Make It Go Away


Leo Varadkar and Katherine Zappone



Fianna Fáil TD for Offaly and Foreign Affairs committee member Barry Cowen has said the Taoiseach needs to address the issue regarding the “content” of the texts shared yesterday by Leo Varadkar over a UN role for former minister Katherine Zappone.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, he said that while he accepts Micheál Martin has said that no texts should be deleted if it contains Government business, he believes he needs to “acknowledge” the content of those texts.

He said he did not allude to the “startling information” within the texts, “the amount of knowledge that was known by the parties involved” and that a contract and agreement had been reached with Ms Zappone while no one else was aware of it.

Taoiseach should ‘acknowledge’ content of Varadkar texts (RTÉ)

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29 thoughts on “Make It Go Away

    1. Hank

      I know. People digging for more detail into what appears to have been a very dodgy job appointment and the subsequent lies their government ministers are spinning to try to cover it up. Ridiculous isn’t it??!

  1. Mr T

    FG’s dirty laundry being aired for all to see – Leo trying to put any potential leadership challenges from Coveney firmly to bed.

    As much as I dont like Leo, I think I like Coveney even less.

  2. Otis Blue

    When a talentless blowhard like Barry Cowen occupies the high moral ground you know you’ve a problem.

  3. V aka Frilly Keane

    Saying this here now too

    I’m predicting a split in Fine Gael

    You can already see come key meja heads togging out behind their chosen boy
    →_→ Look who got the texts
    →_→ Look who got the Dept letter

    Oddly enough a new party out’ve this Government Shamble
    Could save some jittery Fianna Fail TDs seats
    As well as widen the vanguard against the Shinners
    And there’ll be no shortage of real money, like the real real money, to get a start up out’ve the backrooms and whatapp groups

    And let’s be honest
    Micheal Martin is only Taoiseach because the Fine Gael cabinet cohort support him
    His own Ministers aren’t worth a Pooh

    As for the Greens
    Shur’ they’re compost
    Idle sweaty inconvenient mounds that you have to be seen to have about the place
    Supposedly helpful but actually unsightly and smelly

    A visible nuisance

    The Green Party Ministers are the brown bins of Cabinet
    You keep them as far away from the front door as you can

    1. eamonn

      that is quite the prediction.
      would love to hear people’s ideas for what a name for the new party might be?

    2. Bitnboxy

      Not to mention the split in FF. Barry Cowan has only gone and managed to pee-off some of those close to MM by generating headlines supposedly to make FG sweat but this has had the added effect of drowning out poor Darragh O’Brien (an ally of MM who backed him re Cowan’s resignation) and his crucial “Housing for All” plan. Is Cowan that devious and desirous of revenge? Lol.

      Omni-splits – omni-shambles.

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        He definitely wants revenge
        But he’s not smart enough to be devious about it

        And from what I’m hearing, he’s unlikely to get any real support anyway

        It’ll be Callery v McGrath
        But what I’m more interested in is of the two boys – is who will Jim back
        Same for Timmy Dooley – he might be stuck within the Senate, but he’s got skills and he knows how to use them

    3. Slave to the Rhythm

      Good craic, but no. They are like the GOP/ too fond of the greasy till
      They will come to some ‘gentleman’s’ agreement – you already know this.

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        There’s no longer room for the two of them
        And their corporate overlords n’ handlers won’t put up with not knowing what’s going to happen next

        If there’s a gentleman’s agreement at all
        It will be when one wins
        And the other is gets a going away present

    1. Bitnboxy

      If things aren’t surreal enough today, we now have mad auld GiggidyGums quoting Sir Walter Scott. Chortle.

      A trite quote but admittedly unexpected from you Giggz.

          1. Bitnboxy

            Lol. Indeed @Poor aul divil. Still remarkable that mad auld GiggidyGums even has this in his arsenal of literary quotes.


            On apprend à tout âge, eh Giggz!


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