Party Fears Too


This morning.


Yesterday: Cash For Cronies

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7 thoughts on “Party Fears Too

  1. Rugbyfan

    Bit of a witch hunt this. Media not happy til someone resigns. Do people really care?
    I’d say not, more concerned with getting on with their own lives.
    Rte staff had a knees up late last year prior to vaccinations and a lot less reopened and it was quickly forgotten with little or no consequences for those who attended and had photos taken.
    Move on!

    1. Praetorian

      That’s exactly what they want…people like you in their corner defending them…telling those of us who are angry with their arrogance to move on.

    2. E'Matty

      eh, no. When these corrupt goons have been forcing the whole country to dramatically alter our way of life these past 18 months, imposing utterly draconian restrictions and infringing on our Constitutional rights and freedoms, in a manner never before seen outside of war times (and some not even then), we expect them to at least abide by the rules themselves. It should not be one rule for the little people, another for the ruling class. With Golfgate, the RTE party, LeoCans in The Park Buzz, and now MerrionGate, how are there people in this country still buying this pandemic fearmongering garbage? The narrative proponents themselves quite clearly do not believe the virus poses such a severe threat. They seem happy to flaunt the regulations and restrictions to suit themselves with clearly no fear of death from this virus.

  2. eamonn

    There are a number of ministers who, based on competence alone should resign. in my opinion.
    No need to be hunting witches at all.
    The thing about witch hunts, the “witches” were innocent to large degree.
    If this lot broke their own rules, what more to say.

  3. gringo

    Thing is, there is no witch hunt. Kinda hard to believe that there were no media heads in the Merrion to hoover up a few sambos on someone else’s dime but there you go. The Mystery Fifty must be uncovered.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      If it was indeed 50. Could have been more, and with stragglers coming and going, with their petit fours and sausages on sticks, it could have been a super spreader event.

    2. seanydelight

      We knew the names, addresses, family status, travel destination and purpose of 2 women with in 12 hours.

      not one Journo can get 3 to 5 of 50 names?

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