taking the evening off and heading out for a few pints to unwind.

            Oh wait…LOLZ.

          3. Micko

            Ah man

            If you think I haven’t been inside pubs and restaurants this last two weeks. you’d be mistaken

            A bit of charm and personality goes a long way you know.

          4. GiggidyGoo

            @Micko. The ‘just a little teasing’ sounds very like the narcissist gaslighter that follows me around. The one who has his posts removed regularly. New identity I’d say.

          5. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            Sounds like the other Andrew too, but he’s not, he’s a different one…

          6. Rob_G

            The state ‘coerces’ people all the time for the common good – they coerce you not to drive home after 6 pints, they coerce you to have fire exits on your buildings, they coerce you to display allergen information on foodstuffs.

            There is a bang of Freeman off of you, tbh.

  1. (a different) andrew

    Great news! Well done, HSE! Well done, Ireland!

    (But a regrettable and unfortunate sign of times that it’s necessary to remind people to “seek information from reliable sources”… or at least sources that are able to even attempt to substantiate their assertions as opposed to those who claim there isn’t sufficient long-term safety data but can’t even proffer a suggestion as to what length of time would be ok and why)

    1. Mr T

      Ah yes, because the state has no history of deception – in particular the Dept of Health and HSE.
      Our CMO has never tried to cover up failings in cervical cancer smear testing – nor have state counsel attempted to do their utmost to refuse compensation for victims of a swine flu vaccine.

      None of that has ever happened – the state is infallible. The state is truth.

      1. (a different) andrew

        You do realise the Irish state had no part whatsoever in developing or producing the Pfizer vaccine? What sort of fraud or scam or deception do you suspect?

        1. Mr T

          The Irish state had no part in developing Pandemrix either.

          We have at best, poor leadership in this regard – working on the assumption that vaccinating everyone (including people not at risk from covid) is necessary to get us out of the pandemic, which is just not true.

          Notice how there is no talk of x% vaccinated and we can reopen as normal – because they have now acknowledged that covid is never going away, and that 100% vaccination is as good as 80 is as good as 60% population wide. Once the risk groups are vaccinated, they are protected – extra vaccinations beyond that are just diminishing returns.

          To push vaccines on all these non-risk groups knowing all of the above just does not make sense from a risk/reward POV, and I fully expect the state to have many legal proceedings issued against it due to side-effects in the next 10 years.

          1. (a different) andrew

            “We have at best, poor leadership in this regard”

            The Irish government, like any government, are mere administrators in this: procuring supply and organising distribution etcetera,
            I don’t have any political allegiances. I don’t even know who your political leaders are right now. But looking at the vaccination data, your government has done an absolutely fantastic job on this issue at least. Top five in the world, I’d say.

      2. bisted

        …the thing is…young people are well able to make their own decisions these days…they don’t listen to politicians like Donnelly…or even parents…their primary concern is whether they are depriving someone more deserving but have decided that nobody is safe until everyone is safe…

    2. Mr T

      The state has also never conspired with pharmaceutical companies to experiment on orphaned children residing in state-owned homes.

      1. (a different) andrew

        That was diabolical. I have also heard of estate agents, banks, meat producers, funfair operators, education institutions, and hospitality agents prioritising profit over ethics, law and general fair play to the detriment of ordinary people.

        In this specific instance, however, I personally am confident in the controls and oversight.

        Do you know anything to indicate a conspiracy may be underway?

        1. Mr T

          Not conspiracy – just poor decision making and not a full grasp of the facts.

          Vaccination trials are typically years in length – because side effects can and do take that long to fully be determined and evaluated. When someone gets sick after vaccination, we need to see it over prolonged time and multiple samples to effectively determine the cause (vaccine or environmental).

          We have vaccinated a massive amount of people and that is cause for optimism., however we cannot know about long term effects until we observe vaccinated people for the long term. Everything being done right now is unprecedented, novel technologies that have never been tested long term and we are just going in blind and hoping that there are no long term effects – which I hope so too. But cannot say with any confidence until such time has elapsed.

          This is where I feel the risk calculations fall down – they work off of current known side effects, but dont take into account that current vaccinations are a bit of a stab in the dark because long term effects (existence of and rate of) are unknown. By all means vaccinate those at risk from covid, but be very wary of vaccinating young adults and children.

          1. (a different) andrew

            Fair enough, Mr T, it’s evident that you’re coming from a considered position. But you’re wrong. Give me a few minutes and I’ll explain why.

          2. (a different) andrew

            If I’m understanding you correctly, you’re essentially presenting a more considered/thought-out version of that adopted by the likes of Micko etc. And it is: vaccines must have long-term safety data, the Covid vaccines don’t have long-term safety, so, ipso facto, they’re not safe.

            It seems logical, but it’s wrong. And here’s why:

            First, you have to understand that the time you need to be sure of safety varies to a huge degree depending on the type of new therapy you’re talking about. Small molecules are different to biologics and these in turn are different to vaccines and so on.

            Second, don’t forget that trials are divided into multiple endpoints that finish over the course of a few years. The estimated study completion date of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is in around 18 months time. However, the safety endpoints have already been completed.

            You said in your comment “When someone gets sick after vaccination, we need to see it over prolonged time and multiple samples to effectively determine the cause (vaccine or environmental)”. This too is incorrect. Why? Because while it’s true that medicines that are administered for chronic conditions accumulate safety data as time goes on – carcinogenicity/teratogenicity/genotoxicity studies accompany development to de-risk – this applies to medcines administered over many years in someone’s life (maybe daily, twice daily, weekly, monthly or whatever). This is completely different for a vaccine. A vaccine is a one-and-done kind of intervention/regimen, split over one or more doses (potentially with boosters to follow).

            So this brings us to Micko’s repeated assertion that there hasn’t been enough time for us to have confidence that the Covid vaccine won’t do something unintended or awful. When we’re trying to determine how much safety data we need, there are only two things we really need to consider:

            1. What are the components of the vaccine? I.e. What’s in it that might cause long term effects?
            2. What are the consequences of immunisation that could result in long term effects?

            So, looking at #1 – what’s in the Pfizer vaccine? It’s mostly lipids and polyethylene glycol, which are widely used laxative and excipient). The rest are substances that can be found in milk products, soft drinks, fruits, or that disgusting stuff you use to make vodka jelly .… and of course some mRNA. We are completely familiar with these components and their properties. We consumer them every day. It’s true that PEG can be a problem. This is why anyone with history of allergy is informed pre-jab. And it’s also why you’re asked to hang on for 15 minutes after vaccination. That HSE steward guy scrolling on his phone who looks utterly disinterested is actually equipped with EpiPens and is on the lookout for anaphylaxis.

            So now to #2. To understand where the risks lie, you need to understand what’s happening in your body. For the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, primary safety endpoints for serious adverse events conclude after 6 months. Why? It’s because the immune response elicited by COVID vaccines varies between products. In all cases, T cells are primed and move out of the lymph nodes looking for a fight. Antibody titers elevate. This begins around a week after, and continues for a number of months.

            This is where risk of vaccine-related severe adverse events is highest (like Guillan-Barré, ITP, VITT, myocarditis). These are identified and documented, and we have observed this system in operation. With vaccines, this will happen in the first weeks/months after the jab. Then the immune response settles, effector cells decrease in frequency, memory cells are established, humoral immunity plateaus before its slow decline. The risk of immunisation-related severe complications doesn’t further increase after this. Quite the opposite, in fact.

            I hope this helps.

          3. (a different) andrew

            And here are the links supporting various assertions:




          4. Mr T

            I can appreciate a lot of that – the main thing that is unclear from studies but has some initial worrying reports is that the spike protein itself is quite harmful to the body – so of course getting covid and having spike proteins uncontrollable created in our body is bad, but so too is vaccination, except the “dose” of spike protein is fixed rather than runaway bad.

            There is speculation that spike proteins can cause micro clotting in capillaries that only shows on D-DIMER tests due to the body breaking down some of the clots (that causes D_DIMER to rise). More studies are ongoing, however if this is true it implies mRNA and Adenovirus vaccines are potentially harmful also, causing micro clots all over the body (we already have proof that the vaccine itself does not stay at the injection site but circulates all over the body due to lack of initial antibody response).

            Novavax sounds like a much safer technology – vaccine consists of various protein fragments that the body reacts to, no full spike proteins would exist in the body at all. However it remains to be seen if it is efficient at all, and whether its safe or not. But the technological premise is well known and is renowned for having least side effects.

            Again, I hope this isnt the case – but until more time elapses and more studies are done we do not know.

          5. (a different) andrew

            Firstly, the blood clot issue is extremely rare. Second, it’s a side effect within the timeframe discussed above. And for all the reasons discussed above. Third, it’s an issue with the AZ and J&J vaccines – both use adenovirus vectors to deliver the genetic instructions for the spike protein. The DNS gene sequence of the spike p[rotein is delivered into the cell nucleus instead of cytosol fluid – all stuff you know, I know. Ultimately, in around 1 in 160,000 cases, this can trigger blood clots. Yes, I’ve skipped a few stages in the process there, which, to be honest, I don’t fully remember right now. By the way, it’s an easy fix – simply to modify the gene sequence so that it doesn’t split.

            However, the mRNA-based vaccines deliver the protein spike’s genetic material to the cell fluid not the nucleus, which is why it isn’t an issue.

          6. Mr T

            Crossed wires I think – I’m not referring to Adenovirus clotting issues, but to signs of “micro-clotting” in capillaries supposedly being picked up in some studies – hopefully benign, but a lack of long term data leaves us in the dark.

            D-DIMER tests show after mRNA & ADvirus vaccines, with no prior exposure to SARS-COV-2 that clotting levels are increasing a lot, but with no obvious signs of clotting besides – this is where the capillary clotting hypothesis comes from I believe.
            Current scans & other tools wont show this clotting, so we can just hope its not there – or else we may see other telltale signs of it down the road. If spike proteins being produced by ADvirus or mRNA is causing micro-clots, it could cause long lasting damage.

            I’m not as spiritual man but I pray its not the case or there could be a lot of people screwed over – myself included.

  2. Haroo

    For anyone (Micko) worried about long-term effects of vaccines in general, the above link from NattyG is very balanced. Goes through problems encountered with past vaccines and gives an overview of how vaccines work in a very accessible (and dumbed down for the likes of me) way.

    1. f_lawless

      It’s not balanced. It gives a false impression that there hasn’t already been large and unprecedented numbers of adverse events and deaths reported in official reporting systems in Europe and the US.

      It completely skirts over the subject of “Antibody Dependent Enhancement” (ie. the vaccine causing the disease from the virus to be more severe after exposure to the virus subsequent to vaccination) It’s cites an example of the Dengue vaccine used in the Philippines and calls this the “rare exception”.

      But numerous medical experts have been sounding the alarm for over a year now about the way in which all of the Covid-19 vaccines have been designed to mimic the viral spike protein of the virus. Previous vaccines that had been under development for SARS (COV-1), MERS and RSV were all modelled around the same type of coronavirus viral spike. None passed the approval stage due to ADE being caused during animal trials.

      An honest piece of journalism would have covered this.

      I note that a few days ago Dr Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, was airing his views on the potential for ADE in Pfizer recipients:

      Dr Malome:
      “So, we now know that the Pfizer protection is waning at six months. And what the data seem to suggest is those who have received Pfizer, which is probably the least immunogenic of the three in terms of durability, length of protection, people that are now in the waning phase of the immune response to the Pfizer vaccine seem to be getting infected.

      Notice they keep talking about Pfizer and not about the other two. So, this suggests this is exactly what you would anticipate, is the window of greatest susceptibility to antibody dependent enhancement is in this long tapering phase as the vaccine response declines.

      ..And I don’t mean to sound alarmist, but what seems to be rolling out is the worst-case scenario, where the vaccine in the waning phase is causing the virus to replicate more efficiently than it would otherwise, which is what is we call antibody dependent enhancement is what the word is. And people have been warning about this since the outset of this rushed vaccine campaign”

      1. ce

        info_warless is back …

        “And I don’t mean to sound alarmist”…. but I’m going to be alarmist, and then maybe give out about others being alarmist….

  3. Micko


    I’m gettin called out a lot in these comments. “Micko said this, Micko said that”

    Now I know how SOQ feels

    Still, must be doing something right.

    Good company bro. ;)

    1. ian-oG

      Well I’d have a pint with you someday, even if we have to sit outside Micko.

      Even if we do get to arguing about this, I’d say we have have vastly more things to agree on than not.

      1. Micko

        Indeed Ian. Sounds good

        And I agree, plus it’s not arguing if we both walk away friends ;)

        1. ian-oG

          Yep, this too will pass and we will find something else to have an auld rant at each other about and the world will keep spinning!

    2. (a different) andrew

      “must be doing something right.”

      Either that or repeatedly talking a load of cobblers : )

      1. Papi

        This is the chap who called someone out for posting eight, yes, eight, comments in one thread! The audacity! While Micko’s slurry spreading is totally acceptable.
        To Micko.
        Good for a laugh though.

  4. SOQ

    A twelve year old child who’s risk of CoVid-19 is statistically near zero, being injected with something of which the long term side effects could not possibly be known?

    Sure what could go wrong?

    Putting children’s health at risk to protect old people, is obscene.

    1. (a different) andrew

      “something of which the long term side effects could not possibly be known”

      Can you explain your reasoning here, please?

      1. SOQ

        Long term side effects take time to identify- there is no short cut for that testing schedule which is the reason why they only have FDA EUA. This is particularly the case with the mRNA technology which has not been deployed on such a large scale before.

        Blood clots and myocarditis for example are now accepted as potentially serious or even fatal side effects, which were not known before this roll out began. Is it really such a stretch to assume that there may be more?

        1. Cian

          What about Long-Covid? And post-covid illnesses.
          Is it really such a stretch to assume that there may be more?

          1. SOQ

            We are debating vaccines not CoVid-19. One does not cancel the other out, especially in those who at little or no risk of developing the disease in the first place.

            At this point, we don’t even know the full list of short and medium term side effects, let along long term. I just think we should be a little more understanding is all.

            It is not selfish to refuse or to be sceptical of having something injected into you that you do not know the long term side effects of.

            I respect people’s personal choices on the matter, however I do not respect people who try to manipulate or coerce others to agree to something that they do not feel comfortable with.

  5. K. Cavan

    The State & Media claimed that almost 2,500 people ”died from Covid” in 2020, yet….

    Our mortality figures in 2020 were 631 higher than in 2019. (31,765 less 31,134)
    Our mortality figures in 2018 were 632 higher than in 2017. (31,116 less 30,484)

    Remember the Pandemic of 2018?
    No, you don’t, because there wasn’t a Pandemic in 2018.
    Neither was there one in 2020.

    The figures above, all from the far-right ratlickers in the CSO, are available on their website.

    The Median Age of Irish ”Covid victims” was one and a half years older than Ireland’s Average Life Expectancy, in 2020.
    Approximately 7% of the deaths attributed to Covid in Ireland can be classified as ”Premature”, under EU Mortality Reporting Rules.

    Apart from my opening paragraph, I venture no opinions, merely facts, merely figures but it’s abundantly clear that Ireland experienced a Pandemic in the fictional fantasy-world of the MSM, not in Reality, not in Real Life.
    There’s plenty more facts & figures where those came from, to call out the ignorant & the dishonest.

    One final opinion, anyone who knowingly lies about Public Health, spreads panic through the media, then coerces people into undergoing an experimental (& failed) mRNA therapy, by denying their Human Rights, is a very evil person, a filthy, subhuman dirtbag.
    This opinion is fully justified by the facts.

    Prove me wrong, let’s hear your facts, put up or shut up, Covid Cultists & State Shills, I’ve had enough of your ill-informed, puerile opinions.
    C’mon, let’s be havin’ you…step right up, take some licks…I’m waiting.

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