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Paul Quin – Be Yourself Girl.

You ain’t heard nothing like The Mighty Quin.

Electro-soul singer Paul Quin serves up an intense and melodic exploration of love in these times with the second single from his forthcoming album Life On Earth on the Russian label ScentAir.

The intriguing promo features documentary maker and actress Luka Keating and Wexford actor Fintan Kelly (Game Of Thrones). It was created by SkyHigh Production Media Ireland.

The press blurb explains:

“A dark but uplifting ballad built around sax, piano and analogue synth sounds and beats, the song tells the story of a young trans woman struggling to find her place in an increasingly fast world, and the man who is pursuing her in an attempt to also discover and explore his true nature, beyond the expectations of society in 2021.”

Nick says: Don’t give up yer aul synths.

Paul Quin

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1 thought on “You May Like This

  1. seanydelight

    Worked with Paul years ago, in the CATI centre above McDonald’s on Jervis st.

    A right hive of artsy types it was. Could pick your own hours so helped with auditions and castings etc I think was the reason.

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