‘Not In Vain’



Ex-Waterford United player Roy Butler dies aged 23 (RTÉ)

Ireland to cease deliveries of AZ, Janssen vaccines – Reid (RTÉ)

COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen: EMA finds possible link to very rare cases of unusual blood clots with low blood platelets (EMA)



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130 thoughts on “‘Not In Vain’

  1. goldenbrown

    RIP this young man

    Broadsheet’s resident vaccination preacher hallelujah! will be along shortly with some vague 2-line snarl/quip/internet reference no doubt

    and on we go

  2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    RIP, what a waste.
    if we could avoid sneering and nastiness on this thread it would be nice to see some respect left.

    1. Junkface

      Very sad loss. I’d like to hear more about the details around his death. I was only ever comfortable with vaccinating the over 18s. There is usually 0.01% that has an adverse reaction to vaccines.

      1. K. Cavan

        Junkface, these injections are not vaccines, changing the definition of a vaccine, so as to include these mRNA therapies proves that.
        Far less than 0.01% have adverse reactions to real, actual vaccines.

  3. Haroo

    Horrible story. Poor guy.

    Bodger, you are just inexcusable. You are misinformation incarnate. You provide links to back up your unsubstantiated claims that do not substantiate what you are trying to claim. You are using this poor guy’s death to push an agenda.

    I cannot find anything official as his cause of death. I like that some random person on Twitter says “can confirm Vera is linked to Roy”… Is linked? What does that mean? Why was the post removed?

    The only thing I found as a cause of death was mention of “after a short illness”.

    Bodger, this may end up being as a result of a rare side effect of a vaccine however that has not been established. You are just so eager to push your unsubstantiated waffle that you will use a 23 year old’s death ASAP for your own cause and belief.

    This place is really turning into the dregs of opinion and “news”.

    1. SOQ

      If you bothered to check that lady’s Facebook page you will see from the comments that she is clearly a family member.

      Stop with the petty point scoring please- it’s neither the time nor place. Family members may be reading this.

      1. Haroo

        I sincerely doubt they are reading Broadsheet, esp at a time like this.

        SOQ, none of this is substantiated. That is my point. For all you know the family could have requested the FB post be removed as the person posting could be another person using this for their own agenda.

        I have nothing but sympathy for the family. But Bodger is the one using this.

        1. SOQ

          Anything is possible but given the comments below where her post was- I very much doubt if it was anyone else.

          She posted ‘this is only the tipp of the iceberg’ last night so, make of that what you will.

          1. Haroo

            SOQ, we are both commenting on a sad story about which neither one of us knows anything and nor does Bodger.

            My complaints here are Bodger’s use of a tragic event for his own agenda. An event about which he knows very little and the facts have not yet been established.

          2. Haroo

            Man on Fire, you don’t understand my complaint. I am not saying vaccines can never have adverse affects. I am not trying to prove my point or be right… Whether it turns out to be a result of a vaccine is not what I am arguing about. We can have a discussion about that and this death can be held up as evidence.

            This is about Bodger and his ridiculous standards. Based on the information we all have at present we do not know if this is the result of vaccines. Yet Bodger is more than willing to jump on this and use it for his agenda and that is wrong (whether it turns out that this is a vaccine related death or not). He does not care about evidence or fact and is more than willing to use everything to try and push his agenda.

          3. Haroo

            Bodger you believe what supports your predetermined opinion. The sad truth is you would not have published this had they said it was not caused by the vaccine.

            His family are unqualified to determine what caused his death. I feel for them I really do but my issue is not with them. Bodger you jumped on to this and pushed it to suit your own interest/goals. That is the only fact in all of this.

          4. Bodger

            This morning, I saw four reports of four young Irish people who have died in the past week in similar circumstances. As this report included testimony from a family member(s), I chose this one. I don’t want there to be any. That’s my sole agenda.

          5. Haroo

            Secondly, the fact that you have to say “if it turns out…”. This is not substantiated yet is already being used to push an agenda.

            Broadsheet is about free speech which is great and poor editorial standards as well. Particularly in such a sensitive issue.

          6. Man On Fire

            Who are you to raise concerns about agenda’s.. You only comment on vaccine articles, all your comments are countering others. You yourself have a blatantly obvious agenda.

          7. Nigel

            ‘I believe his family.’

            I believe they think the vaccine caused his death, too, and are suffering horribly. But that’s not the journalistic or medical standard, is it?

        2. Cui Bono?

          What about all the people who were labelled as dying from covid when they didn’t even have a PCR test or diagnosis?

          The 2 covid labelled deaths I know were cremated and are still labelled as covid deaths. Their family can’t get autopsies to see if it was actually the long term cancer or heart disease that actually killed them and not covid.

          1. Haroo

            Cui Bono? Quidquid latine dictum sit altum sonatur.

            I did read your comment in full so I won’t pretend to be all dramatic.

            However it starts with “what about…”. Deal with the issue.

    2. John

      Think the point the family are making is there convinced it was the vaccine that caused this as he seemed perfectly healthy up to when he got it and his health rapidly deteriorated. If it wasn’t for social freedoms he wouldn’t have got the vaccine by the sounds of it as that is the reason most young people are being encouraged/forced to get the vaccine. The post was more than likely removed as ‘covid misinformation‘ as is anything anyone puts up on social media saying anything negative about the vaccine is removed even if it’s there own experience with it. Only stating my opinion as to what is going on.

      1. K. Cavan

        John, do you have the slightest clue about vaccines or the current mRNA injections or the vast difference between them?
        What is this ”antivaxers agenda” you refer to, exactly?
        The first question is rhetorical but I’d love to hear your answer to the second, please.

        1. Colm

          He didn’t even get an mRNA vaccine you imbecile. Believe it or not people can just drop dead of haemorrhages, its unfortunate, tragic and terrifying but it happens and using it to push your agenda is tootlepookins pathetic.

  4. TMan

    The media have been quick to jump on cases of young people in hospital or who have died with Covid even though families have come out and explicitly said that the death was not covid related. How is this different. I’m specifically thinking of the tragic case in Northern Ireland.

    1. Haroo

      So you should do what you constantly criticise? So you are no better than the mainstream media that you denounce? You accuse them of spreading lies and unsubstantiated claims so you should do the same?

      *I don’t mean you personally, I mean people like Bodger

      1. Haroo

        It is all just a child’s argument. It is not actually about finding out anything. Bodger has his position and mind made up. He will use anything… Just the way people like Bodger accuse mainstream sources of having a set narrative/position and using anything he has shown with this post he is more than willing to do the same.

        1. Mr T

          As much weight as the myriad of claims of “nurse in [US State] ICU says all beds are full of unvaccinated people, they all beg me for the jab but i tell them its too late”.

          But they are given much more weight for some reason – the agenda they support perhaps

          1. Haroo

            Yes. I am not a fan of unsupported hearsay whether it be to push people to get vaccinated or deter them from getting the vaccine. Things should stand up to logic, reason and evidence and we can debate those things and their interpretation. We can discuss actual causes of deaths when they have been established (that is the point of this post after all). Bodger wants to use the death to support his belief that vaccines are dangerous. I have trouble beliving that Bodger is a caring soul and wishes to mourn a death to someone he is not connected. He just jumped on this without any hard evidence to use it for his own means.

          2. hmmm

            Hey Haroo,

            Any “Hard Evidence” for an actual pandemic?

            Like the 40,000 dead people, one in every family, bodies in the street type evidence that we were promised a year-and-a-half ago?

            Anything at all?

            I’ll wait.

          3. Haroo

            Hi hmmm,

            Clearly we would disagree on whether the evidence supports the tag “pandemic” etc. But maybe Bodger can post some misinformation about that and we can debate it there.

            Why not stick on topic? Is it confirmed that this guy died as a result of vaccines (it is not) and therefore why is Bodger using the death for his own agenda?

            By your logic, since you believe the pandemic is fake and orchestrated and perpetuated by lies you believe that it is acceptable to do the same to combat it hence why you changed the topic to the evidence supporting the pandemic. Ergo, you are admitting to dealing in lies and misinformation because the other side is? That is the only logic I can see in why you tried to change the subject.

          4. hmmm

            Haroo demands hard evidence for any report that contradicts his narrative.

            Fair enough.

            Haroo refuses to provide hard evidence that will support his narrative.

            When asked for this evidence claims that’s “changing the subject”.

            Fair enough?

          5. Haroo

            No we can have a discussion on the topics you want. Pick a thread and we will start debating.

            However, this issue here is that Bodger has no evidence to substantiate his implied claims. He apparently has the testimony of family members who feel the vaccine caused this poor young guy’s death. We are discussing that topic here. It is not “what about…”.

            Essentially you are saying that since I have no hard evidence to refute the topics you want to bring up (but that we are not discussing), it is ok for Bodger to have no hard evidence about the claims he is making and using someone’s death to push his agenda. So essentially it is ok for you to do it since you think I am doing it. Therefore you admit there is no evidence yet and this is unsubstantiated?

          6. Haroo

            So Bodger does not have an anti-vax agenda??? Come on, do we really have to debate that? I would say he would admit it himself. I think he did when he said he knew he was right about this.

            I used to comment a lot on the Brexit and Trump articles but you are right I nearly only comment on the vax stuff these days.

            My only complaint with today was using this young man’s death to push his opinions. He has no proof and his claims are unsubstantiated but he uses this. It is wrong.

          7. Man On Fire

            I never said that Bodger has an agenda. I said you have no right to question whether he does or does not, you quite clearly do have an agenda, and are in no position to judge anybody on their perceived alleged agenda..

          8. hmmm

            Eyewitness/family testimony is evidence.

            Something happened to this young man that bears investigation.

          9. Haroo


            Really? Eyewitnesses and family testimony can provide evidence of a vaccine being the cause of someone’s death?

            Honestly I am always respectful of others but that is literally a bit stupid no?

          10. Bodger

            Haroo, the mainstream coverage did not include the fact that he took the vaccine three days before his death.

        2. TMan

          As I said above fair point, but who has more of a responsibility RTE who receive tax payers money and controls the ear of a large proportion of the Irish population or BS, a small (sorry BS) independent website.

    1. K. Cavan

      I know this is anecdotal but two close relatives of mine had side-effects that I would class as mild to serious, some still ongoing & neither of them are going to report them, no matter what I might say.
      They were both very ill after the injections, aside from the side effects & are simply relieved to not feel nauseous and will not bother themselves to jump through whatever hoops are required to report.
      I doubt if the majority of people are any different, especially given the huge propaganda effort spreading the lie that these injections are safe, when nobody can possibly know that, since they never went through safety trials even equivalent to the average headache tablet or antiseptic cream, despite the fact that the first person to have an mRNA injection became the very first human ever to have this substance circulating inside their body.
      It’s been injected into lab animals, of course, but they all died.

      1. LeftBank

        ‘Despite the fact that the first person to have an mRNA injection became the very first human ever to have this substance circulating inside their body’

        For someone who constantly tell others they haven’t done their research, you show a profound misunderstanding of fundamental cell biology. mRNA is present in literally every cell in your body (and every cell in every laboratory animal for that matter). It is part of the process of how your cells read your DNA and make proteins. I’m sorry, but if you don’t even comprehend this much, I’m really not sure you should be lecturing others on the ins and outs of vaccine technology.

        1. IsMise


          Good grief it’s shocking how stupid people sound when pretending to know what they are taking about.

        2. Colm

          The poor bastard they are using to push their agenda didn’t even receive an mRNA vaccine. He got Jannsen. Put anything to push that agenda I guess.

    1. K. Cavan

      Do you know this for a fact?
      If so, please elucidate, so the rest of us can know what you know.
      Otherwise, your post is Fake.
      Shame on you for posting it.

  5. M

    Media article says he died ‘after a short illness’.

    No, he died after the vaccine.

    And people should know that.


    1. SOQ

      No, he died after a short illness which was caused by the vaccine. They are not lying, they are just being economical with the truth- see how it works?

      But in a way, the fact that MSM will try and cover this up is going to fuel it even more. Young people in particular use social media a lot more than mainstream these days- it’s already on TikTok.

      1. Nigel

        ‘No, he died after a short illness which was caused by the vaccine.’

        Just going to say this once then go listen to an audio book and try to hang on to my shreds of faith in humanity. At this point YOU SIMPLY DO NOT KNOW THIS. You are lying. Shame.

          1. SB

            Do you know for a FACT (like, 100%, FIRST-HAND knowledge) that he even ever received the vaccine? Do you know the cause of death (again, for a FACT, not from Facebook)? Have you seen the results of an inquest?

          1. SB

            This is a woman who has written a book against the HPV vaccine, a vaccine which is saving countless women’s lives. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Maybe she’s currently fact-finding in Waterford? Personally, I doubt it.

          2. Nigel

            The facts seem correct, any connection between the facts that would lead to a definitve statement such as the one you made, completely uncorroborated. Even Lorio is linking facts without connecting them, she has people like you to do that for her.

          3. SOQ

            And? Do you expect the Irish Times to investigate this?

            Two separate family members have stated that a healthy young man died three days after the vaccine- of a condition already listed as a potential side effect.

          4. Nigel

            The entire family could claim this, and it would still be unsubstantiated until an actual medical finding is made to that effect. There’s nothing to investigate, journalistically, until such a finding is made or not made, when I expect it to be reported, especially after it seems to have kicked up such a storm. A grieving family making definitive claims is understandable, and should be treated with respect and sensitivity until the truth can be established. You making definitive claims is not unexpected, but despicable.

            Edit – ugh, here I am getting into this.

          5. SOQ

            You are blowing smoke out of you back side Nigel- end of.

            The chances of a healthy fit young man just coincidently dying of a listed injury of that particular vaccine are practically zero.

            If this awful event has you clowns on the back foot then good- because you are quite happy to sacrifice these young people in order to make yourselves feel safe.

          6. Nigel

            ‘If this awful event has you clowns on the back foot then good’

            Which sums up the beginning and end of your interest in this tragedy.

          7. SOQ

            People like me have been warning about these risks from the very beginning. I have heard of another two deaths in that area alone- young people with their whole lives in front of them.

            Do not attempt to question my motives when you are the one trying to obfuscate on a thread where a grieving family have been very clear as to what they believe has happened.

            You are the one doing the spinning- not me.

          8. K. Cavan

            SOQ, it’s clearly a crazy Conspiracy Theory move to suggest that a previously healthy person died from a brain hemorrhage after an mRNA injection, I mean, it’s not as if literally thousands of people suffered the same fate.

      1. K. Cavan

        The government & the media are hysterical in their desire to coerce, cajole & force people to take mRNA injections, we’re all living here, we all know it, stop spoofing.
        PCRs do not detect viruses, no test in existence can, sorry, just facts.
        Most PCRs are positive, most of the positives are wrong, it’s very difficult to get a negative on a test that will trigger a positive for many dozens of viruses or even a piece of RNA, which is what they’re testing for.
        PCRs are a Propaganda tool, not a Public Health tool, fact.

        1. Cian

          Utter tosh.
          PCR do detect viruses (they have been used for years detecting the flu).
          Most PCRs aren’t positive. In the last week over 90% have been negative.

        2. IsMise

          You are a haven of misinformation.

          ‘Most PCRs are positive, most of the positives are wrong, it’s very difficult to get a negative on a test that will trigger a positive for many dozens of viruses or even a piece of RNA, which is what they’re testing for.’

          This is utter gibberish. Your understanding of basic biology is sub leaving cert level.

  6. ian-oG

    Does anyone know 100% for sure what happened here because if not its a bit early to be speculating one way or the other?

    Irrespective of the cause RIP to his family and condolences to his family and friends.

  7. Lilly

    RIP. This could be a coincidence. People have been dying of brain hemorrhages long before Covid.

  8. Bitnboxy

    Crikey! I knew Bodge was on the Q-train but quoting deranged anti-vax religious idelogue “Eileen Iorio”. Check out her Twitter. Yet another post showing the descent of Bodger in sharp relief and the abuse of a tragedy to push a murky agenda.

    Look up what Eileen Iorio has to say about the HPV vaccine. There are not enough words to describe the level of distortion, lies and debuked tropes this woman will deploy to pursue her twisted grift.

    1. Man On Fire

      Look up the deaths and adverse reactions associated with the hpv vaccine, it might give you some context if you’re interested.

    2. K. Cavan

      Unlike Bill Gates, his WHO, the UN, the WEF, FF, FG, the Green Party, all very trustworthy, right?
      I have actual video of Gates, at a TED Talk, naming three things we could ”do a great job on” to ”reduce the world population by 10-15%”. One of them was ”new vaccines”.
      He was probably havin’ a laff, right?

      1. Al

        Re Bill Gates, there is a reuters article online that explains his comment on using vaccines to control population, but which I have been unable to paste here. The gist of it seems to that high infant mortality causes people to have larger families. (This is probably most relevant to developing countries. ) So his idea is that if infant mortality is reduced through use of vaccines, then people will have smaller families.

  9. V AKA Frilly Keane

    Prove the vaccine killed Roy
    Go on
    Prove it

    Then you get to exploit him, this tragic death and his family’s grief

    Until then you are grifting for clicks whilst spinning an agenda that is blatantly biased

    1. scottser

      i was going to stay out of this, but you’re spot on V. even though only the weekend gone bodger posted in a reply to me ‘scottser, you know we don’t do clickbait’.
      well there ye have it.

    2. Bitnboxy

      Well said V. I am particularly annoyed at Bodge platforming Eileen Iorio who tried her best to peddle the worst disinformation and lies about the HPV vaccine. This cuts really close to home for me.

      Bodger knows what he is doing, he knows it is wrong but he is so far down the tunnel, he chooses to plunge deeper into the dark rather than look the other way.


    3. K. Cavan

      Prove that the mRNA injections even provide any Immunity.
      Go On.
      Prove it.
      I wish I could call you biased, you just haven’t a clue or you’re another shill.

      1. V AKA Frilly Keane

        The former
        That’s why I’ve stayed out of all the noisy threads here on the matter for the last 18+ months

        As for being a shill
        Would ya cop on ou’ that
        Everything out’ve your own trap, along with a dozen others & their spare changes, has being all varieties of Vax Covid Pandemic Lockdown squalling, data this and links to nowhere that, freedom rallies, conspiracies, a spectrum of apartheid types, and the promotion of characters who earn their living via PayPal Patreon and fundraising platforms.
        And of course I can’t leave out the cosplay patriots and their flags

        The only interruption to all that in- house shill are record vouchers and Fandangos dogs

        None of which I add to btw

        The gaff is warped in your own self generating Shrill

  10. Sten

    A new low for @Bodger

    He did the exact same thing couple of weeks back when Better Call Saul actor Bob Odenkirk collapsed on set a few days after receiving vaccine, with a post implying the events were linked. It turned out he had a heart attack unrelated to vaccine.

    We don’t know the facts here and it’s poor form to speculate.

    Condolences to the young mans family.

      1. SOQ

        You are actually attempting your sneering on the back of this poor young fella’s death? Despicable.

        1. Sten

          No, the anti vaxers are the one promoting this story to further their agenda. This without knowing anything factual, just speculation.

          Now that really is despicable.

          1. SOQ

            Did you even read the tweet by News for all Ireland above? “We have spoke with family and friends of Roy who reached out to us.”- are they lying? .

            The uncomfortable truth is this poor young fella will not be the last to die or even the last to be injured. But for some, the same people who accuse other of being selfish, this is an acceptable risk- as long as it is not one of their own of course.

            Not everything is about having an agenda, sometimes it just the difference between right and wrong- and this is 100% WRONG.

          2. Sten

            I looked at News for All Ireland’s Twitter and it’s just a stream of anti vax stories with no pro vax stories. It’s basically propaganda and not balanced.

            I don’t believe that they ‘have spoke’ with the family. It seems to me a very unreliable Twitter feed.

            As has been said above, nobody knows for now & anybody that claims to *know* is either lying or misguided.

    1. K. Cavan

      Show me Broadsheet’s speculation, where is it?
      What did they speculate about?
      Give me some quotes.
      Are parts of the site invisible to me or are you seeing things?

  11. John

    My wife had it she is pretty good doing well

    Maybe time that we separated COVID hospitals from hospitals to treat the near million on waiting lists and realise its up to everyone to take personal responsibility about their behaviour

    If you want to take risks fine you go to one of these COVID hospitals
    If you do not want the vaccine fine it’s your choice but please keep a mile away from me

    1. K. Cavan

      John, your comment reminds me of the joke about the guy who, upon finding out that his Dentist had been arrested because he was a former Nazi, remarked, ”that’s weird, he was always very nice to me”.

    2. a less insulting username

      A vaccine that has been shown in 3 separate studies to have ZERO effect on viral load in vaccinated and unvaccinated people, meaning, it has ZERO effect on transmission rates…

      Please, explain to me why the infection data shown in medical staff who self prescribed Ivermectin compared to those who did not, shows 98% of those taking the drug did not show any signs of infection yet 87% of those who did not take it became infected?

      Please, explain to me how, you can formulate an opinion when you clearly know nothing of the actual data.

      You’re clearly a little bleeter, slurping up the MSM and their half truths, their clear misrepresentation of data and above all, you’ve been brainwashed into a them vs US mentality about a vaccine that was never designed to lower infection rates. Please, read an actual scientific study. BMJ, CDC, Science News are all good places to start on your peer reviewed education.

    3. Lenny

      But you can still carry, spread and be ill from covid after the vaccine. Why does it matter if to you if someone who isn’t jabbed is close to you or not. You are a victim of propaganda, no cure for that im afraid. R.I.P John

  12. K. Cavan

    Haroo, dearest, your school may have, like mine, thought you Latin but they never got around to explaining irony to you, no?
    You are the one here with a clear political agenda, you accuse Bodger & Broadsheet of ”jumping on this” in order to ”push an agenda” & a ”cause & belief” by using ”misinformation”, ”lies”, ”unsubstantiated claims”, ”waffle”, correct?
    Your hysterical, yet serious, allegations are based on what, exactly?
    Which words, which phrases, triggered you?
    Broadsheet has published, see above, some social media posts, along with some quotes from other sources, there is not even a single word of editorial comment, not a sausage, bugger-all.
    Exactly how someone ”pushes an agenda”, etc, etc, ad nauseam (bit of Latin for you) by saying nothing at all, well, that’s beyond me, although your fevered imagination has clearly filled in the blanks to create a fantasy-world of your own, invisible to all others.
    Meanwhile, you actually suggest that ”some anonymous person” may have created a fictional social media post about this tragic event!
    What are you on & where can I get some, man?

  13. K. Cavan

    Just to put this tragic event into perspective, one person under the age of 24 has died from Covid (allegedly) in Ireland, since this attempt to install a Bio-security state began.
    One very ill person.
    There’s little doubt that many more than that will die from the effects of these utterly toxic fake vaccines & there’s even less doubt that lunatics will try to justify their deaths.
    They’ll be wrong, their words will be as idiotic as they are immoral but they’ll do it.
    If 10, 20, 100 children die from mRNA side-effects, these idiots/evil scum won’t stop.
    Some people just can’t accept being wrong, ever.
    Some will know they’re wrong but persist, out of some misguided sense of mission.
    Some are just psychopaths.
    All who survive will, probably, regret their stupidity, the ridiculous, childlike trust they put in government, media and billionaires but what use is their regret to the dead, the maimed or those living in the hellscape of the New Normal, under the diktats of the 1%?
    Sweet F.A.

  14. Al

    Re Bill Gates, there is a reuters article online that explains his comment on using vaccines to control population, but which I have been unable to paste here. The gist of it seems to that high infant mortality causes people to have larger families. (This is probably most relevant to developing countries. ) So his idea is that if infant mortality is reduced through use of vaccines, then people will have smaller families.

  15. Robbo

    Know a guy who had a bleed on the brain the day after PfzV
    Will be living with his injury the rest of his life.
    Doctors said it was not related to Vax.
    Guess a healthy guy was just destained to have a major TIA the day afer he got his first vax.
    Funny how things go sometimes isnt it

  16. SOQ

    According to his family, Roy started taking fits one hour after he got the jab- and died three days later. The two family members who went public are women whom I am pretty sure are nobody’s fool and after they grieve and heal- will with righteous anger gather themselves.

    Young people ARE being injured from these injections and young people ARE dying from these injections and the government is complicit in this concealment. So when the next Roy Butler comes around- and we all know he or she will- please, just ask yourself- for what?

    As above.

    Condolences to the Butler family.

  17. John

    Can’t understand people saying it wasn’t related to it even though within an hour he had a clear reaction to it. We all know someone who had a clot or bad reaction to one of the vaccines even though it’s rare so don’t see why this is so hard to comprehend. The media will never report this even if it is proven and no I’m not anti vax. I think most people should take it but everyone should have a choice without their social freedoms depending on it and unless younger people want it they shouldn’t have to get it if they want to socialise as they don’t get sick from the virus and will likely be getting booster vaccines for the rest of their lives if the government gets there way. This narrative of vaccinated spread it less will stop when we’ve 90% vaccinated and cases are still high as ever so young people shouldn’t have to get it if it’s only themselves they effect. If people may look stop listening to the news and start talking to others about there experience with covid and the vaccine they will start seeing things differently.

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