Staying in September 22?

Violet Gibson – An tÉireannach Mná a Lámhach Mussolini (The Irish Woman who Shot Mussolini) gets its inaugural TV screening on TG4.

Featuring Olwen Fouéré as Violet.

Barrie Dowdall Producer said

“After the radio documentary The Irish Woman Who Shot Mussolini (2014) produced by my wife Siobhán Lynam, won a Gold Award at the New York Festivals World’s Best Radio Programmes, I decided to adapt the story as a Documentary Feature Film for theatrical release

“I was fascinated with Violet’s story from the very beginning. I wondered how might this distinguished woman have altered the course of world history if her pistol hadn’t jammed. I thought if she was a man she would be celebrated as a heroic visionary with a statue erected in her honour.”

Violet Gibson – An tÉireannach Mná a Lámhach Mussolini on Wednesday, September 22 at 9:30pm on TG4.

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2 thoughts on “Taking Her Shot

  1. Gabby

    “If a man had shot him, there would be statues all over the place.” a woman says in the trailer. That could be the topic for a debate.


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