You Never Pick Up


Niamh O’Beirne, National Lead, Testing and Tracing, HSE

This afternoon.

Dr Steevens’ Hospital, Dublin.

Are you ghosting the HSE?

Stop it.

At the HSE weekly covid press briefing, HSE’s National Lead for Testing and Tracing Niamh O’Beirne said:

“We now see 35% of our close contacts fully vaccinated, which is 5% up on the previous week, and continues to take those individuals if they don’t have symptoms out of our system.”

One of the problems we do have in contact tracing is people answering the phone. If you are an index case you will know because you have received a text.”

Please take that call, it’s an important call.”


‘Proud day’ as Ireland reaches six millionth vaccine milestone – HSE (RTÉ)


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2 thoughts on “You Never Pick Up

  1. GiggidyGoo

    So how does a recipient of a call know it’s ‘Contact Tracing’ and decide not to take the call? There has been a spate of spam calls recently. Does the contact tracing call come up as ‘number withheld’
    Or are the calls made at all?

  2. Skeptik

    Maybe if they used the calling line identifier of a known HSE number, they might get a better response.

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