This afternoon.

90.2% of adults over the age of 18 are now double vaxxed.

G’wan the 9.8 per cent.



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73 thoughts on “90.2%

  1. Furore2021

    I am in the 9.8%. I am glad I waited. Anyone I know now with Covid is “vaccinated” and not well at all. Compared to anyone I knew with Covid when there were no vaccines – mild doses. The Covid cert is a sham & this madness has got to end.

      1. NASA scientist

        I’m totally with you Charlie.
        Alive and kicking…

        If only there was vaccine that tackled stupidity…
        … like Primary school…

        1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

          ignorance and stupidity are not the same, only one can be a little improved with education

  2. Nilbert

    There have been only 256 deaths with coronavirus among people in England who were fully vaccinated in the first six months of the year, out of a total of 51,281 Covid deaths, new data has revealed.

    A total of 193 of these 256 were among those classed as clinically extremely vulnerable to Covid-19.

    256 deaths out of the 65% of the total vaccinated population.
    As opposed to 51,000 out of the remaining unvaccinated populated.

    Source: Office for National Statistics.

    1. Bodger

      The 9.8 per cent if they resist the vax can be the control group. Let’s see how they manage compared to the jabbed.

      1. Nilbert

        There is a control group in the UK, and there are 51 thousand less of them than there were at the start of the year.
        That’s is exactly how they are ‘managing compared to the jabbed’.

        That’s the actual impact of the nonsense spouted by your anti-vax movement – that has actually happened, in real life, to people.

        1. freewheeling

          The vaccinated are real people, with real lives too – how many of them have, or will die, of vaccine related complication “nonsense”? For balance you’ll be researching and giving those figures too of course.

          1. Nilbert

            Hardly any in fact. There have been approx 30 deaths relating to the adverse effects of the vaccines out of a vaccinated population of over 60 million – the risk of blood clot from the Virus is hugely greater than that of the vaccines.

      2. Nigel

        The 9.8% will include people who can’t take the vaccine due to being immunocompromised in some way, and presumably would object to being drafted into your ‘resistance.’

        And as Nilbert pointed out, what’s the use in another ‘control group’ when you’re ignoring the results in the UK?

        1. Chris

          Well as you might know Nigel the control groups in the vaccine trials we’re unethically given actual vaccine’s.
          But at this point, with over 90% of the population dosed, what concern of yours is it that the rest don’t. Surely if they’re so ‘safe & effective’ there would be no need?

    2. Furore2021

      How many have dropped dead with heart issues, blood clots, strokes since they’ve been vaxxed though? We will never know as the vaccine will never be blamed. It’s happening everywhere, but it’s just a “coincidence”.

      1. Charlie

        How many will have dropped dead with clots, strokes etc having got the vax and will have the anti-vaxers/anti everything’s foaming of the mouth to say “we told ye so” but the cause of death had nothing to do with the vax?

        1. Furore2021

          All I know is, I’ve one family member (male, 20s) and two friends (male and female, both 30s) who have been diagnosed with myocarditis post Pfizer vaccine, confirmed by their doctors. And I am one person. How many more are there? What kind of long term damage will this do to them? There was no informed consent here, they weren’t warned this could happen. Covid would have posed little to no threat to them. It’s not right.

          1. Charlie

            All I know is that a very good unvaxed friend of mine died of Covid. He had no underlying conditions, was fit and in his mid 50s. I’m sure the knuckle draggers will shout “stuff your anecdotes” etc but that won’t help his family or friends.

          2. fez

            says: all I know is

            then states one anecdote and then asks questions about the future.

            You know the sum total of f all

          3. Furore2021

            I’m sorry about your friend, but the vaccine isn’t stopping people from getting or spreading Covid, so the whole point of this should be about choice. Not divide and conquer which is what the media and government are hell bent on doing.

          4. Cian

            There was no informed consent here

            I got the Pfiser vaccine. I was asked for consent five times. (once when I registered online, jab #1 at registration, jab #1 by nurse, jab #2 at registration, jab #2 by nurse.

            I was sent to look at the vaccine side-effects online (see sample below) and I was given two paper copies of something similar at registration prior to each jab.


          5. GiggidyGoo

            As usual, Cian tries to distract. Cian, you gave no “informed” consent. Surprising of course you left that important word out of your reply. You consented to having the ‘offered’ vaccine, and threw away any legal comeback. Like anyone who took it.

          6. Cian

            I was given sufficient information to make an informed decision. I was provided a list of common, rare, and very rare side effects.

            This is the same level of ‘informed’ consent as i get when i take an aspirin, or was provided when I got a Hep A & Hep B for travel, or when my kids got their childhood vaccinations.

            I have talked to my GP and she agreed that it was recommended to get the vax for my eldest. She’ll be booked in this week.

          7. SOQ

            This is the same level of ‘informed’ consent as i get when….

            No it bloody well isn’t- those are treatments which have been tested over a very long time and their entire risk profile is known- CoVid-19 is not.

            Nobody knows for sure what the long term side effects of these experimental therapies are, and anyone who says otherwise is lying.

          8. Cian

            Nobody knows for sure what the long term side effects of these experimental therapies are, and anyone who says otherwise is lying.

            I am aware that the vaccines are new.
            I am aware that there is no knowledge on any possible long term side effects.

            I knew that and was still able to gave informed consent.

    3. K. Cavan

      Sure, Nilbert, if 193 of the 256 deaths among the injected were vulnerable, then 25% of them were not vulnerable, they were healthy, injected, then dead from the disease they were allegedly immune to.
      In Ireland, about 7% of overall “Covid” deaths were healthy/not vulnerable
      A treatment that makes healthy people 18% more likely to die, if infected, sounds like a hard sell & since neither real, nor fake mRNA vaccines, have any effect on infection rates, just on outcomes, I, as a ratlicking conspiraloon, welcome your input.
      Now, let’s get you some treatment for that gunshot wound to your instep…

      1. Nigel

        I’m not much good at math, but 256 out of 65% indicates a significantly smaller likelihood than 51,000 out of 35%. 63 out of 65% seems even smaller still.

    1. K. Cavan

      Yes, Sam, vaccines, which are innoculations with dead or attenuated virions have worked spectacularly well, for decades.
      Nobody has any idea if these mRNA injections will be as effective, they are entirely different from any previous vaccines & anyone claiming to have definitive figures to prove their efficacy, after 9 months, is talking through their underpants.

    2. SOQ

      If they work so well then why is Israel now moving towards a forth injection with a six month timer before next?

    1. Micko

      What an absolute dump that country is. The US is a mess

      If you’re Joe Rogan, you get whatever you can afford. They “threw the kitchen sick at” it he says, zpacks, antibodies, vitamin drips and yes ivermectin. Trump got similar.

      If you’re an Average Joe, you’re told to go home and possibly wait to die. Go to the emergency room if you can’t breath they say. I’d say people are freaking out of their minds.

      I hear there’s no follow up from GP’s, not even a phone call in most cases, not even a government issued pamphlet on how to look after yourself with Covid.

      An absolute kip.

    2. Darren

      Meanwhile.. in America. . Where all points are proven .. as if as to suggest that the bulwark has always been low education standards and an exploitative health setting.. also ..just look at that tea party they had.. absolute chaos in the end

  3. MoRhustyDilis

    My neighbour, massive fitness and cyclists, got he jabs, two weeks later tell me he had a bad case of the shingles. When I suggested it was as a result of the jabs he nearly lost his religion, was sure there’s as no connections. It was just he was “stressed and his immune system was low as a result”.
    Bahahahahah. Sure sure fella.

    1. SB

      Sounds like all diseases/conditions stopped with the advent of the vaccine, and if they occur again it’s only directly due to the vaccine

        1. Charlie

          Haa..Quite possibly the most stupid comment you’ll see on Broadsheet this year. Polio, Tetanus, Rubella, Pertussis and many many more have saved the lives of millions you dunce.

          1. K. Cavan

            Charlie, let’s look at Poliomyelitis. 1916 saw the first big Polio outbreak in the US, with over 6,000 deaths, the next big one was 1949, when 2,720 died.
            These figures are terrible, a tragedy, I’m sure you’ll agree but they’re dwarfed by the number of deaths from the experimental Sars02 mRNA injections, which could be as high as 45,000.
            So far…
            In terms of other, non-fatal outcomes, the gap is even wider.
            The vast majority of children under 6 infected by Polio have very mild symptoms & become immune, it’s far more dangerous after 6 years of age.
            Innoculations have indeed saved many people from various diseases over the years but clean water supplies & sewage systems have saved probably ten times that number, maybe more.
            The effectiveness of Innoculation, however, is entirely irrelevant when you’re talking about the mRNA injections, which are a completely different type of treatment.

          2. Charlie

            Let’s look at the overall picture and not cherrypick something that pales into comparison with which vaccines have benefited mankind. It’s indisputable and backed up by clear facts that vaccines have been a crucial gift to humanity and saved the lives of many millions over the decades. They still do.

          3. Man On Fire

            It is disputable Charlie and all the prancing around and drama won’t change it.

            The greatest medical discoveries were the accidental discovery of penicillin and antibiotics.

            Once again vaccines have never and will never overcome diseases or viruses.

      1. K. Cavan

        Well, SB, obviously that’s not the case but we can only rely on the medical records of those who die due to being lab rats for the clinical trials of these experimental mRNA therapies, which very often indicate prior rude good health in the victims.
        Of course, someone might have an undetected condition that, utterly randomly, makes itself manifest after the subject is injected with mRNA but the likelihood of that type of event is never going to be statistically meaningful.
        The straws you’re clutching at are as rare as hen’s teeth.

  4. Micko

    Great stuff. Vaccines work and they protect the vulnerable. A real success story from the UK.

    We could all argue until the cows come home about who should get it, how safe are they, dead from Covid/ with Covid etc (and we have), but a better question is – why do we still have elfin restrictions?

    At the end of this week England will have been fully open 2 MONTHS!

    Why are we waiting until Oct 22nd? We now have on average in Ireland 10-20 octogenarians dying each week from Covid.

    Let’s try to forget about what’s happened in the past – and focus on why the hell are we still in this crap!

    If cases rise next month as we head in to winter are we ever going to be free of this?

      1. K. Cavan

        Mais oui, SOQ, 2020 saw an increase of 631 in total mortality, 2018 saw a 632 increase.
        If there wasn’t a Pandemic in 2018, then neither was there one in 2020.
        If there was one in 2020, what caused the almost identical one in 2018?
        Pre-Covid, perhaps.
        Oh, Ivor Cummins is an awful man, entirely, with his facts & figures. Grrrr!

    1. K. Cavan

      The likelihood of restrictions being lifted on Oct 22nd seems remote, Micko, in fact I’m betting on a full-on lockdown BEFORE that.
      Which would be hilarious, of course.
      It would seem that the more meek, childlike & obedient the population is, the harder they’re hit with wave after wave of irrational, randomly changing restrictions.
      Australia & New Zealand would appear to be testing-grounds to determine how much insanity people will put up with before revolting but Ireland sometimes seems like the standard they’ll both be judged against.
      When the British first set their sights on Ireland, we may have had a population of about 6 million, to their 8 million but they always could spot a mark.

      1. Micko

        Well let’s hope we do open up in October and all restrictions are lifted.

        Like you, I’m concerned that they won’t. I don’t really believe whole hidden agenda behind this thing. (We’re not that organised I think)

        I just think it’s an overreaction and a huge part of the population are behind the thing / staying at home etc.

        And I can tell ya now for me another lockdown would not be hilarious. My industry has been destroyed. :(

        But, I think if they do lock down again and go for a third, and fourth, fifth booster to be allowed to take part in society fully, then people will really have to start asking themselves questions.

        But Denmark opening up gives me hope.

    1. K. Cavan

      Yes, hmmm, I reckon that’s the plan: Boosters til your body can’t take it anymore.
      Bill Gates isn’t as stupid as he is cabbage-looking, knocking a decade off the lives of 1,000 people is the equivalent of killing 125 but with a lot less fuss. As it is, US life expectancy is dropping by a year, annually.
      These first couple of injections are not the big payload, it’ll be a cumulative, slow poisoning with annual & biannual booster shots.

  5. Madam X

    Without 90% being vaccinated if this was last year our hospital system would be unable to cope. With the vaccine we are now returning to normal. Does that not say it all. ? Plus I’m reading if correct the majority in hospital with covid have not been vaccinated

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