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Biden Wanted to Leave Afghanistan. He Knew the Risks. (Wall Street Journal)

Yesterday: Mujoehiding

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23 thoughts on “That Psychological Element

    1. Chris

      The WSJ article contains this wonderful nugget…
      “It’s as if Winston Churchill, with his troops surrounded at Dunkirk, had declared that Neville Chamberlain got him into this mess and the British had already fought too many wars on the Continent.”
      Winston Churchill! Neville Chamberlain, the Nazis et al.
      In an article about the Americans behaviour in modern day Afghanistan. I’m not even going to waste a paragraph describing why Dunkirk is completely different to Afghanistan. These wing nuts apply the gold standard WW2 false equivalency to everybody, everything and everyone.
      Poor old Joe must be very confused. What happened to ‘Stop the War’ do we throw out those placards now? If anyone ever had the right to scream ‘Well what the hell do you morons actually want?!!’ into a camera it’s old Joe, but we’d just say it was dementia setting in.

  1. Nigel

    Didn’t the WSJ have a famous ‘What this war needs is more blood and guts’ editorial back after the invasion in 2001? Whitewashing the blood off right wing neocon hawks by boosting their effort to make Biden the fall guy because he happened to be the one to pull the plug? The country was set to collapse under the corruption and incompetence fostered by the US occupation, Trump’s actions almost certainly made the situation untenable. I don’t mind Biden talking the brunt for this, but not an inch to the evil creeps who boosted this war in the first place.

      1. Chris

        It’s not just me is it…this place was always a bit weird but it’s gotten very odd and hypocritical. I’m not discarding it entirely but it is definitely weird here lately. There was an anti bullying drive followed by a certain whiff of the right wing nut, but not as a joke we are included in. Now the Bodger account has morphed and lost all subtlety, it happily trolls random comments in a way I’ve not seen in the past. This is in complete contrast to the heavy moderation and anti bullying drive. Broadsheet is now a safe space, but you can still be bullied by Bodger’s editorial. It’s definitely still a unique space I’ll give it that.

        1. Chris

          Well there it is folks. I wrote ‘you can still be Bodgered by the Bodger.’ This was then Bodgered to ‘you can still be Bodgered by Bodger’s Bodger.’
          This has to be the Bodgerest Bodger yet.
          Sir, if you claim to be able to edit Bodger then ‘the Bodger’s’ is ‘Bodger’s Bodger’s.’
          If you Bodger for the paper and are Bodgered by the Bodger you Bodger the Bodger. This is one of the basic lessons of Bodger. A Bodger from a Bodger writes in the Bodger party, they don’t say I was here or I was there. You Bodger ‘the ‘insert Bodger’ was there’. Bodger the Bodger to Bodger ‘Bodger’ with Bodger in your own Bodger.

          (NB: This comment has been Bodgered to highlight the fact that Bodger’s views are Bodger’s own and do not reflect the views of Broadsheet. Only the views of Bodger.)

    1. Chris

      He’s fine can’t you see we are all the problem? I’m just starting to get it. I never realised how much of a problem we all were. Do your research man! Research! This was normally the point where I wrote something sensible about how Broadsheet is great but the spin has gotten very odd, but I’ve realised now I’m actually the problem. Bodger doesn’t care if he loses the support of you, me, Golden Discs or anyone for that matter. He’s seen the truth, if you think he’ll be back I’ll tell you that I think it’s gonna be a long long time…he’s a rocket man now. Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba dee da yea!

  2. SOQ

    In this case I think it is mainly Trump’s handy work.

    Did he not release 5000 Taliban fighters including the man who is now set to be the new leader of Afghanistan?

  3. Gringo

    The yanks are like the Dublin footballers or the Kilkenny hurlers in that you couldn’t bate them often enough.

  4. Slave to the Rhythm

    The point Bodger is making is that Biden is a lying scumbag like all the rest of them

    Which is absolutely and fundamentally correct.

  5. E'Matty

    The silliness of viewing this issue from a partisan party position should be obvious to all. Both are the parties of war and empire. Both had an equal number of presidents overseeing this mess. Bush, Obama, Trump, Biden, all are culpable though still just puppets managing the public theatre side. Such matters are decided elsewhere by others. What we’ve witnessed this week wasn’t created this week. It’s simply the latest catastrophe in a two decade long venture that was entirely predictable in its outcome. I doubt it will take long for this to fade in people’s memories as the media try sell us another “Just intervention” by the major Western global powers. When we do it, it’s all always good, until it undeniably isn’t. Then the media act like they played no role whatsoever in creating the latest tragedy. Nothing will change one iota after this.

    1. Micko

      “ Both are the parties of war and empire.”

      Indeed. The belief that there is truly a left or a right is imaginary.

      It’s why no one can truly define it here. It’s nonsense.

      They are both just symbols.

      I don’t get all choked up about yellow ribbons and American flags. I see them as symbols, and I leave them to the symbol-minded. George Carlin

      1. jungleman

        “Indeed. The belief that there is truly a left or a right is imaginary.

        It’s why no one can truly define it here. It’s nonsense.“

        What utter tosh.

    2. Cian

      I agree with all this but I’d change “It’s simply the latest catastrophe in a two decade long venture” to two centuries. This is a long term problem.

  6. V AKA Frilly Keane

    Doesn’t say much for ‘Mercan military intelligence
    And all their other Spook Agencies
    If they hadn’t a clue how efficient and effective the Taliban would be at taking back control

    Doesn’t say much for their training of Afghan soldiers either
    The Deise half back line put up more resistance
    In fairness

  7. Mr T

    Military industrial complex wins again – the rushed exodus from the country and the mountain of US gear left behind means that USA Inc will have to buy plenty more!

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