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John Blek – Cormorant

And your bird can sing.

Prolific Cork songsmith John Blek (top) enchants with the latest single from his new album On Ether & Air, due next month.

The song features guitarist Kris Drever from the Scottish band Lau.

John writes:

“Chance encounters and some fortunate timing led to me being able to work with some of my favourite musicians. Getting people with such unique playing styles involved went a long way in defining the sound of On Ether & Air and creating an album of which I am immensely proud.”

The evocative vintage-style video for ‘Cormorant’ was filmed and directed by Blek himself using Super 8mm footage he filmed around the Port of Cork and his own garden, which was then edited and projected onto the faces of John and his wife Ciara.

You can catch John live at: 10th September, The American Bar, Belfast; Fri 8th October, Cleere’s Theatre, Kilkenny; Sun 10th Oct, Spirit Store, Dundalk; Sat 16th Oct, Triskel Arts Centre, Cork; Sun 17th Oct, Workman’s Club, Dublin; and Sat 23rd October, The Black Gate, Galway.

Nick says: One day I’m going to soar.

John Blek

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  1. Birdie

    Ugh PayPal! I’m sorry but I can’t deal with them and opening up an account to order the record. I definitely will get your record though, but that process is just too painful. I’m sure it will be in local shops etc?

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